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D&D Monday morning speedlinking

Written by Expy - Published on December 31, 2007

It’s Monday morning and you’re hung over from that New Year’s Eve party? Pop 2 tylenols, drink water, and check out these links.

DNDMMSL 01-01-2008

To start 2008 with a clean bookmark folder I’ll link to everything I had bookmarked that I haven’t written about yet:


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Written by Expy

Meet Expy The Red Dragon

Expy is the mascot for DungeonMastering.com and the real mastermind behind Expy Games. He likes to hoard treasure, terrorize neighbors, burn down villages, and tell white dragon jokes..

No matter how fearful the legends claim dragons are, they always end up being defeated in 5 rounds by adventuring parties they encounter. That’s what dragons are – experience points for the heroes in your Dungeons & Dragon party. And this mascot is no different, hence the name Expy.

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6 Responses to “D&D Monday morning speedlinking”
  1. Greg says:

    Regarding The Black Mirror Project – Thanks for the mention, Yax. We didn’t intend the site for public consumption but we don’t discourage it. Our group is back to playing D&D with elements of the original and 2nd edition after about a 17 year hiatus. We play once a week and as soon as our current DM tires of running his campaign we’ll switch up and I’ll be running the Black Mirror campaign. I’m encouraged that you found it interesting. I’ll try to post a campaign blog once it gets going. Keep up the good work.

  2. Rannok says:

    Yay! I love Heroes of Lesser Earth! And thanks for Kill the Wizard First. I love D&D blogs. (duh!)

  3. gnome says:

    (hides in shadows)

    (wishes a happy new year)


  4. mistrlittlejeans says:

    I have to disagree with the Of Mice and Men comment. But, thanks for the rest.

  5. Asmor says:

    Thanks for the link, Yax! Glad you’re enjoying the campaign fluff articles, I always feel guilty about writing them because they’re not technically encounters. :)

  6. Scot Newbury says:

    Thanks for the link Yax – it’s nice to see that my slice of the Internet is being read and enjoyed by others.

    Best wishes for 2008.

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