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Parties other than the party’s party

January 20, 2016Written by LovelyRotten - Published on

BUT I THOUGHT WE WERE ON THE SAME SIDE?! A long time ago, I took my party into The Friendly Arms in the original Baldur’s Gate game. I saved the game and then launched a fireball into the common room of the place just to see what would happen. If you tried that –and who […]

The 2015 DungeonMastering year in review

January 10, 2016Written by LovelyRotten - Published on

Otherwise known as, ‘What You Should Be Reading To Keep Us Writing Instead of Playing More Marvel Legendary, Descent, & Pandemic.’ Mythic Party got us started off for the New Year with tips on How To Keep Your Players Focused. Whether it’s after the holidays, after a long hiatus, or merely after the usual interval […]

Lessons for D&D from the horrible Star Wars Holiday Special

December 25, 2015Written by MythicParty - Published on

Merry Christmas from all of us at DungeonMastering.com & as the title suggests, we’re looking at the famously infamous 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special.  How bad is it?  The original director quit after a few days. George Lucas (aka the man who gave us both Jar Jar & Howard the Duck) once admitted that if […]

3 Lessons from Star Wars Episode III for D&D

December 24, 2015Written by MythicParty - Published on

After machete-chopping TPM, we went on to explain the 2 main lessons for D&D from AOTC, and now have the high ground with Revenge of the Sith. ROTS is all about the Dark Side so no one should be flat footed to learn that the messages from the final Prequel are all about Evil.  Specfically… […]