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D&D Monday morning speedlinking

Written by Expy - Published on February 18, 2008

DNDMMSL 02-18-08

It’s Monday morning and, for once, you are not a facial-expression-less zombie because it’s a holiday! (In the US only. If you’re not in the US then you are staggering from your bed to your job, wondering when you became addicted to caffeine).

“I can’t shut up” edition

Maybe I spend too much time reading the Chatty DM’s ramblings. Perhaps the magnificent Hawaii weather is pumping me up. I don’t quite know why but I couldn’t stop writing today, so expect logorrhea in this week’s Monday morning speedlinking.

The links

  • Fear the Boot is now my #1 podcast subscription. The show rocks and is filled with RPG goodness, laughter, and enthusiasm. Fun times.
  • Check out DNA Phil’s top 3 DM skills.
  • Vanir throws up the horns in yet another hilarious article.
  • The world is full of dungeons is a great article that stemmed from a conversation that started like this: “OMG Dungeons and Dragons 4th Ed. is just WoW!!!!!!” A must read by the Critical Hits crew.
  • Red dragons have proven their supremacy yet again by edging all other dragons in a “Who rocks the most” survey. Check out the poll archives.
  • Trask and Kili have both pointed out that Baen has a free e-book library after I wrote about Tor offering free e-books.
  • Not really D&D related but I have to agree with Mike from Hack/ when he expresses his disdain of Games Workshop customer-unfriendly changes to their games.

An anecdote about DNDMMSL

A few months ago I was about to dump the Monday morning speedlinking articles and never look back. The blog hadn’t quite taken off yet and I was having a hard time finding interesting links. And then something wonderful happened! Stupid Ranger left a comment saying that she loved DNDMMSL and I got 8 comments on the linky article that week. I decided to stick with it and have since been receiving a ton of positive feedback on the Monday posts.

Thanks to all the readers who leave comments and email me! You are my motivation fuel (along with coffee).

The physics of dragonflight

Here are a few links and thoughts on the physiccs of dragonflight which I had casually mentioned in an article about quickly creating relevant, consistent NPCs. I was wondering how dragons could fly and the answer was out there. Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me about this.

Tom and others:

Dragons World – A fantasy made real


Here is an interesting site about the science of dragon flight.

Argokirby and others:

I think that if a 747 can fly, than so can a dragon. Its not about weight or even wing span, Dragons have a huge wingspan, its about thrust. I think that is where the magic comes in. Magical thrust.

Kenneth and others:

As far as the physics of dragon flight, check out the draconomicon. It actually goes quite in depth on how and why dragons can fly. Mostly it has to do with 1) MASSIVE muscles layered across their chests that control their enormous wings and 2) internal magical “organs” that derive the components needed for each dragon’s particular elemental magic, enabling flight as well. Besides, it doesn’t make much sense for a bumble bee to fly…

Short week ahead

That’s it for this week! Have fun at work!

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Written by Expy

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4 Responses to “D&D Monday morning speedlinking”
  1. dberg_usa says:

    RE: Red dragons have proven their supremacy yet again by edging all other dragons in a “Who rocks the most” survey.

    Come on… we all know Red Dragons cheat! It’s in their nature. Tell Expy to quit padding the ballot.

  2. Yax says:

    Yeah. Expy can be sneaky. But you’d be amazed how nice and cuddly he is when nobody’s around.


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