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Running and Converting “A Witch’s Choice”

September 5, 2009Written by Expy - Published on

This is a guest post by Chris Perrin. He will be reviewing an adventure path from Rite Publishing for Dungeon Mastering. Chris loves red dragons so he should fit right in with us! In many ways, A Witch’s Choice is a dream come true for many Dungeon Masters. If anything, the guys at Rite Publishing […]

Thumbnail Image for D&D article: D&D Cartoon Review: Remaking Childhood

D&D Cartoon Review: Remaking Childhood

April 2, 2009Written by Nicholas - Published on

Is the D&D cartoon worth dusting off for another viewing or should it be tossed in the bin with the D&D movie?

Chatty’s Mailbag: Playing 4e with only 1 player

April 1, 2009Written by Phil - Published on

What’s in the mail?

Player’s Handbook 2 Review: The Bardening

March 26, 2009Written by Nicholas - Published on

We tackle the tightly packed content of the Player’s Handbook 2 and explore all the new options available to 4E players.

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