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D&D Monday morning speedlinking – podcast edition

Written by Expy - Published on February 11, 2008

DNDMMSL 02-11-08

It’s Monday morning and your weekly snooze count is already up to 4? You have absolutely no facial expression and can only think about fluffy pillows? Well, don’t worry. It happens to everyone. Here are a few links to keep you busy until that oh-so-sweet caffeine rush kicks in!

A quick non-podcast link before I go on

The DM’s blog says:

The hottest D&D blog out there has GOT to be Dungeon Mastering. I found Yax this week, and I’ve been eating up all of his great stuff.

I’m a compliment junkie!


I recently became the happy owner of an iPhone (I can tell you that the iPhone dice roller isn’t worth crap) and I started listening to some podcasts. I only listened to 3 of them so far.

  • Dragons Landing is a podcast for tabletop RPG gamers (that’s you!). Great content. I enjoyed it very much. The one thing that stood out right away is that the guys who run the show sound like they’re actually having fun! And they gave me a massive scoop: the Dragons of Autumn Twilight DVD is out! Yes! Dragonlance! I feel 15$ lighter!
  • The WOTC D&D podcast is the official Dungeons & Dragons podcast and it’s the best source for D&D info… But sometimes I feel like the guys are doing the podcast because they have to. You’ll only catch a spark between the hosts every now and then.
  • Shakespeare and Dragons is “an English teacher’s perspective about world building fantasy settings and game design, from a literary point of view.” There are real gems in that one but the host is alone so the at times the podcast lacked dynamism. It’s still worthy of your time, let’s say, when you’re traveling or stuck on a long bus ride.

Which podcast do you listen to?

Let me know.

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Written by Expy

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Expy is the mascot for DungeonMastering.com and the real mastermind behind Expy Games. He likes to hoard treasure, terrorize neighbors, burn down villages, and tell white dragon jokes..

No matter how fearful the legends claim dragons are, they always end up being defeated in 5 rounds by adventuring parties they encounter. That’s what dragons are – experience points for the heroes in your Dungeons & Dragon party. And this mascot is no different, hence the name Expy.

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17 Responses to “D&D Monday morning speedlinking – podcast edition”
  1. Bob says:

    I’m glad to see my shameless flattery gets me noticed!

    Seriously, Yax, I love the site. The quizzes, the speedlinks, the instant campaign builder, the whole lot. It’s good stuff.

  2. Wayne Humfleet says:

    Try “The Sons of Kryos”, “All games Considered”, and “Fear the Boot” all excellent podcasts.

  3. Dave T. Game says:

    The Ogrecave Audio Report (ogrecave.com) is the only podcast I listen to regularly. It tends to cover gaming industry news, but they always have a wide variety of gaming stuff to talk about.

  4. Maikl says:

    Fear the Boot rocks.

  5. argokirby says:

    Gamer Radio Zero is a great Pod Cast Also, plus the co host is a girl so you get a feminine perspective to gaming which helps when your like me and DMing for a party of 5 girls.

  6. Robert says:

    Wow, dream come true, 5 gamer girls in a room…

  7. Talus says:

    I listen to about a dozen RPG podcasts. I love Dragon’s Landing, but Fear The Boot is the first one I listen to. They’re the best!

  8. Yax says:

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

    I’ll listen to all of them a few times and maybe come up with a top ten or something like that.

    @argokirby & robert

    Yeah! 5 girls in 1 RPG group. It’s unheard of. It must be fun and scary at the same time!

  9. argokirby says:

    There all hot also, Robert. Some day I will have a DM blog like Yax here, and I will put up there pictures and the phone numbers so you can call them.

  10. argokirby says:

    … but one is my wife, so you can’t call her!

  11. Wayne Humfleet says:

    Check this out Yaz. Good Run own of all the Podcasts.


  12. Wayne Humfleet says:

    Wow that ‘Z’ key is dangerously close to the ‘X’ Sorry Yax!

  13. HistoryDave says:

    Thanks for the mention of dragonslanding, the Avis of RPG podcasts.

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