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D&D Links – 20 Random Generators

Written by Expy - Published on November 15, 2008

Don’t we all love generators?

They’ll get your campaign going.  They’ll give you ideas.  They’ll make you wonder how come you didn’t get anything done today at work.

Yes, I’m talking about random generators!

  1. Dragon description generator – oh, yeah!
  2. Government generator – because we’re all boring of adventuring in “The Kingdom” or “The Empire” and would rather explore the “Legendary and Perfected Federation” or some place with a funky name.
  3. Whacky class generator – don’t you wan’t to play a Crocodile Kicker?
  4. Detailed character generator – a short description and quick roleplaying notes will make bring any anonymous NPC to life.
  5. Goblin namer – even though goblins can kill you, most of the time they die. Having a unique name gives them personality, which in turn increases their chances to be spared.  “Ktozs scared.  Pleeease don’t kill Ktozs…”
  6. Fractal world generator – interesting and maybe even useful.
  7. Dungeon generator – try the “labyrinth” setting to mees with your players’ mind.
  8. Snake generator – what the hell?  Do we really need a snake generator? Well, it’s there just in case…
  9. Pirate name generator – I could click that button all day!
  10. NaNoWriMo motivator – maybe you’ve tried to write a book during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and maybe you failed (like me!) and maybe you could have used some motivation!
  11. Martial arts move generator – ninja time!
  12. Wrestler name generator – trust me, you’ll find a way to squeeze these names in your campaign.
  13. Namator – probably the best looking random gen website
  14. The Forge – you don’t know it yet but you like flash-based generators.
  15. Lorem Ipsum – it’s made for print and web filler text, but you can use it to impress your players with scrolls filled with gibberish (I think it’s latin)
  16. Candy generator – every inn cooks up something sweet, unique, and delicious.
  17. Magic invocation generator – this one is especially fun!
  18. Drink recipe generator – don’t try this at home…
  19. Darth maker – it has nothing to do with D&D but I enjoyed it a lot!
  20. Humorous fantasy class generator – a butler sorceress and footpad nanny walk into a bar…

And there’s so much more out there!  Seventh Sanctum has the most fun generators.  So have fun and click aways.

Now if only someone could come up with a random random-generator generator…

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Written by Expy

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11 Responses to “D&D Links – 20 Random Generators”
  1. ZedZed77 says:

    Lorem Ipsum IS Latin.

    It’s taken from a speech written by Cicero. Something about “It is better to suffer adversity than turn to evil.” (Surprisingly D&D Appropriate?)

  2. Yax says:

    Thanks for the confirmation. Now… Just one translated sentence? Where’s the complete translation?

  3. Combine the Random Snake Generator with Snakes on a Plane: The RPG (http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=253565) for tons o’ fun!

    Oh man… I’m stil laughing…

  4. jonathan says:

    TYVM! this is list was bookmarked after about 2 seconds of reading it.

  5. Jim says:

    Thanks for the links. You can never have to many generators!

  6. Noumenon says:

    Hmm… dungeon generator at level 10 gives out rooms with 11 Shadows, or 14 Troglodytes and 10 Monitor Lizards, or 12 Rust Monsters — I think I prefer the myth-weavers one, which gives out encounters like three named vampire tallfellow halfling rogues, a hamatula and a barbazu, or a purple worm. But my group had already used that one, and I’ve never seen yours.

  7. Asmor says:

    Lipsum isn’t Latin, it’s just meant to look Latin. The idea if that it’s supposed to look natural to the eye as you scan it, but it lacks any actual meaning so the brain doesn’t get held up trying to read it.

  8. Yax says:

    @Asmor: Thanks for the info.

    Now if you’ll excuse I’m going to generate some pirate names.

  9. Swordgleam says:

    Apparently both the “it’s Cicero” and “it’s fake latin” sides are half-right on Lorem Ipsum. It’s excerpts from Cicero, missing letters and rearranged. At least, according to Wikipedia. Half the words look familiar and half look like gibberish to this Latin reader, so Wiki’s answer sounds credible to me.

    Glad you like my NaNo motivator! I came up with it on a whim; I had no idea it would be this popular. It’s been getting more hits than almost anything else, all month.

  10. Noumenon says:

    Magic invocation generator

    You know what would be really cool, is a “verbal component generator” that gave you something to say when you cast a spell. My group just goes “homina homina homina” for every casting.


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