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The DM Should Utilize Help From Peasants

June 9, 2010Written by Krystal - Published on

As a DM we often get overwhelmed with all the extra jobs and things we have to take care of, and it causes a lot of us to “burn out”, or the game runs dry and players make negative comments. These are all elements that all DMs desperately avoid, and can cause a lot of […]


February 5, 2010Written by Scott - Published on

The Other Side Of Were The curse of the Werewolf has existed for many years, scaring young children and savaging mighty heroes. These days the Werewolf has many companions to share its curse with: Werebears, Wereboars, Wererats and Weretigers are just a few of the many animal types that have become part of the Lycanthropic […]

More Than A Minion

January 29, 2010Written by Scott - Published on

Green Skins Goblins are an RPG staple, they constantly harass small towns and travellers and wreak havoc in general. However goblins never really amount to anything more than being a dominated minion or some low priority threat. You very rarely see goblins involved in apocalyptic scenarios or great kingdom shaking threats. This green skinned menace […]

Grandeur In Plain Sight

January 26, 2010Written by Scott - Published on

Mansions Not Lairs Secret lairs and gloomy castles, villains and bad guys always seem to have some hidden fortress or base of operation hidden in remote locales or within ominous monster infested dungeons. One evil being has become bored of hiding his presence from the world and over the years has built a dominated army […]