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Trick Or Treat?

Written by Scott - Published on October 25, 2009

Tis’ The Season

Seasonal holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Valentines Day are a great source of inspiration for your gaming table. Themed games provide a unique and fun experience that can be remembered for years. With Halloween around the corner here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing for your own themed game on all Hallows Eve.

The Curse Of Alian

A terrible curse has befallen the small town of Alian. As night falls over the village, every child turns into a vile monster. Child-sized werewolves, vampires, ghosts and goblins roam the streets of Alian each night, causing terror and chaos. No one within the town has been able to break the curse and now they look for benevolent heroes to help them restore their peaceful lives. As Halloween approaches, here are some Halloween based ideas for an adventure.

The Town Of Alian

The kingdom of Connorth is vast and several weeks journey on horse is required to traverse the entire breadth of the nation. Alian is situated west of the central capital, roughly halfway to the coast. The small town of nearly eight hundred is one of the smallest and remote towns of Connorth. Farmers of Alian will eagerly tell you that their crops are the best in the kingdom, as the soil is blessed within the area of Alian. Since its settlement over two hundred years ago, not a single crop on a single farm has failed. Alian proper is tiny, as most of the residents of the village live on the farms that completely surround the town. A lavish three-story building is the centrepiece of the town. This house is the largest building for hundreds of miles and is home to the king’s representative to the area. Six months ago, Renath, the old lord of Alian, passed from old age. Within a week, the young lord Castan had been sent to replace the former lord. Alian and the surrounding area has been completely neutralized of any threat of monsters nearly three generations ago and with the abundant crops that have never failed, there is no crime to speak of. Not the ideal posting for a young and ambitious lord of the king’s court. The cultivated landscape that surrounds Alian is only broken by a large copse of trees nearly a days ride southeast from the town.

The Forest of Elsesh lies alone, across the rolling plains near Alian, with the closest farm land roughly half a day’s travel by horse. The grove of trees is not large enough to truly be called a forest but earned the name from its elven caretaker. Elsesh was a druid who cared for the animals within the woods and the trees themselves for over five hundred years. No one within the area knows what happened to Elsesh but she has not been seen in over one hundred years. As time slowly passes, her benevolent examples slowly turn into folklore and legend around the lands of Alian. People rarely travel to the Forest of Elsesh as it holds little relevance to the daily lives of the people of Alian. Several creatures call the forest home, ranging from squirrels to wolves and the wooded habitat thrives with wildlife of all varieties. This diverse array of wildlife has attracted the attention of Castan. The newly appointed lord of Alian has taken to weekly hunting trips within the forest.

The curse

Each day, as the last light of the sun falls below the horizon, the nearly three hundred children of Alian begin to change into ghastly creatures. Child-sized werewolves and vampires prowl the streets, preying upon anyone caught outside their homes. Goblins hoard together on the village green and then head out to raid Alian’s surrounding farms. Children, who are unfortunate enough to become spirits after nightfall, rise from their bodies to haunt their own homes every night. Unlike the other children, those cursed to roam as apparitions differ from the rest of the children, as they sometimes spend the nights as ghostly forms of themselves and not ghoulish monsters. The reason why some ghost children remain themselves on some nights and not others remains a mystery, as does the curse itself. Each morning as the first rays of sun fall upon the town of Alian, the monstrous children lie upon the ground and fall asleep reverting back to their innocent forms with no memory of their actions. The townsfolk often fear for their own lives during the nights with several people being injured, some seriously. Not a single person is willing to harm the children and any suggestion to do so has been met with horror and disgust by the parents and all other members of the peaceful community. Amongst the confusion and fear within Alian, people have failed to notice their scarecrows animating and moving freely amongst the farms. Some children have reported seeing this strange phenomenon to their elders. However at this point most people are too concerned with the affliction on the children to worry about anything else.

The Lord And The Witch

The Lord, Castan lives within Alian under sufferance, banished to the town by his king after Renath’s passing. Bored beyond belief and with no sense of responsibility towards the people of Alian, Castan spends his time conjuring ways to get himself honourably removed from the remote town of Alian. Castan sees the curse as his best method of escaping Alian, sending riders to summon heroes to the town to quell the “monstrous invaders”. Anyone who investigates the call for help is offered outlandish rewards to destroy the “invading beasts”. A reward the Castan has no intention of paying. Upon learning the truth of the “monsters”, heroes who approach Castan are directed to the supposed Witch, Zennlo. Castan has apparently discovered that the curse has been placed upon the town by the witch who lives on the overgrown farm to the north of the town. Once the curse is lifted, Castan claims he offered no reward, whilst crediting himself with curing the curse of the town, hoping such news will see himself returned to his old luxurious lifestyle.

The Witch, Zennlo moved to Alian a couple of years ago. Arriving alone she showed papers of ownership to an abandoned farmland north of Alian. Unable to deny their authenticity, the old lord allowed the woman to claim the property as her own. Unlike nearly all other residents of Alian, Zennlo did not take to farming the land. Instead she merely repaired the damages to the house and let the land grow over with weeds and wildflowers. Rumours were whispered throughout the town for years of Zennlo’s possible past, as the middle-aged woman kept to herself, rarely entering the town. Since the curse struck Zennlo has not been seen outside of her home, with many people considering Castan’s claim that Zennlo is a witch and responsible for the curse. Confronting Zennlo reveals the truth behind the woman. Extremely friendly and truthful, Zennlo is a widow from the capital who moved after her husbands passing. She is a practicing priestess of the Goddess of nature and a skilled Druid. Since the curse first struck Zennlo has been working on a spell to cure the children. Zennlo believes the curing spell to be finished but it needs to be cast upon the source of the curse, which Zennlo believes is within the Forest of Elsesh.

An Angry Spirit

Within the Forest of Elsesh, the restless spirit of the elven druid has arisen due to the meaningless hunting trips of Castan. As Elsesh watches her children fall to Castan’s sport her rage intensifies. In her undead form, Elsesh’s once just morals and peaceful nature have given way to wrath and blind anger. She believes that if her children are to be hurt for sport then the children of Alian are her sport to play with. Elsesh uses her druidic powers to possess the inanimate scarecrows around the town to keep an eye on her handiwork. Whilst the townspeople are willing to let the slaughter of her children continue, she will slowly intensify the curse to a point where the effect will become permanent.

Anyone who ventures into the forest since her awakening is confronted by illusory obstacles and whispering voices to confuse and bewilder would-be heroes. Only those with a strong will and grip on reality can surpass these traps. Elsesh will summon dire creatures to assault anyone powerful enough to navigate their way through her mind tricks. The vengeful spirit confronts heroes who are strong enough to discover her resting place within a small cave system at the heart of the woods. If destroyed, the curse is lifted but so is the blessing Elsesh placed upon the land hundreds of years ago. Firstly the forest wilts and disappears, then the soil of the farmlands nearby. If the heroes manage to cast the spell that Zennlo conjured, Elsesh’s spirit is purified and she reverts back to her old self. Elsesh then lifts the curse upon the children and places one squarely upon Castan. Whenever the young lord enters her protected woods he becomes a young fawn for the juration of his stay.

Do you have a special game planned for Halloween? What are some other Halloween game ideas? What is your favourite Halloween rpg moment?

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Written by Scott

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  1. Kolbold Minion Says:

    Favorite Halloween moment? My players were commanding forces in a massive undead-vs-soldiers battle (for the soldiers, of course!) The Empire was looseing soldiers rapidly, and many of the undead were being simply re-resurrected once slain. As a ditch effort, the PCs scaled the body of a MASSIVE Flesh Lord (essentially a 200 foot tall Godzilla made from thousands of bodies) and had a titaninc battle with the King if Worms, who controlled the undead. The greatest part was the PCs had to kill the King, then kill themselves and destroy the King’s soul in a battle in the Nether World to ensure he wasn’t ressurected. After barely winning the fight and desroying the King’s sould with the Raven Queen’s scythe, the players were resuccted. But, get this, THEY were now in controll of the undead army! The Pcs had untill sunrise to do whatever they wanted with an army of dead. Raiding golblin cities, capturing new land for the Empire, and a very impressive Thriller dance all ensued before the sun rose.

  2. Scott Says:

    @Kobold Minion

    Sounds like alot of fun that was well earned on your PC’s behalf. I personaly enjoy the freedom of holidays to let loose and get a little silly within the game, like the mass undead army Thriller dance. Nice Job


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