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Weapons For Hire (Game of Thrones Puzzle) Solution

July 30, 2012Written by Krys - Published on

Looking forward to the “Weapons for Hire” Scrolls of Destiny solution? Look no further! Discover which sellsword plans to hire on with which noble House.

Scrolls of Destiny: Weapons for Hire (A Game of Thrones Puzzle)

June 29, 2012Written by Krys - Published on

Playing the new Game of Thrones RPG? Toss this Scrolls of Destiny puzzle in your game for a quick, fun challenge for your PCs!

One Die Short: Keeping Secrets

August 12, 2011Written by One Die Short - Published on

Greetings!  And welcome back for another installment of One Die Short.  The below page depicts the first meeting of the PCs, an important, and sometimes overlooked aspect of building a good campaign.  Interaction between PCs is crucial, and can make or break a game.  Surprisingly, it’s also something that isn’t often used to its fullest […]

No Prep, No Problem

June 6, 2011Written by cyberkyd - Published on

Contrary to popular belief, a GM does NOT have to have an intricate session planned when his players get together. One day when I found my self GMing without any warning, I realized I would have to wing it.