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Weapons For Hire (Game of Thrones Puzzle) Solution

July 30, 2012Written by Krys - Published on

Looking forward to the “Weapons for Hire” Scrolls of Destiny solution? Look no further! Discover which sellsword plans to hire on with which noble House.

Scrolls of Destiny: Weapons for Hire (A Game of Thrones Puzzle)

June 29, 2012Written by Krys - Published on

Playing the new Game of Thrones RPG? Toss this Scrolls of Destiny puzzle in your game for a quick, fun challenge for your PCs!

No Prep, No Problem

June 6, 2011Written by cyberkyd - Published on

Contrary to popular belief, a GM does NOT have to have an intricate session planned when his players get together. One day when I found my self GMing without any warning, I realized I would have to wing it.

Gaming Goodies: Adding food adds fun

May 30, 2011Written by cyberkyd - Published on

Use foods to make your players feel more adventurous… bards optional!