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Tiny adventures

Written by Expy - Published on August 29, 2008

Sweet, sweet time killer

I was reading Randy Buehler’s Digital Insider column and saw a link for Tiny Adventures. It’s a Facebook app. I was mildly intrigued – I don’t enjoy Facebook very much but, hey, it’s D&D, I have to check it out – so I go “click” and…

Holy Vecna! This is awesome.

You have to try this for yourself. I don’t want to say too much – let’s just say I will now be hitting Facebook multiple times daily, maybe even hourly!

» Try Tiny Adventures now (it became so popular so quickly that the server crashed apparently – worked fine for me though.)

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Written by Expy

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25 Responses to “Tiny adventures”
  1. Av says:

    looks like something fun to do while you’re doing other stuff… even though it is a pretty passive game…

  2. Russell says:

    The page you requested was not found.

    Site still down?

  3. Loki says:

    I get the same message, either the link is trippy or the page is still down.

  4. Questing GM says:

    Welcome to the darkside of Play by Facebook.

  5. Johnn says:

    Keep refreshing, it’ll come up eventually. My PC just got gwonged by an arrow.


  6. Yax says:

    Great writing too:

    “Rumbleslack, thinking quickly, produced the ten-foot pole and length of rope that he conveniently had been carrying in his backpack.”

  7. Czar says:

    When I added the application yesterday, it kept crashing on me. While its fun to pass the time at work, I kinda wish there was more skill involved with the encounters.

  8. um104 says:

    Best thing I’ve ever found on Facebook. I hadn’t logged on in weeks, but as soon as you brought this up, I jumped on, and I’ve had trouble staying off. xD

  9. Yax says:

    You and me both um104…

  10. Aritz says:

    “The page you requested was not found.”! is what people that doesn’t own a Facebook account like myself (at least nowadays) see if we enter anywhere at the Facebook dominions.

    Must say, TinyAdv is now the best reason to join that social net… ^_^

    Keep up our expectations after Ennie-winning events! ;)

  11. Labareda says:

    Keeps crashing but its fun.

  12. Virgil Vansant says:

    And now I’m hooked.

  13. Zaffren says:

    Yax, you got me addicted, and I didn’t sleep all night =P Well I hope they don’t call me into work for a 12 hour shift! Send me an e-mail if you need a buff bot. g33k110@hotmail.com

  14. Yax says:

    The app went from 32,000 user to 40,000 users in one night last week. You’re not alone if you got hooked!

  15. Klaive says:

    Site address not working for me refreshed for 30mins straight

  16. Taliesin says:

    I would also suggest you’re not alone if you can only get 1 screen in 40 to load. Holy crap if this thing worked any less…..well, I don’t think I’d notice, since I can never even get more than 1 screen into an adventure before it lets me know that there was a problem and nothing is working.

  17. Labareda says:

    I can play if i refresh constantly :-)

  18. Flubmosis says:

    Wait until you’ve tried to equip something. The most annoying and fun thing on Facebook :)

  19. Klaive says:

    I figured out my problem and I’m hooked now. If anyone else is an Idiot like me, you need to be a member of Facebook to make it work.

  20. Yax says:

    And it looks like they fixed their server issues today. Yay!

  21. Kirt says:

    How do you equip potions? I was able to purchase them but for some reason can’t equip them. It says to equip prior to a adventure but just clicking on the potion name on the inventory screen doesn’t work.

  22. Johnn says:

    You equip potions when you start an adventure (a pop-up will give you choices if you have more than two potions).

    You can only equip potions when starting an adventure. Not before or during.

  23. Labareda says:

    I am a level 7 Wizard who regularly fails on the smarts. Thats a one line NPC for you.

    Actually I fail on most things except my checks against amour. Dem robes may be flapping but whats under is like steel plates. Oh oh oh oh! and my friend the Dragonborn fighter hooked up with a pretty dwarf cause hes all charmin and she was bored!

  24. I’m glad the app is working better now… it was so frustrating when it would crash all the time! My first character is almost retired and I’m looking forward to trying another one. It’s a fun little app.

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