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The development of real money gaming

October 12, 2017Written by Expy - Published on

The development of real money gaming has taken some time, but this is a medium that has truly made a great deal of progress since it began. Real money games are just over twenty years old at this point, and they’re already vastly different today. Many people today will want to trace the development of […]

The Development of Modern Online Gaming Industry

August 8, 2017Written by Expy - Published on

Nowadays, online gaming is worth billions of dollars in worldwide revenue. Recent data suggests that, in 2017, online games are to bring their developers 35 billion dollars, which is an enviable sum even for large industries. For many online game players, it has become not only a form of entertainment, but also a certain lifestyle, […]

IGT’s Dungeons & Dragons Themed Video Slots

July 25, 2017Written by Expy - Published on

Among the intellectual properties associated with nerd and geekdom, there’s no doubt that Dungeons & Dragons is one of the most recognizable. As a testament to its popularity, DnD is credited to being a major influence not just for other table-top games but also for movies, television, video games, and pop-culture in general. Leveraging the […]

Gambling In “Star Wars” Universe

July 24, 2017Written by Expy - Published on

One of the multiple side-products of the Star Wars universe is a very cool and immersive role-playing game called “Star Wards – Edge of the Empire”. Edge of the Empire’s action happens during the Rebellion when the Empire suffered a major setback but is still strong and a threat for the entire galaxy. In this […]