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Blast from the past: quizzes

Written by Expy - Published on February 22, 2009

Mega-quiz next week!

The Dungeon Mastering team is hard at work, cooking up a special quiz.  We’re skipping the quiz today in preparation of that mega-quiz.  Thanks for your understanding.

In the meanwhile please visit the quiz archives.  I created the archives over the Holidays so you might not have taken all the quizzes – there’s about 30 of them!

Random thoughts: mini games

Today was D&D day and I had an awesome session – all players were really energetic.  We tried a new time slot and it seemed to work for us.

Life often gets in the way of RPGs.  Annoying, but almost inevitable after high school or college. I am going to experiment with mini-games.  2 hour games with no battle map.  All combat are handled through description, imagination, and smart play is rewarded.  I’m confident it will work and it should allow us to play more often, keeping the story fresh in our minds and the campaign rolling.

Has anyone tried any form of mini-game besides play-by-post between “real” games?

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Written by Expy

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7 Responses to “Blast from the past: quizzes”
  1. tim says:

    In my last D&D session (3.5 ed.) our dm had us cross a room.
    It was like minesweeper that we played.
    We stepped 1 tile forward and then he said how many mines where next to the tile.
    It was really fun.

  2. kaeosdad says:

    time: Haha classic. I think he meant mini-game as in a shorter session though.

  3. Mike Kenyon says:

    I actually just two mini-games, this week and last week. Only one person could make it to the weekly session each time, so, rather than cancel, the two of us had a lot of fun together.

    The first game was a round of Swords and Wizardry. Coming to the gaming scene fairly recently, that’s the only experience I have of old-school gaming, and I really like it! It was exactly as you describe: A 2 hour game with no battle mat, everything is about description and imagination. I really hope my player gained a few skills that she’ll bring back to 4th edition.

    The second game was actually tied into our main one. We turned back the clock a little to when they were last back in town, and one player went on a solo quest to find more information about a secret group who was trying to assassinate the PCs. She ended up learning a little about them, just enough to tie into the next adventure, but not enough to influence what they’re doing now. She also had a lot of fun.

    In short, never cancel a weekly game just because only one or two players can make it. Whether you show them a little more about your current game, or play something completely different like Land of Og, you can still have nerdy fun together.

  4. Yax says:

    Yeah, that’s good advice. I think I’ll try to get a game going every other week no matter what and just improvise if players are missing.

    We played a bunch of one-shot sessions in the last few months but running a regular campaign is so much better.

  5. The Mente says:

    I’ll try, in my next session, by play several mini-adventures fixed togheter as belonging to a unique storyboard.
    In a group of 6 player I hope to not have many troubles in combats.
    If anyone can give me any piece of advice to handle this I would be really glad to read about.


  6. phycoshane says:

    yea mario.with 6 players you should think about making power sheets with all the pcs power on them and rolling damage die with attack dice it speeds up combat

  7. Mike Kenyon says:

    I’ll agree with pychoshane. I also encourage players to think about their next move while it’s not their turn, and I alert everyone who’s initiative is next. Really helps speed up the game.

    I also tell my wizard (or anyone with blasts and bursts) to tell me the damage first. Then when she reads off attacks rolls, I can simply deduct HP instead of having to remember who was hit or not and *then* deducting HP. Simple tricks like these speed up the game a lot.

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