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Nerd Watching: You May Already Be a Winner!

Written by Nicholas - Published on April 21, 2009

Nicholas is the columnist in charge of Nerd Watching and part-time Expy wrangler. He also works as the community manager, so keep an eye out for him on RPG blogs and forums.

Come on Down!

It seems like contest fever has swept the RPG blogging community. Chatty DM is offering a ton of prizes for his contest to design a one page, edition-free dungeon. On a more exotic front, the lovely e over at Geek’s Dream Girl is giving away a $25 Outback Steakhouse gift card. The game is simple, described how your favorite geek icon cooks or eats his steak. E wins some bonus points from us for including our own Expy as an example steak eating protagonist. I checked with him about it, he takes his steak well done and still attached to the cow. Even we here at Dungeon Mastering are not immune, as I write this we are wrapping up an Arcane Power giveway. (Editor’s note: Congratulations to Jacob from Vancouver, WA!)

Expy the dragon’s hot link of the week:

Creative Juices 7 Youtube Channel

Creative Juices has a whole line of comedy videos staring some of your favorite D&D characters. Even Bahamut makes an appearence!

Phenomenal Cosmic Power

Speaking of which, Arcane Power drops this week (Just in time for me to start playing a game limited to Martial/Divine characters). The book offers new feats, powers and paragon paths for wizards, warlocks, bards, sorcerers and swordmages. Hopeful it will add some new polish to the wizard class. They have always been accused of having very few options this edition and are looking particularly dull when compared to the new invokers. I’m a bit afraid of them getting summoning magic though. Summoning in almost every RPG system is overpowered, over complicated, grinds combat to a halt or a combination of all of those. Still, WotC managed well enough with animal companions and figurines of wondrous power, so I am holding out hope.

Deft Strike

There’s a relatively new blogger on the scene that I want to give a special shout out to. I’ve been keeping a close eye on Sly Flourish for a couple weeks now. The site offers a few quality reviews and maintains a tight focus, but even more interesting is the site’s twitter. The twitter offers practical tips on how to improve your game in 140 characters or less. The site and its twitter have become fast favorites of mine and I hope they do for you too.

Indy Bound

By the time you read this event registration will be open for Gen Con 2009 and the event charts are already available. For myself and the other bloggers I follow on twitter, in the last week Gen Con seems to have gone from an etheral concept you look forward to attending some day to a real trip that actually needs to be planned and paid for.  As a Gen Con virgin I am very worried about getting all my ducks in a row before it is too late. Unless I mess something up and end up without a badge and sleeping in my car, you should see me and the whole Dungeon Mastering crew at Gen Con. Feel free to come talk to me, I’ll be the geeky guy with glasses.

Are you fretting over Gen Con? Any veterans want to share their wisdom? Leave a comment! Do you have something you think should be covered in Nerd Watching? Email me at nicholas@dungeonmastering.com

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Written by Nicholas

Nick DiPetrillo is the original author behind the games Arete and Zombie Murder Mystery available at http://games.dungeonmastering.com

Nick is no longer active with DungeonMastering.com, however he is an accomplished writer and published his first game in 2009.

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Nicholas is the columnist in charge of Nerd Watching and part-time Expy wrangler. He also works as the community manager, so keep an eye out for him on RPG blogs and forums.



7 Responses to “Nerd Watching: You May Already Be a Winner!”
  1. Mike says:

    Thank you for the review! It’s a goal of mine to keep Sly Flourish and the related twitter feed focused on a single goal – making our 4e games better. There’s enough blogs out there that discuss the news and the business and comparisons to other games. I’m also focused on the DM’s side of the screen. There’s still a lot of room for class specific blogs to help players out but that’s not really my interest.

    Again, thanks for the plug! I hope not to disappoint.

  2. Nicholas says:

    @Mike: I’m always happy to point people to a good service. You have already given me several ideas I never would have thought of and filled in some half-finish ideas I had. I hope all of our readers check out your work!

  3. Johnn Four says:

    Yax, let me know when your next contest starts. I’d love to let Roleplaying Tips readers know about it. I missed the boat this time around because it didn’t register in my brain, for some reason, but a ping would dislodge the dust enough to get me on it.

  4. Yax says:


    Gotcha. Thanks.

  5. MageMirin says:

    Piece of advice regarding conventions from someone who’s been going to them since he was literally 10 days old: Badges and hotel rooms are HIGHLY overrated. I’ve done countless conventions in my time without either. The best way to do this is to quickly become friends with whoever is running the volunteers department. You put in some hours and they are usually very helpful with crash space, snacks and getting you into the dealers room without a badge for an hour or two. Borrowing badges is another trick. I’ve worn the badge of MANY a con staffer and even a few “famous” people by hanging out in the lobby chatting with people and just mentioning how I’ve been going to the con every year since I was born and how this time I just didn’t have enough spare cash for a badge… but man I’d love to take a look at the art show before it closes today… or volunteering to help set up the stage for the costume contest will get you back stage usually while the contestants are getting ready and you can see them up close instead of from halfway across the room in dim lighting… but yea… volunteering, I didn’t have to pay a penny for the $1500 badge I got for GDC in san fransisco a couple of years ago… just had to work 40 hours….

  6. Nicholas says:

    @MageMirin: That’s actually very comforting. I should be getting a press badge but am trying to not freak out over obtaining affordable lodgings for myself and my lady companion.

  7. Thanks for linking to the contest. We’re getting more prizes every few days or so and we need more entries to give them out to!

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