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Pimp My Character #2 – The lip reading scout

Written by Expy - Published on July 12, 2008

What’s this “Pimp My Character” project?

You’ll find a character concept below (sent by reader Sean). Let’s all suggest ways to make this character unique, fun, rich, deep, and PC-party-friendly – we don’t want characters so crazy that they can’t fit into a PC party. Sean can then choose the ideas he likes the most and incorporate them into his PC. And we all can use the character as an NPC in our own games.

An incentive

I want this community project to generate great PCs / NPCs that all Dungeon Masters can use. So here’s a little incentive to boost everyone’s motivation.

  1. If we get 50+ comments, I’ll buy Sean a character sketch from AvatarArt (basic art level) for his PC.
  2. If you leave a comment, you enter a draw to win a character sketch from AvatarArt (basic art level) for your own PC or one of your own NPC.

Pimp this character!
From Sean:

A scout who reads lips, uses a variety of weapons. He grew up a yak
folk slave. He escaped . He avoids or ignores anything to do with

Suggest anything from backstory, to cool abilities, to reasons the character fits well in a party – anything that could be applied to this character concept.

Thanks in advance.

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55 Responses to “Pimp My Character #2 – The lip reading scout”
  1. Noumenon says:

    The character could have a beard like a yak’s that makes it hard to read his own lips. Or maybe it was reading lips through the beards that made him so good at it.

  2. The weapons he uses may be larger weapons sized for the yak folk. He is familiar with all of these various weapons because he was forced to fight either in an arena or maybe some sort of illegal fighting circuit (think dog fighting in today’s world).

  3. Sean Holland says:

    Does he really ignore slavery? Or is he just unsure of how to fight against it? Perhaps he just needs the right trigger to become an active enemy of slavery or, at least, someone who seek to free the other slaves of the Yak Folk.

    For herding cultures, we have quite a few options for weapons, composite bows from the steppes nomads, bolo from the Gauchos of Argentina, a variety of spears and lances from all over, curved swords (scimitar, saber) are also popular.

  4. Tzuriel says:

    The scout, due to his upbringing, should have one of two personalities. He should either be very submissive, following the orders of the other PCs (and, perhaps, dominant NPCs), and being mostly quiet and meek. Or he should be the exact opposite, in that, being a slave for so long, he now wishes to prove that he is on top, the best of the best. He should always be trying to take the “leadership” role and boss the other members of the party around. You should pick which of the two you think you can play the best, or that best fits your personality, unless you want to try something new, in which case pick the opposite.

    Also, with both personalities, you have a very apparent path for future development. Over time, as he becomes more secure with himself and the other party members, he should move toward the middle of the two extremes above. He should become confident, and willing to assert his opinion when he thinks its important, but not overly bossy. This would factor into his (supposed) future development to be willing to face slavery and fight it. Which reminds me – you should keep him not currenly facing slavery. It’s more interesting than the “crusader.”

  5. Face says:

    The yak-slave was used and abused and his scouting skills come from being a camp-follower whose job it was to make sure the tribe wasn’t being followed or scouted upon for a potential attack. The scout has a knack for languages but as a slave is often not allowed to interact with tribal visitors he has had to learn to read lips from a distance to eavesdrop on others.

  6. Tyler Blakely says:

    hmm lip reader/slave makes me think he would be wary of any folk a lone wolf. He would make a good ranger type who could blend in with society for his own purpose but tends to stick to the shadows. perhaps he has scars from his slave life. A rough face with hardened features. does not like to talk much and when he does its to the point. he trusts only the few he has known forever perhaps one who aided his escape or kept him safe after his retreat. lol all out of ideas…

  7. Obstali says:

    It helps in my experience to make characters interesting in the way of..well odd. Like a goblin that talks only to an iguana. :)
    I say you give him a fear of Yaks.

  8. Ray_Domkrat says:

    Talking about weird. He could have been the Divine Judge – shaman warrior. Executing escaped slaves in a Sacred Hunt.
    As a Judge he had his ears sealed, so that none would influence him. Hence the lip reading.
    Then he escaped himself and has a hunting pack going after him.

  9. Labareda says:

    The wind blew icey past the small cave. Inside an escaped slave reflects on her time as property of the Yak Folk. Her former masters were even now passing up the next valley to the north. The Icy wind told her of this and other things. For years now she had shadowed them for no purpose. Tomorrow she would make her way down a different valley and out from the mountains. The man she followed was safe amongst the trees lower in the valley.

    Never was she seen, she left nothing behind, and if trouble found her she had found that trouble came well armed. She knew how to fight and how to use what was on hand. A moments study of an adversary was enough to show her all she needed of the way they would fight and most that forced the issue found her to be more proficient with their weapons than they were themselves.

    She never had possessions and never kept what trouble brought. Maybe some food and something warm if not too bright and perhaps a book for her friend at the old temple. The old monk never talked which was as well as she had not even the ability to talk. Her voice remained behind when she escaped the Yak Folk. She knew that she did not understand the words of the peoples of the mountains as they spoke them. She more understood meanings of all the sounds and had a sense attitude and of places. She had spent years watching the folk of the mountains and from a concealed vantage she could read the way of people, animals and things much as the old monk read the books she brought.

    The old monk sometimes had company and as long as he was there she was content to remain quite by his side. If she felt she needed to leave she would. People would come from far far away to see the old man. From these times she had learned the sounds of different peoples. Sometimes if they held his silence well enough he would offer them some sounds, some words. Always they left again.

    One day she had decided to follow one such out from the mountains. As she rose from her seat she found the old man held a bag for her and as she took it he offered her his walking staff. He said not a word and not one was needed. She touched his face and headed out from the mountains.

    A scout who reads lips, listens to the noises, understands movement, and knows the sense of a place.
    She uses a variety of weapons but only has a staff.
    She grew up a yak folk slave.
    She escaped.
    To this point in her life she has avoided confrontation with the Yak folk and their slaves.
    She can’t talk but will use body language to great effect and will respond to body language in kind.
    She is highly aware of her surroundings and can follow instructions if they are clear.
    Despite a former life of slavery she will treat people as they present themselves.

  10. TheOcho says:

    What about something similar to a character with a double personality like Gollum. One can be the submissive slave type that follows the others, eyes downcast, etc. The other personality is a leader type that has to use basic sign language and/or body expressions to convey meaning. Each game day the player rolls a d20 to determine which character is dominant. Maybe have some conditions like two 20’s in a row and he finally breaks out of the double personality to become one of them full time.

    The two personalities would be based off his life previous to being captured by the yak folks. Maybe he was a commander in a kings scout regiment. After a decade, or other suitable amount of time, of enduring the life of a slave and having his tongue cut out at some point, he finally broke down and assumed the double personality.

    It will definitely add some … interesting… moments to the game.

    Hmm, ok I must have skipped the part of him growing up a yak slave. The dual personalities can still be used though, but maybe not as effective. I think I might talk to my DM to see if I can use my idea in our 4e campaign.

  11. TheOcho says:

    Must have missed my edit time by just a few seconds. Sorry for the double post, but I made some changes below. I edited out most of the same info.
    Hmm, ok I must have skipped the part of him growing up a yak slave.

    Maybe he was a noble warriors son who learned some skills at sword fighting, tracking, etc. A (insert monster name here) raid on his family’s estate led to his capture as they were slain. His tongue was cut out early on because of he wouldn’t stop crying. At some point he managed to escape the monsters and found himself in a yak folk tribe. They treated him like dirt, but nothing as bad as the monsters he was with. During his time with the yak’s he managed to pic up some skills that would make him a good scout. His yak tribe started a battle with another yak tribe over some territory. When it looked bad for his tribe the one person that treated him like family made him hide. Because of his conflicting experiences with slavery he doesn’t seem to understand that all slavery is bad (Stockholm syndrome?).

  12. Beniaha says:

    He was born the youngest of 12, all boys. He was very smart growing up and was the father’s favorite son. One night he had a dream that he would rule over his brothers and all the land. He grew very excited and told his brothers. They became angry, already jealous of all the attention that he gets from their father. They plotted together to kill him the next day while tending their sheep. The day came and the boy brought out their lunch as was normal. They grabbed him and started beating him, then the oldest brother said “Stop, don’t kill him. See over there a slave caravan approaches. We could make money instead of having the blood of our family on our hands.” They all agreed and sold him into slavery. The boy grew up in slavery for 10 years. He is very athletic and intelligent, gaining the trust of his master quickly. But his master’s wife wanted him. She called to him while the master was away. He came to her and she grabbed his shirt, pulling him close. Fearing his master, he said no this is wrong and tried to run. She had a firm grip on his shirt and it tore off his body. He could hear her yelling as he ran. I will tell my husband that you raped me. And you will be hunted down like an animal.

    The past year he has spent training in the wild, tracking animals for food and living off the land. He goes into the neighboring town only occasionally selling his fur pelts for weapons and supplies. He is continually watching, fearing for his life. When one day a merchant saw him training as he passed on the old road, and offered him free travel for protection form the wild life while he camped. He took the offer and traveled far away from the town. That night he had a dream that he would rule over all that he saw. He awoke, vowing to some day return.

  13. sean says:

    Cool lots of good ideas! I like Labareda’s story. The oversized weapon idea is cool But as a scouty type chartacter I wanted to keep his overall weight down so probably not any weapons that are big sized. I do like the beard idea so no one can read the scout’s lips. Keep’em coming!

  14. Labareda says:

    Maybe hes a gargoyle and reads lips.

    Don’t want to contradict my first story but i happen to like gargoyles. I bet statue smashing has at various times been an epidemic in RPG worlds inhabited by gargoyles.

  15. Ethan says:

    What draws me in is that he escaped YAKFOLK which must meen he has enormous physical and mental strength that he can use, or it layed dormant until a certain event; perhaps his whole family was enslaved and they were killed off one-by-one, but not this one. There is an inner strength to him, and the slavery pushed him so far that it may have unlocked a glimpse of this power for just a moment, long enough for him to put up an offensive and escape.

    The lip reading could be part of a faster mind, he can think and act faster than a normal person because of his time around such powerful arcane magic and genies, that maybe it affected him, but for that to have happened, there might have been something inside of him already.

  16. Ravyn says:

    He watches things, sometimes sitting still for hours in order to do so.

    This isn’t just for information, or for his own advantage. Yes, surviving as a slave meant needing to be able to tell what was said before it was said, to know when the overseer was in a bad mood or when one of the masters might be feeling particularly generous. Yes, without the ability to watch, escape would have been impossible. But there is more to that. When life is gray, one needs color, and so he learned to watch for that… and since he watches his friends as well as his foes, he has a pretty good idea what to point out to them.

    “He could tell their stay in the city was eating at Liora; the short, quick steps, the way her hand never left her axe-hilt, that tendency of hers to glare at anything that made an odd noise. A distraction was clearly in order. So he waited, and soon enough the time came; he took her hand and walked her to a low fence, beyond which came a stream of young voices. ‘What do you–‘ she asked, but he held a finger up for silence and pointed to the other side. Amid the bustle and the sunlight rested a small stream, a little bit of the outside within the city limits, and there was Kai, kneeling amid the rushes with a small child on his shoulders and another at his elbow, pointing out the flickers in the water to the delight of his temporary charges. He still had yet to determine if it was the moments of understanding for the youngsters or the reaction of the one bringing them forth that Liora responded well to, but that would be a matter of time; she was calmer, and that was the important part.”

  17. Frostbitten Rogue says:

    Maybe, he should be a thief that needed to escpe nevermind ur character stinks

  18. Labareda says:

    I like your take on the character Rayvn.

    Girls with axes feels soo Boris Vallejo. I take that back I can’t find a single painting of Boris’s with a girl with an axe. He is a swords and spears kind of guy.

  19. Ravyn says:

    Thanks. I haven’t gotten to back and forth on a concept in a while, and character detail is one of my specialties. Liora’s axe–well, the short version is I’m sick of swords, and I needed a weapon.

  20. Labareda says:

    I think i am reading it as a delicate slightly nervous touch on… an axe.

    I think you turn to axes and heavy weapons for solid practicality and swords for nervous people who like to quickly stick other people with the pointy end.

  21. Ethan says:

    I agree with Labareda. In the campagins i play in i am usually a ninja, a very stabby one with swords and knifes, my character is usually nervous.

    I think that would be a good flaw for the lip reading scout, being nervous. He could be jumpy and skidish, kinda similar to the 2 personality idea though.

  22. Hmott says:

    It’d be kinda cool to roleplay someone who was absolutely obsessed with collecting every freaking weapon they found…. Imaging how many that would be!!!

  23. Noumenon says:

    What kind of a motivation is “He avoids or ignores anything to do with
    slaves”? #1, during gameplay that doesn’t differentiate him from 95% of other characters. #2, it takes one of the few unique aspects of the character (grew up a slave) and says “This is not something you can build on.”

    I say, why did the character learn to read lips? So he could tell when his masters were going to come down hard and get out of the way. So now, he should be endeavoring to work his way into the royal court so he can tell when the hammer’s coming down on the slaves/peasants and work to help them. Reading lips should be the source of adventure hooks in this campaign.

  24. Tom says:

    After learning to read lips as a slave due to sheer boredom when not working. One day, he found he was to be sold to an evil necromancer for experimentation. He escaped and was forced to learn how to move quickly and silently through the forest. This served him well and allowed him to make his way to the city where he could be truly free. He enlisted in the army, where they taught him to use a variety of weapons to go along with his natural stealth, and how to make the most effective use of all his abilities, making him a scout.

    Now that his time in the army has passed, he has taken up the life of an adventurer. While slavery disturbs him deeply, the pain of his enslavement makes him unable to do anything about it. Instead, he pretends he sees nothing and moves on, but inside the pain is still great.

  25. Joey says:

    Nobody has really talked about what race yet… “He” may have been a centaur or bugbear (any other ideas?) used for heavy labor by the Yak folk.

  26. Alphadean says:

    Break out of traditional conventions with this character. Make communcate through gestures and no mor than 5 words at a time. Let him use symbols and things like that. Have be a student of body language in addition to reading lips. He talks very little because a slavers whip cut into his vocal cords, damagin them. A high level cleric could repair the damge, but he would still communicate the same way, because he is so used to it. Make him large also, large with a ridiculous grace and poise. Make half hill giant, 8′ tall mass of a being. Also have him be master of natural disguises. Even at his large size he can make impressive camouflage for himself and others. He can sit motionless for hours, he make himself look like boulder on the side of a moutain, a another trunk of a tree growing.

  27. Jon Thompson says:

    A slave of Yak folk implies both being ordered around and herd mentality. Even though he has escaped, he very quickly falls into a subordinate relationship. He doesn’t think for himself and ends up strung along by whoever happens to have sway over him. He relies on others to make up his mind for him.

  28. happyturtle says:

    What if, instead of the escape…

    A merchant caravan stopped to trade with the Yak folk. A bard who was travelling with them saw you and quickly negotiated for your purchase. You submissively pack up your meager belongings and join your new master. To your surprise, the bard gives you your freedom. It was an impulsive act. He’s chaotic enough that he can’t stand to see someone enslaved, and he happened to have enough gold on hand to do something about it. When you reach the city, he gives you a small pouch of coins–enough to get you started–and is soon travelling again.

    You’ve never known freedom and you’ve never been in a city, and you’ve been left completely on your own. Now what do you do?

  29. Ian Winterbottom says:

    If you want a Nomad I would second the composite bow, and make him able to use it accurately and fast from the deck of a galloping horse, think Hun or Mongol, or perhaps Sioux or Comanche, lethal light cavalry. The horse would also enhance his mobility and speed as a Scout? A nomad might almost have been born in the saddle? He might be good at dialect or language, having encountered so many as a Nomad? Ampther point, has he an affinity for Centaurs, having encountered them on the Plains? Were the Yak folk actually Centaurs themselves, perhaps YAK Centaurs? as for a herd mentality, is he used to being thought of as an aniimal, a lesser breed, by the Yaks? And is he used to herding cattle or horses?
    Happyturtle, you have a point; what DOES a newfledged half-Barbarian do in an Urban environment? what useful skills has he got? How did he learn to read lips, a useful accomplishment for a scout?

  30. Fiora says:

    “He avoids or ignores anything to do with slaves.”

    Noumenon is right, you can’t build off this, so maybe tweak it a little. Maybe he purposely blocks out anything slave related? If asked to re-tell the scene of a nobleman beating a slave, his memory will be something completely different? As such, he doesn’t remember his slave-days; he’s blocked them out and replaced them with a different version of events.

    With the talk of having two personalities — maybe he’s two people in one body? He could have a second person that wants to punish all the slavers, so any events involving slaves that happen while the scout was awake, there’s an avenger who tracks down those involved and punishes them.

    It could lead to rich slave owners being mysteriously killed wherever the party went, and eventually they would be suspect, and at some point the scout and avenger might have to come to terms with each other

  31. Labareda says:

    I don’t think split personalities are a good idea as they are really hard to pull off without feeling contrived. They can lead to amusing facial expressions but I think they are too much of a gimmick.

    Split personalities are ok for NPCs (especially movie NPCs… actually can you have an NPC in a movie or are all characters, player characters…)

    I really like Fiora’s idea of having completely different versions of events involving slaves :0) That makes him/her/it awesomely badass.

    Now heres a thought i have had buzzing around my head. He could be a group of Minions!!!

  32. Dooda says:

    He should be very strong and he has a yak horn staff.

  33. Lontain says:

    He was priveleged, if you can call it that. His clan, his family all were taken and made to labor (the fields for women, the mines for men, the beds of their captors for any women not trodden down). But the yak people needed guides to the region, and he had learned the hills and vales since the days of his youth.

    While his mother starved, threshing grain for their masters, he led them to choice game, to hunt for sport.
    While his father lost strength, will, and life in their mines, he showed them the pass their road could enter.
    While his sister was taken, he slept sheltered under their opressors hands.
    His family mourned him. His clan hated him. And he hated himself.

    Eventually, his skills brought him to the attention of the Yak People’s high priest. Needing a site to establish holy ground for their people, the priest engaged the scout for many weeks, touring until the best spot could be laid. The altar was quarried (with his father’s blood). The sacrificial feast was prepared (as his mother starved). And a suitable sacrifice was selected.

    Even knowing it was to be his sister was not enough to drive him away. He had borne so much shame that, what was one more? He had bartered his soul for comfort. But, sitting in his yurt that evening, he saw the priest speaking to his acolytes. After long exposure, he had learned their native tongue, though they did not know it. He could even form their words from afar.
    “prepare them, ” the priest said, but the voice he heard was his own, sounding out the rough words he glimpsed from afar, “Sister and Brother both. The gods will be pleased.”

    He grabbed whatever gear he could steal unseen. He slunk away in the dark. No one would ever know of this. there had to be places deep in the belly of the world where he could find an honorable death. Or at least forget what he had done, and what he had not.

  34. Kurtis says:

    Perhaps, do to the character being a slave he had his tounge sliced to keep him from talking to any outside traders. There could also be an affliction of a young aged trauma that inhibited him talking, and until he faced that trauma he would still be unable to speak. Consiquently he would have had to of learned how to lip read. However do to not speaking he may have developed a greater sense of hearing or sight.

  35. Kurtis says:

    If this character is going to be a pc then you may want to give him a specialized skill such as tracking, or two weapon combat. This would make your character a little more versatile in a role with other pc’s. However if your looking for an NPC you may want to have your character using the Sword of Justice (weapons of legacy). In this way you could create a storyline where your character becomes the voice of Justice. Doesn’t mean he can’t do without a little attitude.

  36. Labareda says:

    A scout who reads lips, uses a variety of weapons.
    –> these things are connected in a sentence
    He grew up a yak folk slave.
    –> suggests he was born into slavery
    He escaped .
    –> but from what? Ok you do tend to assume it was from the Yak Folk.
    He avoids or ignores anything to do with slaves.
    –> because he is a spy for the Yak Folk!!

    Yak Folk with the letters swapped is Fak Yolk!

  37. Ethan says:

    Maybe a little too deep thinking, funny, but too deep. I think Sean is going for an anti Yak folk guy though, one who would eventually bring the downfall of the yak slave camps.

    Besides, his name would be Yaf Lokk

  38. Labareda says:

    Hmmm eventual downfall…..
    Ah ha… Yaf’s travels are to gain suitable support before she returns to the Yak Folk leading allies ready to free the oppressed. Untill that time she avoids or ignores anything to do with slaves.

    Her arrival will be the signal for the slaves to rise in revolt with her leading them to freedom and glory!

  39. Ethan says:

    PERFECT!!! A great hook. (we make a good team) Or at least an easy one for DM’s to run the campaign and have it be the main story or a side quest. What kind of people would this guy allow to travel with him, it would take some lawful good action to gain his trust, or a good bluff check.

    And the avoidance of slaves…other slave drivers may recognize him and inform the yaks, or take him out on the spot.

  40. Labareda says:

    Ethan, we just need like a striker and a defender and we have our selves a 4e party.

    I think Yaf wants proof of ability in companions. She has a firm idea of what is required to free the slaves and she measures her companions by that idea and how much she feels she can trust them!

    This can be measured in games terms by meeting some predefined achievements (simply by completing missions) and not being untrustworthy.

  41. Alphadean says:

    How about something along these line:
    All he remember s is being a slave. The Yak slavers realized early on you talents of observation and trained you accordingly. You become a hunter, a blood hound kept on a leash. Its was in your younger years that the injury to your ears occured. The Yak were trading with dwarves and you got to close to a demostration of what draven black powder could do. Thus you were forced to train you eyes and other senses to compensate for you lack of hearing. You settled into your life as a mongrel dog doing the bidding of your masters.
    Then they came one night, like shadows that hungered for flesh. They came and killed the Yak that owned you and set you all free. They took a portion of the treasures the slavers had accumulated and gave the rest to you your freed people. These dark clad, dark skinned warriors intrigued you, and you learned even more of stealth watching them. They allowed you to follow and observe what they did. Bandits, Slavers and any who would prey upon the weak were their targets. Watching them you learned the ways of silent weapons, throwing. You were able to master Javelins, throwing blades, slings, and improvised weapons like rocks and hunks of wood. For one year and one day you follwed them and when you awoke that next morning they were gone without a trace. You seek them to this day, yet you still find slavers of any sort off setting or uncomfortable. You have the ability to read lips, so distance does not make a difference as long as you see the person’s lips. You have also master body language reading along with your nose being able to detect subtle changes in the phermone levels of individuals…giving you the ability to sense motives and things of that nature.

  42. Noumenon says:

    I definitely like the idea of a slave who’s a giant. Poor giant. But this giant has unusually keen eyesight, that’s why he can lip-read your tiny lips. Maxed out Spot check.

    Being bought and freed by a Chaotic bard is also a neat idea. Where did all you people come from with your neat ideas? This post was dead for three days before my #23. A PC who’s a group of minions, lol.

    He should definitely have a magic item that casts “Leomund’s Tiny Yurt.”

  43. Ethan says:

    Labareda: As far as companions go, i think in a campaign, yaf would feel more comfortable with the same type of classes around him. (3.5e) Such as expert classes; since he doesnt know too much about other fighters in the world, he just knows how to use skills well (anything from complete adventurer). The only real “fighters” hes seen are the Yak folk, and they are mainly magic users and magic device users.

    I also just though of this…make this into a main story for a campaign, and have one or two other pc’s in the camp as well who are planning to break out…otherwise, i really dont think someone could break out of a Yak folk slave camp alone at a low level (assuming the campaign starts at 8 or below, which it usually does for me anyways). It would serve as an excelent hook for other characters as well, such as anyone who is neutral good or lawful good.

  44. Ian Winterbottom says:

    I have a query, please; are the Yak folk a race in later editions, I think I have mentioned before I am only really familiar with 1e? There are no other Human races in that or in anything I have read for other Editions? I am placing these as Mongol-style people, am i correct?

  45. Ethan says:

    Yeah, they are in 3.5e Monster Manual 2. They are a pain to fight in a campaign because they have great arcane power, and have genies as a birth right. As a player race, they have a level adjustment of 7(a 1st level Yak folk equals an 8th level human), which is low considering their power.

    Think of Minotaurs, but a littl smaller, and much smarter…but yes, they are portrayed as oriental in the book.

    As far as escaping the camp, he may have had an “in” with a yak folk, maybe a greedy one, and Yaf told him he could give him more power or money (most yak folk don’t value money) so this slave runner gave him a leave, as long as he came back with this “prize”

  46. Noumenon says:

    Wow, I just looked up the yak folk, I didn’t know how powerful they were. Would a yak folk merge its body with a slave? Maybe when a yak folk was merged inside him, he felt the same disdain for slaves that the master felt, and it keeps him from sympathizing with slaves normally.

  47. Yax says:

    Thanks for all the input! A couple more comments and Dungeon Mastering gives away an extra character sketch to a lucky reader.

    Keep it up!

  48. Ethan says:

    So,maybe he avoids slavery because he understands why people have slaves. Perhaps while he was a slave all he wanted to do was kill the slave drivers and get out, and free the whole world of slvaery, YAY! But something inside him knows why the yak folk use slaves, it gets the job done easier. If he were a neutral or evil character, this would work out becasue he might aspire to be a slave driver some day.


    After he escaped, he came back, some weird messed up feeling of nestalgia…whatever you wanna call it, weird none the less, and he became thier slave trader. He traded many innocent people his whole life, and now that he is a little older, he quits…the sight smell or sound of any type of slave related actions gives him a sick stomach and an uneasy mind. he now wishes to repent for what he has done, and he wants to make up for it by freeing all of the slaves he ever traded ( the living ones at least). So he finds some other adventurers, pays them off or whatever, and uses their help to slowly infiltrate and destroy all of the slave camps (scouts are stealthy, they wouldn’t go in full on like a barbarian might).

  49. Labareda says:

    Escaping from a Yak Folk Slave Pen would be difficult because under 3.5 as Ethan pointed out they are like level 8.

    When you punch the following information into an encounter calculator it gives the following results. So with a single 1st level escapee escaping past a single yak folk (CR8) the results are:
    Effective Party Level: 0.3
    Average Party Level: 1
    Encounter Level: 8
    Difficulty Factor: 12
    Difficulty: Obscene
    Advice to Party: Find A New DM.

    Given this analysis and taking into account that race was not specified in the original post I think we could assume that our escapee is at least level 6-7 at time of escape (advice to party: Run Away! and Pull Out All The Stops.). Which would indicate that said character had character levels prior to capture which would indicate a 5th level 5 year old (assuming human) or that the character has monster levels. So a giant of some kind is an eminently reasonable conclusion. I do not have time to list other possible CR6+ level 1 characters however I would suggest that another reasonable conclusion is that Yaf is a… YAK FOLK!

    or is Yaf short for… Mugandu

  50. Noumenon says:

    Thanks to Yax for keeping the contest open for two weeks. Not only does someone win a sketch now, but some of the coolest ideas came after the halfway mark.

  51. Yax says:

    You’re welcome! Thanks to everyone for taking the time to chip in. I’ll announce the winner soon, get in touch with the guys from AvatarArt and put everyone in touch… Soon…

  52. sean says:

    This is awesome, lots of cool ideas. I will have to compile them up and churn something out that puts all this advice to good use!

  53. Zutolor says:

    You should do a deaf, blind, and mute wizard that was infused with the soul of an ancient dead god , and uses magical powers to see into the minds of the people around him. ie. he hears what the rogue next to him hears and sees what the paladin next to him sees.

  54. Shard2 says:

    You should have a halfling beastmaster ranger (the scout part) with a raptor (probably a falcon) beast companion. He could that teach the falcon how to read lips and report back to him comunicating through there bond not only would this character kick a– but would be way to much fun to play. Hope you get some cool ideas sean


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