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Star Crossed Dragons

Written by Scott - Published on October 6, 2009

Carnage, Malevolence, and… Love!

All the carnage and malevolence that is associated with dragons, it is hard to associate feelings of love and romance with any part of their lives. However baby dragons do happen (it is a very scary cabbage patch, indeed!). What happens though if a green dragon falls in love with a blue? Have you ever stopped and wondered what would be the result of a union between two different colors? Below are the possible outcomes of three of these unlikely unions.

The Terrifying Pink Dragon

A very unlikely pairing is a white dragon and a red dragon. White dragons are renowned for their brutality and predatory instinct, whilst Reds are best known for their avarice and pride. Both species love to hunt and prove their strength to themselves and weaker creatures. During such displays of strength is when the sparks ignite and the Pink dragon is born.

The rare Pink dragon has rubbery scales covering its stout body that extend evenly over its bloated abdomen. Thickly coated wings fold back to lie flat across the beast’s spine ending near the fin like tail. The broad neck leads to the sickle like maw of the dragon where boiling steam rises from its nostrils and fang filled jaws.

The pink hue of the dragon comes from the constant heat that is generated from the small flame sacs that spurt flame into the dragon’s stomach with each beat of its heart. It has been said that killing a Pink reveals the scales to be more opaque than pink, due to the constant flames burning within. With this unrelenting heat Pinks have become amphibious beasts that need an endless supply of water to drink in order to survive, the combination of water and heat gifts the Pink with its steam breath that scolds flesh and heats metal red hot almost instantly. The rubbery scales let steam escape in intermittent blasts that creates a shroud of displacing heatwaves and unleashes a deafening whistle. Anyone caught within one of these blasts is scolded instantly.

The need of a constant water supply limits the dragon’s possible lairs. They prefer coastal sea caves within storm battered cliffs but have been known to reside within lakes and rivers near wealthy civilisations. Their lairs are not elaborate or complex as they rely on the flooded passages and the boiling waters to keep intruders at bay. Pinks tend to inherit the greed and intellect of the red, the white side of their heritage leaves the pink with a brutal and savage side. The culmination of these aspects creates a very deadly creature that kills anything that it perceives as a possible threat to itself or its considerable horde of treasure. Merchant vessels are a favourite target of the Pink, they use their heat to boil the water and melt the tar, sinking the boat while staying submerged and unseen. They later return and take anything of value from the sunken wreck.

The Fabled Cyan

Throughout the rainforests of the realms green dragons are considered a common threat. Blue dragons are also found in certain temperate and monsoonal forests. Both these species enjoy manipulating others simply to bolster their pride. So when one of each colour spends enough time near each other the fabled cyan dragon can be a consequence.

A cyan dragon is small in comparison to most other dragons, their sleek bodies are familiar with soaring above the clouds and snow capped peaks. The wingspan is almost double their body length, with the slim sinewy muscles covering the rest of their frame. Piercing eyes that can clearly see prey from mountain peaks are said to hold a hypnotic power against any that look into them. A finned ridge of glistening scales runs down the dragon’s back to lessen the wind residence and end just short of the whip like tail.

Tiny holes cover a cyan dragon’s neck that siphon chemicals out of the atmosphere while the dragon soars constantly through the clouds. The chemicals are mixed within certain glands to create gasses of numerous effects. Primarily the sleep agent, paralysis gas and hypnotic compound that is falsely associated with the dragon’s eyes. These gasses can also be expelled as lingering clouds that act as traps to protect the dragons territory and nest. When an opponent is able to resist the effects of the gasses, the dragon relies on the razor sharp retractable claws within its front talons. Cyans never engage in ground combat always staying airborne and diving to slash with claws and swipe with its tail.

Natural flyers, the Cyan dragon spends most of its time patrolling the vast aerial territories it holds claim over. Inheriting the Blues pride and territorial greed, these dragons will stalk any creature that enters the soaring boundaries until nightfall when the dragon becomes an extremely deadly predator. The legacy of the Green within a Cyan becomes apparent when the dragon interacts with sentient beings. During cloud covered nights the Cyan will cover entire villages with hypnotic clouds that fall from the sky to appear as mist. Any soul unfortunate enough to be affected during one of these devious visits becomes suddenly compelled to fulfil the insidious objectives of their calculating master and steal anything of value within site. The most elegant and intricate of treasures collected this way are placed within a nest that sits upon the highest mountain peak, one that is permanently covered and protected by a noxious cloud of gasses.

The Improbable Rose Gold

Representing all that is vile with dragon kind, Reds are considered to have a consuming hate for any gold dragon, a hatred that is returned eagerly by the justice seeking Golds. With so much history and hatred between the two species what possible circumstance could arise for these two dragons to sire a new life? Whenever two enemies fight through generations, two rebellious children are bound to defy their elders and find comfort with each other.

The rose gold dragon bears the heavy burden of its parent’s history with strength and arrogance. Plated scales of shimmering crimson cover the dragon from horn crowned head to viciously spiked tail. Standing larger than both its parents, the Rose Gold’s wings unfurl to reveal a reflective sheen above its massive figure, thick muscular legs are plated with tightly compacted scales that provide unsurpassed defence.

Flames generated by the dragon are considered the epitome of dragon flame, launching in white hot blasts that consume and burn all in its path. The flames are fuelled from the phosphor and sulphur consumed from the volcanic lairs of the dragon. Shifting the scales across their body the dragon can cause seismic vibrations to erupt from its feet causing quake like effects over a desired area. Shape shifting abilities were passed down from their heritage but to take any other form belittles their awesome power, instead the Rose Gold has manipulated this innate magic into a weapon to punish any foolish enough to oppose them. Amongst other dragon species the Rose Gold is almost feared as they hold an inherent resistance to the powers of the other colours.

Rose Gold dragons enjoy life around civilised nations. They use their abilities and amazing strength to inspire awe and worship from the weaker species all around them. Life and death is a worthless commodity to the Rose Gold. They prefer utter obedience and worship often punishing rebellion with imprisonment or metamorphosis while finding destruction and slaughter to be unsatisfying. The biggest danger to any under the rule of the self proclaimed dragon kings is boredom, these beasts have been known to destroy entire civilisations out of boredom just to see what new empire will arise from the rubble. Loyalty is the only trait the dragon respects and anything that proves unwavering loyalty can often be rewarded greatly from the vast hordes of treasures that are taxed from the dragon’s kingdom. Volcanic lairs are preferred by Rose Golds as they prefer the overwhelming heat and representation of power it grants them.

Have you ever merged monsters? What was the outcome? What are some other possible dragon combinations?

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Written by Scott

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21 Responses to “Star Crossed Dragons”
  1. Kardiac says:

    In 2nd Edition, I had to come up with a challenge for high-level characters and didn’t want to fall back on any of the standards. After thinking for a while, I threw them against an ancient Beholder who had deliberately sought out and been infected with vampirism. Not only did it prove a serious challenge for them, but fifteen years later it is one of the adventures they still talk about.

  2. I once had a DM that came up with a were-beholder, in an interesting twice the were part of the creature was a gnome. So the beholder would turn into a gnome. It was quite amusing.

    And maybe it’s because I’m an item oriented player, I immediately read this article and was thinking, “What kind of great armor could I come up with out of this?”

  3. @Kardic I forgot to mention in my last reply, that the beholder/vampire cross is pretty epic. I may have to spring that on my players sometime.

  4. Yax says:

    Other weird matches, including hypnotoad-bulette! WTF?

  5. Kardiac says:

    @Tyson J. Hayes Thanks! Another trick I used once, speaking of lycanthropes, was throwing a relatively “too-powerful” monster, in the case of my game a powerful Medusa Priestess, against a lower level party (average 3rd level). They were certain they had no chance of beating her and actually started to fear the inevitable final confrontation. After much research, however, they learned that the Medusa had been infected with lycanthropy by a wererat (which, on my game world, means he was forced into giant-rat form on the night of the new moon). The players stormed her stronghold on the night of her transformation, fought their way through her minions, and found where she was “locked up for the night” and eliminated her while she was in her weakened, mindless form. The players felt really good about finding a way to overcome what they previously thought was an insurmountable foe.

  6. @Kardic Another great call, setting up a monster that is to powerful to take on head to head. I remember in a high level D&D 3.x game we had a psion that could turn back time. We had an entire battle turned back three or four times trying to get it right. I wish we’d done some more research before walking into that one!

  7. WhitDnD says:

    @Kardiac, The Vampire/Beholder is very cool. I need to start using more Beholders. I’ve also used over powered monsters against my players but never like the WereMedusa Priestess. Some great ideas there. I went cliche once and used a Vampire/Werewolf fused assassin against my party and when they party had almost beaten the assassin the cloud cover dissapeared and the rest is history, ah great cliche moments.

    @Tyson, One of my players is an item oriented player, the first thing he said after reading this the other days was, “ok, i would like Rose Gold Plate Armour and a Cyan Dragon Longbow!”. Notice how that isn’t a question, lol.

  8. @WhitDND Wow, I typically at least /asked/ if I could have new pretties, that way the DM could at least plan for the pain that he was going to put me through to get said item. It does remind me of one of my current players who is a Cleric of Menoth in the Iron Kingdoms setting. She really, really wants a Staff of Authority (A symbol of power in her faith) and came up with this horrible, horrible method to get it. Which without going into much detail involved torturing a small child she’d been looking after and was attempting to convert to her faith (she’s Lawful/Evil). It was probably some of the best roleplaying I’ve seen from a player in a while.

    I gave her the staff.

  9. operations says:

    You know, never having given any real thought to it, I always figured the different types of dragon colours were much like the variants in humans, and that when two chromatic dragons made eggs, those could hatch any (or all) of the colours.

    Same with Metallic.

  10. operations says:

    Or even like cats… cats and dragons do have a lot in common. Heck, I run my dragons like huge, destructive cats…

  11. WhitDnD says:

    @Yax, wow, some of that really disturbed me. When it comes to Bulette merging, Unber Hulk/Bulette from Critical Hits is by far the best. It’s good to ol’ Buletter getting some respect, he doesn’t get enough in my opinion.

    @Tyson, I like to let my players have free roam over their equip and it is a running series of gags with one of them as he places orders like i’m a fast food clerk. Like you though i never like to make acquisition easy for them. Really interested on how the Time Travel combat worked for you by the way.

    @Operations, ah… Huge destructive cats, now there is an idea. Personally i run each dragon different with more focus on personality but nothing beats a cat for referencing cruel predator like behaviour. They are so evil yet loevable.

    Ever since i wrote this i’ve been toying with some other terryfing colour combos like, Lilac (Blue+Red), Platinum(Gold+Silver) and Grey(Black+White).

  12. Jason says:

    I think this artile was very interesting, the combination of powerful beasts to become something compeltely different, lets just say can’t wait to see what the other combinations have in store its good to see that something new can always be brought to the table good job.

  13. Megan says:

    Dragon crosses is a neat idea. I’d assume that cross-breed dragons are like mules (stronger than parent, but can’t reproduce), since you don’t run into even probable-sounding crosses very often.

    A vampire-beholder sounds pretty scary. It must think sun exposure is the worst torture in hell, though. If it has that many eyes and is used to total darkness, sunlight sounds pretty painful even if it weren’t a vampire. Not that it probably needs to worry about that much.

    @WhitDnD, I think a grey dragon already exists as a separate (sub)species. It’s one the three odd chromatics in the draconomicon. Just figured I’d point that out, since you did seem to know the purple dragon existed and named one lilac instead.

  14. Tyson J. Hayes says:

    @WhitDnD Five words, Huge, pain in the ass.” The problem mostly was we were facing something that was around a CR 25 when we were around 19th level. So the combat tended to be one of those get slaughtered then restart. Get slaughtered /again/ restart.

    The DM had setup a creature that we way underestimated and didn’t do much research into before we began the battle. By the time restarted the second time it took us eight hours to get through five turns as we were pouring over our every move trying to figure out how to best the creature. By the end of the fifth turn most of the party had died (again) so the Psion rolled her Time Regression (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/powers/timeRegression.htm, in 3.0 it’s 1d4+1 rounds instead of one) and managed to come up a five. Also running out of power points in the process.

    We then ended up using a bottle of “Special Stuff” that the DM had given us about a year earlier (we’d been playing for about three years at this time) we through it into the middle of the room where the creature was, creating an ectoplasmic wall around it and blowing it up. The results were an explosion on the range of a megaton bomb.

    After defeating the creature we decided we were not big fans of the power even though it’d saved our life, it’d cost us at least two gaming sessions reliving the same battle. It’s not something I am a huge fan of, what if I got a great roll or my character did something great, now it’s all just negated because of a roll of the dice? I want my characters to die as little as the next player but these things do happen.

  15. Eoghan Fallon says:

    Hey Scott, awesome post :)

  16. Scott says:

    Thank you to everyone for the encouraging words

    @Megan, Cross-breeds being mules is probably spot on. Otherwise you could get really crazy and have crossbred cross-breeds.

    Your right with the Grey dragon, i’ll have to go with something like Biege, or Off White. lol. Thanks

    @Tyson, Sounds like similar problems that i run into when testing the idea. I have never used time travel in my game but often toyed with the idea in case it came up. The least game breaking idea i could come up with is. The target/targets of the Time Travel recieved extra turns to represent anything extra they achieved in the past. Although this method does not represent time travel well at all.

  17. Tyson J. Hayes says:

    @Scott Have you ever used this in a game? If so how did your players react to the idea?

    It does fix the problem of not breaking the game, but it does lack a certain flair to the entire time travel motif and really act as powerful boots of haste.

    @Megan I think your own to something with the cross breeding dragons being like mules, it’d be a good explanation why you can’t find to many of them (ie not cataloged in the monster manual).

  18. Scott says:

    @Tyson, i haven’t used the mechanic in game as i haven’t had need to yet. During play testing it comes across as just an interesting way to recieve more turns. Perhaps one day i’ll devise a known game breaking and fun to use time travel method. When i do i’ll travel back to this point in time and let you know what it is.


  19. Tyson J. Hayes says:

    @Scott If you figure out a great way to use time travel then I’d say cash in on that cash cow. :D

  20. Xaos Bob says:

    Fairly recently, I sprang a gelatinous cube vampire on some players…

    Relating to dragons, though, I have used a green/red hybrid, striped like a psychedelic tiger and breathing a cloud of inflammable vapor, and her mate, a red/white hybrid patched like a Holstein who breathed alcohol-based sleet. Both breath weapons self-ignited one round after being breathed. Ah, the looks on the players’ faces when that happened, right after the “Well, that wasn’t so bad” moment was past.

    One idea that I statted up but that never made it to my table was a little absinthe (green/faerie) that breathed a poisonous cloud (a zone, in 4e parlance) that made you not care you were dying… ;)

    I have also used an orange dragon (red/yellow…ah, Second Ed days) who breathed a stream of molten glass, and a lapis dragon (blue/sapphire) that blasted thunder and lightning. My ~piece de resistance~, however, was not a dragon, but an Alien Queen who had incubated in a red dragon, gaining draconic form (including wing-powered flight), a napalm breath weapon (acid + fire)…and fire immunity. My players loved it, their characters weren’t as excited.

    BIG fan of dragon crossbreeds and the possibilities for their breath weapons even from my earliest days DMing.


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