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Written by Scott - Published on February 5, 2010

The Other Side Of Were

The curse of the Werewolf has existed for many years, scaring young children and savaging mighty heroes. These days the Werewolf has many companions to share its curse with: Werebears, Wereboars, Wererats and Weretigers are just a few of the many animal types that have become part of the Lycanthropic curse. With all the savage rampages and furious snarling howls filling the nights of the full moon, have you ever wondered if their was a curse or disease that had an almost opposing affect? Rycanthropic curses can affect all forms of life, shifting and morphing them into humanoids. Below are the descriptions and ecologies for some possible types of the Rycanthropic disease.

The Rycanthropic Curse

During the days and nights of the new moon, strange people wander the forests and cities of the world. These lost and confused souls are sufferers of Rycanthropy, simple animals that have been infected and spend three days every month in the form of a humanoids. Over many years of infection, a certain amount of intelligence is acquired and maintained through the constant transformations. For all intensive purposes the cities greatest warrior could actually be a horse, while the savage deaths on the rural farmstead is the vagrant soul of a wolf in human form. The infection maintains the life of these animals for many years past their normal life expectancy, with some Werelves living nearly as long as their namesake. In most cases, confrontations with Werehumans, Werelves and Weredwarves are harmless, as the creature maintains it’s primal mentality for many years. Rangers, druids and any other adventurers with a strong connection to nature can communicate with these frightened and confused creatures. While in the later stages of the curse, open conversations are commonplace as the Rycanthropes travel throughout cities and towns, interacting with the locals. The transformation from beast to human, elf or dwarf is not magical in its origin, therefore magical detection of these creatures shows them as the race they are portraying. This undetectable disguise has lead to some civilised yet sinister beings infecting themselves in order to infiltrate kingdoms or wreak havoc upon their enemies. Goblins masquerade as small children, kidnapping and enticing the young away from their homes, while orcs fill taverns and bars causing fights and killing innocents to sate their blood lust. Several undead creatures also use the Rycanthropic curse to move amongst the living undeterred, Zombies feed relentlessly passing both their undead and metamorphic curse to their victims. Lichs and vampires use the curse to avoid magical detection, with the later walking the sun lit paths for three days each month

Who Man

Werehumans, come in all shapes and sizes. Wide-eyed children skitter across the walkways and alleys. Cow brained farmers wander farms aimlessly, unaware of their altered physical state. When a Werehuman needs to be dealt with, they can only be killed with a weapon crafted from Gold.

Lythi is a sixteen year old Werehuman that has earned a name for herself amongst the local thieves guild. Her cat like reflexes and agility has let her pull jobs and gain access to places other more seasoned thieves have only dreamed of. However this expert thief spends the majority of her time walking the halls of the local lord’s manor in the form of the family cat. The matron of the ‘Silk Orchid’ thieves guild has sought to recruit Lythi for almost a year now, but the lack of reply and the fact that Lythi has been able to allude the ‘Silk Orchid’s’ agents for so long has made the matron furious with the Werehuman. Several law enforcers and ‘Silk Orchid’ agents are hunting Lythi, something the cat is still oblivious to as she searches eagerly for a way to make her transformation more permanent.

The Pale Skin orcs have been tormenting local settlements for years under the guise as human bandits. The wizened war chief Grunam, has kept his small tribe safely hidden in the mountains for many years, killing anyone that wanders near their elaborate cavernous stronghold. During the cycle of the new moon, the orcs rush forth from their bastion and assault any human structure they can find, causing mayhem and destruction for three full days. The locals of the area believe the rampaging horde to be a curse. Many warriors and even farmers tell tales of striking down these vicious bandits with mighty blows, only to see the fallen bandit rise up and rejoin the fight in a matter of minutes. The Pale Skin orcs have yet to face an opponent wielding golden weapons and believe themselves invincible, they act rashly and strike in uncoordinated frenzies that could easily be quelled with the right weapons.

Where Dwarves!

Considered a blasphemy against the prestigious bloodlines of Dwarven lineage. Weredwarves a very rarely accepted by the mountainous folk they take after. The lives of any Weredwarf found within the sacred halls of Dwarven kingdom are forfeit, however such drastic actions are not so quickly taken outside the Dwarven bastions. Weredwarves found wandering the world are often left alone, but treated with disgust and hatred when near dwarves. Humans and Elves do not tend to hold the same grudges to Weredwarves. Weapons crafted from the sacred Dwarven metal, Mithral are the only way to dispatch a Weredwarf.

Insatiable greed and a lack of morale fortitude has lead the mining tycoon Alistair to begin catching and training Weredwarves. This foolish human, uses his trained Weredwarves to infiltrate Dwarven holds and steal their most precious treasures and large quantities of Mithral. As time has past, Alistair’s operation has grown to be more profitable than his actually mining expeditions. The constant deaths of his Weredwarf slaves are of little consequence, with his farms churning out several Weredwarves each month, cows being the easiest to train. As the Dwarven kingdoms fury mounts at their losses, they tirelessly search for the cowardly mastermind behind the thefts of their sacred heirlooms and treasures. Their investigation has lead them to the nearby human city, where diplomatic endeavours of enraged Dwarves have not ended well. With tensions between the two mighty kingdoms constantly mounting, the only person set to gain from war and turmoil is Alistair.

We Are Elves

Meandering through the blessed forests and sacred groves of Elven kind are the Werelves. Without the grace and poise of an actual elf, Werelves are often easily identified by their namesake. Instead exiling the impostors, most woodland elves cherish the appearance of Werelves. Believing the appearance of these creatures to be a blessing from Mother Nature. Most elves take in their morphed brethren and help them learn the ways and methods of the elves. On the days of the new moon, many woodland creatures can be found within the grand cities of the elves, trading, talking and learning. Werelves have a strong resistance to all metals and as such can only be harmed and killed by weapons crafted from wood.

Deep within the Underdark a powerful Drow family holds a very powerful secret. Within the ranks of Del’Zaath, an elite squad of Werelves is hidden. With the poise and grace of Drow warriors, the cursed Werelves easily blend within Elven streets. During the three days of the new moon, this small contingent of Werelves is hidden deep within the sacred halls of the families shrine to Lolth, protecting them from the prying spells of a high priestess. The Del’Zaath have used the curse of the Werelf to rise to prominence within the Underdark, the exploits of the Del’Zaath families countless topside missions is legendary. The Del’Zaath has never lost a single skirmish with their forsaken cousins and the matron mother holds the crown of an ancient Elven king. Using the cursed Werelves to infiltrate and sabotage Elven cities before the Del’Zaath army strikes, keep this noble Drow family in very high esteem with Lolth.

After countless years of difficult study and patience, the Werelf Druid, Wilid, is believed to be most powerful druid upon the material plane. Starting life a millennia ago as a small Finch, the bird was quickly infected with Rycanthropy. Finding acceptance and a home amongst the grove of some local Elves, Wilid was cared for and taught the Elven methods. Over the years of her long life, the small bird has managed to retain her intellect and abilities will in her natural form. All animals calm in the presence of Wilid, rabid wolves will quiet and even cower within the graceful presence of the druid. Her healing abilities are second to none and her mastery of the natural forces could sink entire continents. A constant link to her home and surrounds keeps Wilid busy, saving and healing animals throughout the forest. Any would be adventurer and vagrant spirit that gets lost within the grand woods of her kingdom, will often be rescued and led to safety by a small yellow finch, while those that wish harm upon her charge are never seen again.

What weird creatures have you Were’d? What kind of havoc would you play on your party with a Rycanthrope? Tell us in the comments section!

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Written by Scott

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  1. Ilmarinen Says:

    I love this idea, except for one thing : Gold is soft, and can’t be sharpened.
    So it would have to be a magical weapon made out of gold, or else the blade would be incredibly heavy and bendable, hitting once would break it.

  2. Savannah Says:

    Minor nitpick: the “were” in werewolf refers to “man” not “change”. So you’re calling these things human-humans, human-elves, etc. It’s not huge, but it bothered me when I was reading this.

    With a quick name change, I think it’s an awesome idea.

  3. Scott Says:

    @Ilmarinen, I completely agree with you, Gold is a heavy, soft and unweildly metal that is useless for both weapons and armour. So magical weapons would be the only approach. However i did leave it open to interpretation because some DM’s might allow plain gold weapons (even though they are not feasable in real life) or they PC’s might poison the creature with ‘gold flakes’. Even throwing money at the creature would hurt it (providing the money iis gold.

    @Savannah, I was aware that ‘were’ was the equivalent of man, ala Man-Wolf. However i believe that the general populace now associate ‘were’ immeadiately with Lycanthropic creatures and not the other way around. So to help the instant recognition of the creature i left the ‘were’ part in there. If it bothers you, please feel free to call it whatever you would like.



  4. Elderon The Dragon Says:

    I have heard of such cases in dragons as well. Though most can change from form to form when the curse is active it limits us to their human form and nothing else. It may not be such a burden to most dragons, but it would at least be a nussense, sepecially if their hoard is in a place thet can only be reached by flying. Thought I’d throw thet out there for anyone to use.

    P.S. Hope to see Expy back some time soon. Hope to talk about his recent adventures and travels.

  5. Snarg_Longtooth Says:

    I admit that I “borrowed” the following from someone, somewhere and cant remember “were”, but I have toyed with a Lycanthropic Gelatinous Cube on the wotc monster builder.

    But this idea brings out a bit more creativity….a Rycanthropic Gelatinous Cube…hummm…the dawn of the Jelly Man!!!!

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