Advertising Opportunities

Become a premium partner here at Dungeonmastering and be seen by thousands of readers, gamers, maybe some dwarves, elves, dragons… and just really cool people!

Dungeonmastering is viewed by thousands of fantasy role players every month and is a leader in Dungeon Mastering. Our members are bound together by their love of gaming and role playing. And if what you offer is exciting and made with a love of gaming and honest quality, they will make it part of their world!

Because of this, it represents a unique opportunity to introduce helpful tools, exciting encounters, adventures, and campaigns to the people most likely to want to give it a try!

What types of advertising do we offer?

-Sponsored posts or reviews that you provide – $150 per year

-Contextual advertising within posts $150 per year

-Contextual advertising on the right sidebar $200

-Banner 200×200 advertising on the right sidebar – $50 per month

-Banner ads below articles – On specific articles

If you’d like to partner with and reach our audience, you can email us at inquire* @ * dungeonmastering* dot * com

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Or …You can also just simply use the following payment form. (coming soon)