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Dungeon Mastering Enthusiasts Anxiously Await the Release of the Dungeons & Dragons Video Game, Sword Coast Legends

October 15, 2015Written by Expy - Published on

Dungeon mastering enthusiasts are currently waiting the the release of the Dungeons & Dragons video game, Sword Coast Legends. This video game is set in the lush and highly vibrant world that D&D players, Forgotten Realms. This video game offers players the unique ability of playing Dungeons & Dragons in a shared storytelling manner. The […]

Nerd Watching: How to Win Friends and Dominate Minds

December 20, 2009Written by Nicholas - Published on

A look at the new psionic warlord, the ardent. Also the crimes of Outlaw Press and little bitty acid cubes.

Nerd Watching: Books Are Lying to You!

November 23, 2009Written by Nicholas - Published on

Are you still buying books that rapidly become outdated? Should you use the electronic tools that aren’t rapidly doing anything?

Nerd Watching: The Path to Publication

November 10, 2009Written by Nicholas - Published on

I offer up my advice from the trenches on how to get published and find design work.