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3 Surprising Benefits to Dungeon Mastering in a Dungeons & Dragons Game

October 28, 2015Written by Expy - Published on

If you specialize in dungeon mastering in a Dungeons & Dragons game, you have probably received a lot of criticism. Throughout history, many consider this particular roleplaying game to be a form of satanic worship. Many believe that the game leads the players to become mentally unstable. Still, there are several that believe that the […]

Ask a Dungeon Master: How can I make my games scarier? – Empathy

October 26, 2015Written by Darkwarren - Published on

During this Halloween season, inject fear into D&D.  After all, going into a dungeon should be a scary thing as it involves life or death decisions.  Plus the monsters are real. And while I’ve written a previous column on making your games scarier via the 5 senses, there’s another technique. Empathy. I find that players […]

Lessons for D&D from the Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere

October 19, 2015Written by MythicParty - Published on

After a packed Madison Square Garden promo, the sixth season of everyone’s favorite zombie show happened last week.  We’ve written about things from TWD you can use in your D&D games before, but sometimes the topic felt a bit, stiff.  So we took a break from the biters.  Then the unimaginatively named spin-off, Fear the […]

Giving D&D Zombies some bite

October 16, 2015Written by Adam - Published on

With Halloween coming, it’s important to remember your favorite grind monster that never gets any love – the zombie. When starting a campaign, a bunch of zombies in the graveyard outside of town is as stereotypical as a kobold camp near a small village. But by the time your players reach any level higher than Red […]