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Geeks Next Door – Spot Check

August 18, 2009Written by Geeks Next Door - Published on

What’s the most embarrassing thing that your character had to endure? What were the other characters’ reactions?

Nerd Watching: Lessons from a Wizards of the Coast DM

August 15, 2009Written by Nicholas - Published on

I give you the news from Gen Con and lessons from my WotC DMed press game.

Thumbnail Image for D&D article: 10 Character Concepts You Don’t See Every Day

10 Character Concepts You Don’t See Every Day

August 14, 2009Written by Janna - Published on

Don’t be just another hard-luck orphan with a sword. Here are 10 unusual character concepts that will bring your PC to life.

Thumbnail image by Loup-Vert

Family Reunions: Chromatic Dragon Style!

August 8, 2009Written by E - Published on

Burning down villages is a fun family activity.