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Top 50 RPG websites

Written by Expy - Published on December 3, 2007

Welcome the first decennial Top 50 D&D/RPG websites awards! I thought about making it annual but it’s too much work!

The websites are graded on a Red Dragon scale – from 1 to 5 Red Dragons – no pun intended. 5 Dragons is the best possible score and I also arbitrarily give bonus points to some sites.

And here it is…

Completely Biased Top 5o

#1 – Roleplaying Tips

Johnn has been giving GMing tips since 1999. Not only are his tips great but he is a funny guy. Hopefully being on top of the list will make him feel good, because his favorite hockey team definitely won’t!

Completely Biased Ranking: 5 Red Dragons

Bonus Points: Being featured on Dungeon Mastering

#2 – Treasure Tables

Martin’s website is pure gold. For over 2 years he’s been dissecting every aspect of the GMing craft.

Completely Biased Ranking: 5 Red Dragons

Bonus Points: Winning NaNoWriMo! Congratulations!

#3 – Dungeon Mastering

Yeah baby! Who said I was impartial? I’m not a journalist! Subjectivity rules.

Completely biased ranking: 6 Red Dragons

Bonus points: Run by me.

#4 – Musings of the Chatty DM

Phil likes to talk and his articles reflect that – they are always long, and thankfully always very entertaining. He recently added contributors who are just as fun to read.

Completely biased ranking: 4.9 Red Dragons

Bonus Points: He’s from Montreal.

#5 – Wizards of the Coast

I had to include them in the list, right? After all they’re the ones publishing D&D, by far the most popular RPG and the object of my website. Enjoy D&D Insider while it’s free.

Completely biased ranking: 4.8 Red Dragons

Bonus points: Pwning the RPG industry since 1973

#6 – Critical Hits

Dave and his crew rock! They write about all things gaming and I check out their website everyday.

Completely biased ranking: 4.8 Red Dragons

Bonus points: Proving that red dragons are the ultimate, most powerful monster

#7 – Stupid Ranger

celestial-porpoise.pngVanir, Dante, and Stupid Ranger herself are always writing useful, entertaining articles. One of my daily reads.

Completely biased ranking: 4.7 Red Dragons

Bonus points: Vanir is hilarious. They made a celestial porpoise ad that makes me laugh every time I see it.

#8 – EN World

One of the largest forums on the intarweb and the unofficial provider of all D&D4E news.

Completely biased ranking: 4.6 Red Dragons

#9 – Monte Cook dot com

Run by someone who actually worked in the RPG industry! It’s worth a look.

Completely biased ranking: 4.5 Red Dragons

#10 – Slack & Hash

Their random generators get me clickin’! And I don’t think I need to mention the all-encompassing knowledge of the omniscient lavatory!

Completely biased ranking: 4.5 Red Dragons

Bonus points: Giving up on their social lives and making unforgettable name generators.

#11 – DM of the Rings

Hilarious webcomic by Shamus Young – but you already knew that.

Completely biased ranking: 4.5 Red Dragons

Bonus points: Saying out loud what we all thought when we saw the LotR movies: Legolas is hot!

#12 – Chainmail Bikini

A double dose of Mr. Young! He and his partner Shawn Gaston run this fun website and write the Chainmail Bikini webcomic. It’s priceless.

Completely biased ranking: 4.5 Red Dragons

Bonus points: Inventing the coolest item. Headband: no mechanical bonus but +10 to awesome!

#13 – Obsidian Portal

Create your own campaign website! In their own words: “Every campaign gets a shared blog/wiki to showcase their story, as well as integrated tools to help track NPCs, locations, treasure, and all the other minutae that makes up an RPG.”

Completely biased ranking: 4.5 Red Dragons

#14 – Evil DM

The Evil DM entertains us with RPG, gaming and pulp goodies. He also tells us about his life in the shadow of She Who Must Be Obeyed – which has to be the best girlfriend/wife nickname ever.

Completely Biased Ranking: 4.5 Red Dragons

Bonus points: Helped me out when I started my site.

#15 – Jonathan Drain’s d20 source

Mr. Drain is always hepful and insightful. For example, instead of going out on a limb and writing top reasons to love or hate 4e – like I did – he wrote the thoughtful “4e news recap“.

Completely biased ranking: 4.4 Red Dragons

Bonus points: Zombie lover.

#16 – D20 SRD

Since I started using my laptop for DMing I have bookmarked the d20 srd. It’s an essential tool.

Completely Biased Ranking: 4.4 Red Dragons

#17 – The escapist

You’ve got to admire someone who promotes RPGs and educates the public and media about their benefits to society. Good job!

Completely Biased Ranking: 4.4 Red Dragons

Bonus points: Creating a useful and valuable tool not only for gamers but for society.

#18 – RPG Net

Forums, reviews, and columns – there’s something for everyone.

Completely Biased Ranking: 4.3 Red Dragons

Bonus points: Bought the domain name rpg.net before everyone else.

#19 – Wolfgang Baur / Monkey King

Mr. Baur entertains us with his daily thoughts.

Completely Biased Ranking: 4.3 Red Dragons

#20 – Paizo

Formerly of Dragon magazine and Dungeon magazine fame, Paizo seems to have become more prominent since the last issues were printed! I heard good things about Pathfinder and I’ve enjoyed RPG Superstar so far.

Completely Biased Ranking: 4.2 Red Dragons

#21 – Jamis Buck’s Dungeon Generator

Tried and true. I still use it when I need a dungeon on the fly. Pesky players – always unpredictable!

Completely Biased Ranking: 4.2 Red Dragons

#22 – Aleph Gaming

Here’s a blog that started recently and has been posting great content for weeks.

Completely Biased Ranking: 4.2 Red Dragons

#23 – The Forge

One of the major RPG forums out there.

Completely Biased Ranking: 4.1 Red Dragons

#24 – Order of the Stick

Classic webcomic.

Completely Biased Ranking: 4.1 Red Dragons

Bonus points: Making something valuable out of matchstick men. I can’t tell you how impressed I am.

#25 – I waste the Buddha with my Crossbow

This has to be one of the weirdest, most appealing names ever. And the blog is great too. I love Dr. Rotwang!

Completely Biased Ranking: 4.1 Red Dragons

Bonus points: Using pink in his website design and making it look cool.

#26 – Basement 51

The basement is where the D&D action’s at. They have a lot of good D&D articles.

Completely Biased Ranking: 4.0 Red Dragons

Bonus points: Telling me about the ROFLMAO World of Warcraft video.

#27 – Hack /

Every time I check out Hack / I find something great that I have tell people about. Today was no exception. Editions: The Numbering is an article on, er, edition numbers. Definitely check it out.

Completely Biased Ranking: 4.0 Red Dragons

#28 – Barrok’s Tower

Great community website. Barrok sent me traffic when I first started Dungeon Mastering. Thanks!

Completely Biased Ranking: 4.0 Red Dragons

Bonus points: Helped me out when I started my site.

#29 – Community 3e

Another great community website. Gryphon runs the show over there and he left a ton of comments on my site when I launched it. Thanks!

Completely Biased Ranking: 4.0 Red Dragons

Bonus points: Helped me out when I started my site.

#30 – Jeff’s gameblog

It’s a “blog about games and stuff”. Stuff being one of my hobbies I enjoy Jeff’s work immensely.

Completely Biased Ranking: 4.0 Red Dragons

Bonus points: Creating a threefold model for RPGs.

#31 – The Harrow

Dozens of professionally written RPG articles.

Completely Biased Ranking: 4.0 Red Dragons

#32 – Errant Dream

Dozens of great D&D articles.

Completely Biased Ranking: 4.0 Red Dragons

#33 – Random Gnome’s Random Lair

The gnome rocks. He mostly writes about video games but sometimes graces us with an RPG article.

Completely Biased Ranking: 3.9 Red Dragons

Bonus points: Gnome are funny.

#34 – D&D Nerd

Not updated often but the archives are full of goodies.

Completely Biased Ranking: 3.9 Red Dragons

Bonus points: He’s very creative with dice.

#35 – DM Haven

Generators gallore!

Completely Biased Ranking: 3.9 Red Dragons

Bonus points: Helped me build the Weird Tool Files.

#36 – Geeks Next Door

They play D&D in some of the comic strips and that allows me to include them in my rankings. I love this webcomic.

Completely Biased Ranking: 3.9 Red Dragons

Bonus points: Their D&D party has 2 girls in it!

#37 – The Great Geek Manual

The Manual has a great time-killing daily feature called “This day in geek history” which brings us all closer to our geek roots.

Completely Biased Ranking: 3.8 Red Dragons

Bonus points: Coming up with the Ultimate D&D Gaming Flowchart!

#38 – Deeper in the game

Cool blog and good articles on D&D.

Completely Biased Ranking: 3.8 Red Dragons

#39 – Game designer in the wilderness

Clinton R. Nixon’s weblog about role-playing games.

Completely Biased Ranking: 3.8 Red Dragons

Bonus points: Writing the geekiest D&D article ever – it combines RPG geekiness and computer programming nerdiness. I loved it (I’m a programmer).

#40 – Okay… Your turn

A Community forum foundedby Monte Cook (see #9).

Completely Biased Ranking: 3.8 Red Dragons

#41 – Roleplay Gateway

A great community website.

Completely Biased Ranking: 3.7 Red Dragons

#42 – RPG Pundit

The pundit writes about RPGs, Sci-Fi, among other things.

Completely Biased Ranking: 3.3 Red Dragons

#43 – Attacks of opportunity

A blog for game designers.

Completely Biased Ranking: 3.2 Red Dragons

#44 – White Wolf

The focus of my website is D&D but I love White Wolf games – my best DMing effort was a Mage: The Ascension game. So I made some room in the top 50 for White Wolf.

Completely Biased Ranking: 3.1 Red Dragons

#45 – Ars Ludi

Lots of entertaining, useful, and thourough articles.

Completely Biased Ranking: 3.1 Red Dragons

Bonus points: Latin sounds cool.

#46 – Cogito. Ergo. Ludo.

RPG theory and game design.

Completely Biased Ranking: 3.1 Red Dragons
Bonus points: Latin sounds cool.

#47 – The Game Master Show

The best RPG podcast with glowing teddy bears.

Completely Biased Ranking: 3.1 Red Dragons

#48 – Wandering Men

The adventuring authors seem to be at every single convention!

Completely Biased Ranking: 3.1 Red Dragons

Bonus points: Being featured on Dungeon Mastering

#49 – D20 Magazine Rack

Lots of RPG resources.

Completely Biased Ranking: 3.1 Red Dragons

#50 – Critical Ankle Bites

I had about 20 sites left on my list and I didn’t really know any of them. CAB wins the draw.

Completely Biased Ranking: 3.0

Bonus points: He’s from Winnipeg.

New! – DM Tools

Their slogan is “No prep time. No problem.”

Completely Biased Ranking: 4.1 Red Dragons

New! – Nearby Gamers

There’s a gamer near you who’s also looking for a strategy or roleplaying game.  Great site!

Completely Biased Ranking: 4.0 Red Dragons

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Zombie Murder Mystery
  1. ChattyDM Says:

    Heck yeah!

    Thanks man!

    (The check is in the mail!)

  2. Omnius Says:

    Nice list. =)

  3. ve4grm Says:

    I’m not sure why I got a bonus for being from Winnipeg, but thanks for the link.

    I should probably get another RPG post up one of these days. :P

  4. Yax Says:

    You’re last post said you were in Winnipeg. I’m not sure if you’re from there. But just being there is worthy of a bonus – I have no clue why but it feels right.

  5. ve4grm Says:

    I am from there. And it’s a great city, if freezing cold. I just wasn’t sure why you figured it was bonus-worthy.

    No reason is a good reason by my standards, though. It’s the same reason I statted up the Fire Clam, after all.

  6. ChattyDM Says:

    Oh, I just love me some GMFC

    World of Synnibarr d20, cooler than Barney in a crotchless tutu

  7. JOHNNAY Says:

    Suh-weet! Thanks for the links.

  8. Robert Says:

    decennial? don’t over-commit yourself there just for me….

    Nice work on the list – I’ll rate it 4.8 Black Dragons :-)

    I am booking marking this page.

  9. Yax Says:

    I can’t believe you rated my site in Black Dragons and not Red Dragons! It’s like comparing gold pieces to platinum pieces!

    4.8 Black Dragons are not even worth 1 Red Dragon.

    I’m hurting inside.

  10. Ed Healy Says:

    Great list. Some of the sites you list are new to me, and I’ll check them out. Great work!

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  12. Dave T. Game Says:

    “4.8 Black Dragons are not even worth 1 Red Dragon.”

    Man, I never knew the metric system was so complicated…

    At least the conversion between Silver Dragons and Gold Dragons is easy.

  13. Jonathan Drain's D&D Blog Says:

    Fifteenth, above the D20 SRD. Quite an honour!

    An excellent list of links, by the way. I hadn’t heard of many of these before today. Five out of five zombies (with turn resistance).

  14. gnome Says:

    Ahh…. you’re so absolutely kind… Thank you.

    Oh, and, psst, that’s a fantastic selection!

  15. Lilith Says:

    Awww…you missed me! :P

  16. ChattyDM Says:

    I really approve of your Top 1 by the way. Johnny is DA man!

  17. ChattyDM Says:

    oops… Johnn! Sooory…

    Dude you need the Comment edit plugin…. mail me or Graham for details…

  18. Ed Healy Says:

    You might want to check out http://www.dmtools.org/ as well. Great resource.

  19. Robert Says:

    I like Black Dragons – against Red Dragons PCs will buy all the fire resistance available on Yrth. Against Blacks they buy Acid Resistance, but they forget about being drowned by the dragon – well at least, I’ve seen done by one very evil DM – and I plan to use it soon.

  20. Johnn Says:

    I would add the Twilight Times newsletter articles page as well.

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  22. Stupid Ranger Says:

    Thanks for the kudos! :)

    And it is a great list… there are a few sites that I haven’t explored yet, so this gives me some opportunities for expanding my reading!

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  25. Jake Says:

    Decent list.

    feartheboot.com is actually primarily home to the RPG podcast Fear the Boot, and Chainmail Bikini is a webcomic hosted by the FtB guys.

    A guy by the name of Dan runs the site. Shoot him an e-mail at dan@feartheboot.com.


  26. A few links « Cogito, ergo ludo. Says:

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  27. Ashy Says:

    WOOT! Thanks, Yax, for adding us to the list. Now to set my sites on #1!!! BWAHAHAHAHa!

  28. Yax Says:

    I think I’ll have to update the list! A few great suggestions were made!

  29. Micah Says:

    Wow! I didn’t think you even knew we existed… I still consider Obsidian Portal sort of an unknown step-child in the whole online RPG community. Nice to find out that we’re a little more popular than I thought!

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  32. heather (errantdreams) Says:

    …I just discovered this by accident when checking our stats page. COOL! Thanks! :D

  33. szilard Says:

    Cool list. I read a lot of these sites, but there are some I don’t recognize that I’ll have to check out…

  34. Fray Says:

    Lilith is never missed since she’s a good glompher.

    Good list and I’m just stumbled upon you through a random google search. I’ll be checking out these sites to see what they have.


  35. Yax Says:

    Keep posting suggestions if you think I missed some more sites. Maybe this is going to turn into a top 100!

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  37. ElmoFromOK Says:

    Thanks for this list. I had never heard of a few of these sites and really think I will love them. Good stuff.

  38. Rannok Says:

    I totally loved your list! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! (I’ll never have free time again!)

    I thought maybe in return I could share my favorite D&D webcomic with you: Heroes of Lesser Earth

    Thanks again!

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  42. bobologic Says:

    the WotC sites suck, so does DDO, by the way.

    one site by Kolja Raven Liquette, writer of The Exemplars of Evil, the Complete Warrior, Weapons of Legacy, Five Nations, Races of the Dragon, ect…

    well worth a look. it’s called the waking lands


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  46. Adrian Says:

    Does rpgnow.com not fit into the top 50?

  47. AvatarArt Says:

    Well, there’s also another ranking site, The Top 100: http://rpggateway.com/Ratings/ that doesn’t include it. I know I’m “completely biased” too, but I really think the ‘obvious sites’ should be left out so people can learn about us little guys. AvatarArt is only 40-something on the ‘Top 100’ but didn’t make the cut here. D’oh! Oh well, there’s the next list in 9ish years. ;P

  48. Steve Says:

    I don’t know but this forum totally rawks http://www.thedarkrealmz.com you guys should check it out. There’s some damn fine writers here not to mention some awesome fantasy based roleplay in many genres from horror to comedy. Eden & Ayenee.

  49. Nik Says:

    MyRPG is a free service which allows people to play role playing games together online. RPG chats have become popular in a number of forums but we’ve created a service which is customized to make RPG chatting a much easier and a much more enjoyable experience.

  50. Adult Role Playing Says:

    I have a somewhat biased opinion about what is best. Elliquiy is an extremely friendly community. : )

  51. John Reyst Says:

    *sob* d20pfsrd.com didn’t make the list! And here I thought I was sooooo important! Anyway, great list. I’ve had at least half of them bookmarked for only about 10 years lol Some (wizards.com) are dropping off my list though to make room for new ones (*castles*crusades*) :)

  52. Kristin Norvett Says:

    Anyone who likes Elliquiy must be part of the incest loving crowd because that is all that’s done over there. And if you don’t like that or if you are more than literate they don’t like you. What a joke!

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