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Nerd Watching: Night of a Thousand Excerpts

September 7, 2009Written by Nicholas - Published on

I look at the PHB3 Skill Powers and the other mass of preview content coming from WotC.

The Path of Madness: How to Play an Insane PC

August 28, 2009Written by Nicholas - Published on

We explore how to play a character with a touch of madness and provide examples to ponder.

Do you want to publish your RPG work?

August 23, 2009Written by Expy - Published on

Did you ever consider a part-time or full-time career in RPGs?

The 10 Freakiest Facts You Never Knew about Gelatinous Cubes

August 20, 2009Written by Janna - Published on

There’s more to gelatinous cubes than meets the eye. Lots more. Read this article to learn the shocking truth.