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Going 3D with D&D

April 23, 2010Written by Krys - Published on

Anyone who has ever dabbled in 3-D terrain for tabletops learns three things pretty quickly: it’s expensive, it’s time-consuming, and it’s addictive. Ever the cheapsk- uh, bargain hunter, I budget my D&D money to the penny every month and scour the net, craft stores, and garage sales to find the best deals. Online there are two major players in the 3-D racket, and a third underdog who is rapidly climbing the ranks.

D&D Monday morning speedlinking

July 27, 2009Written by Expy - Published on

A rare link round-up! Enjoy the RPG awesomeness!

Doesn’t the stew look awesome? (and we all know it tastes great)

April 23, 2009Written by Expy - Published on

D&D 3.x pickup lines, Minis seeking love, and more!

Nerd Watching: You May Already Be a Winner!

April 21, 2009Written by Nicholas - Published on

In this week’s installment we talk about Gen Con becoming a real event, the contest fever sweeping the blogging community and an impressive new face in town!