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D&D Monday morning speedlinking

Written by Expy - Published on March 31, 2008

DNDMMSL 02-31-08

It’s Monday morning and your alarm clock seems to be blaring louder than usual? The snooze button took a really good hit?  You threw your alarm clock into the wall, shattered it into a million pieces, and then realized you’re using your cell phone as your alarm clock?

Don’t worry.  These things happen.  Feel free to act like a grumpy recluse until your first cup of coffee sinks in.  You can also check out these links to pass the time until you’re socially adept again.

The links

  • WotC has an online alignmnent test.  Fill out the test from the perspective of a PC or NPC and it will give you an alignment.  It can also help you to flesh out a new character.
  • I exchanged a few e-mails with Nathan from DFWd20.  Take a look at their forums when you get the chance.
  • Another tool than can help you make your character richer is Avatar Art. They will draw your character for you!  It’s affordable and their demo sketches look great.
  • One of my good friends asked me for a good webcomic to read last week.  It turns out he had never read DM of the Rings, which is simply unacceptable.  Make sure you take an hour to read it if you haven’t done so yet.
  • While we’re discussing webcomics… I stumbled upon Critical Fumble a few weeks ago.  It’s not great but it’s a’ight.
  • Here’s a quiz that will tell you what D&D character you are (spotted on Geek’s Dream Girl).  Definitely not as entertaining as What is your inner D&D character? survey by yours truly, but still interesting.
  • Busted Character is Shelly Mazzanoble’s latest column.

That’s it for today.  Have a great week!

Want to be featured on DNDMMSL?

If you run a blog or website that is RPG related, send me an e-mail.  Even if you know that I know about your site.  I only have a few hours every week to take care of Dungeon Mastering and can’t possibly read all the great content that is being produced every week.

Let me know…

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Written by Expy

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