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Weapons For Hire (Game of Thrones Puzzle) Solution

July 30, 2012Written by Krys - Published on

Looking forward to the “Weapons for Hire” Scrolls of Destiny solution? Look no further! Discover which sellsword plans to hire on with which noble House.

It’s in the Small Stuff

April 26, 2012Written by One Die Short - Published on

Greetings! I have finally returned for another edition of One Die Short.  The ODS site fell apart, and so I had to rebuild it, but it’s back and better than ever, and so am I.  This week I want to talk about the little things in D&D: In the above page from ODS, there are […]

Magic Items With Use

January 19, 2012Written by One Die Short - Published on

Greetings!  For this month’s installment of One Die Short we take a look at Magic Items: Magic Items are a staple, and to some degree a necessity, of Dungeons & Dragons.  In the above page from One Die Short Howie whines about the uselessness of Matilda’s new-found Pandimensional Knitting Needles of Atropos.  For players, there are certain expectations […]

Death and Not Dying: The Immortal PC

November 30, 2011Written by One Die Short - Published on

How to handle the Total Party Kill in D&D and tips on when and how to use resurrection as a solution.