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D&D Bling: Rogues

Written by Expy - Published on September 18, 2007

What is D&D Bling?

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D&D Bling #5: Rogues

Where should I start? Rogues are sneaky by nature so they might not seemed blinged up to the casual observer. But in fact they are arguably the most bling-prone class in the medieval fantastic world.

Glinting daggers

If you want to stay unnoticed why would you polish your daggers to a shine?

A blinged up rogue


Rogues claim they’re stealthy and secretive but how many adventures started because some guy with a dark hood was spotted in the corner of an inn? I think the hood is a fashion statement.

Use magic device

Holy medieval cow! Why are rogues are even messing around with these magic items? Are they suicidal? No, they just like to be flashy and magic items are the summum of bling.

Treasure hoarding

Is sharing treasure that hard? Somehow rogues will always try to get away with taking a larger part of the loot than everyone else in the party.

Pick pocketing

Not satisfied with their own bling the typical rogue spends years of his life perfecting the art of pickpocketing to steal other people’s riches.

Tight leather

Who wears tight black leather to go to work? Seriously.

Proof of rogue bling abounds!

Feel free to share your aversion of rogue materialism!

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Written by Expy

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14 Responses to “D&D Bling: Rogues”
  1. Stûnibu says:

    the one ive been waiting for!!!!!

    I think the worce thing is when they steal your bling!!

  2. Yax says:

    Even when they’re in your party! Arg! I hate rogues!

  3. Hutch says:

    What’s with all the rogue hate? Without them, you’d be neck deep in pit traps. Or portcullis traps. Or doorknob-poison-smearing traps. Or monster summoning traps.

  4. Stûnibu says:

    “hutch” do have a point, they are needed, just like every1!!!

    but this isnt a place 4 bing nice its a place 4 bagging them out!

    because they are cunning little ppl who cant hold their own in a fight!

  5. Hutch says:

    I’d hate to be neck deep in portcullis…es. Portculli. Multiple incarnations of a portcullis. And… and my name really is Hutch.

  6. Yax says:

    Yeah. I don’t hate rogues. I just think they’re obsessed with bling.

  7. Stûnibu says:

    i know y the polish their dagers…. 2 blind ppl with the relection :P

    I no that my rogues r very important and as a Cleric i take good care of them, keeping them in good health, but i would hate to be one! i mean just scoutign around, sneaking around the battle, BORRING!!

    and they think the so good cause they the only ones that can do sum stuff! (well) so they get a bit up them selves!

    btw yax, u havnt put this one in the “DnD bling” side bar ;) just thought illed remind u :P

  8. Yax says:

    Thanks for the reminder. I’ll add it soon.

  9. Phil says:

    I think that the rogue role in modern D&D party and the characterization of a thief are often mixed together in the mind of rogue players.

    D&D 3.x is all about carefully distributed wealth and players that steal from the group are just asking for trouble. When money was not that important (in Adv. D&D for instance) a thieving thief (oxymoron!) was mostly a role playing nuisance.

    Now its almost an invitation for intra party murder.

  10. Boots Lockedhart says:

    We disable traps, scale walls, scout ahead into danger, sneak attack(for those of you whom are saying we can’t hold our own in a fight), make spot/search checks, unlock doors and help(rather efectively) in battles.
    Isn’t it fair that we occasionally charge for our services?Besides, in my own case I only steal items from my comrades for the pure fun of it- and thanks to my hoarding personality never once has my traveling crew gone without housing or rations.
    And Stunibu, its spelled four…not 4, you illbred foul-breathed illiterate piece of orcish poo.
    Yours Sincerely, Boots Lockedhart
    (If you can’t tell, I’m doing this all in good fun- not ment to actually offend anyone- not even Stunibu.)

  11. sin says:

    I agree with Lockedhart.

    The thing about can’t hold their own in combat is simply a
    retarded myth.


    decent BAB- moderately skilled in combat.

    decent weapon proficiencies- all simple plus a few martial weapons.

    sneak attack

    High dex class- with weapon finess their AB is almost as high as fighters,rangers.

    Thieves/Rogues in d&d or even most games are respectable combatants at the least.

  12. J says:

    Amen brother! I have a rogue in my buddies campaign, and he seems obsessed with ensuring i have nothing to do. over the course of 5(FIVE) levels, we have had two traps, no need of UMD, hordes of undead, no need for forgery, sleight, or any form of sabotage,and an apparent urge to make the casters look good.(No offense, all you casters out there)
    Our party consists of a fighter, a rogue(me), a psion and a wizard. no one made a cleric, healer, anything. the psion says he’s the back-up healer, but fails to notice there isn’t a main to begin with. even then, he heals 1d12. either my DM is trying to tell me that rogues suck in his own special way, or he just has a plan for me to fail. oh yes, and he threw a CR 8 zombie deathknight blackguard at us after a long and painful dungeon, with our potion supply exhausted. To top it all off, our stats suck too. no point-buy or d6, just a 16, a 14, and the rest are 12s. apparently it just means that your good at something, just not everything. Peace, man.

  13. the pirate drunkard says:

    ok a few thoughts

    first yes rogues do tend to “bling” when played by many players, but it’s because alot of higher end items are well suitedd to rogues. and rogues tend to lean towards selfish (i myself play alot of NE rogues)
    but, any player that feels they need to steal from there own party is asking for trouble. when other players catch on, usualy once they notice a key item from their list is mysteriously vanished, the rogue is almost always the first to take the blame (and often the beating in our group).

    Now to counter, i’m a highly sucessful rogue runner, my rogues tend to pack random collections of stuff from kites to pouches of pebbles. they tend to pose as differnet classes (monk works realy well, as well as paladins and clerics) so people dont think they’re a rogue. an example would be glamoured leather armour that LOOKS like shiny paladin armour (once again yes it’s bling on a rogue but it is “better” than tight fitting leathers). but ALL my rogues rely on cheap tricks that can be replicated cost effectively, tossing stones as miss direction,soaping the stair case, throwing dust in the gaurds face, lockng the door behind him etc. and because of this, the tend to be very effective in a pinch.

    now bling is absolutely not needed for lower level combat type rogues, it’s the idea of planning your feats properly, combat reflexes, expertise, RUN is a great on for when you get in to deep, improved disarm, any number of combinations can make a knife wielfing rogue pretty effective against smaller groups (i don’t suggest trying it against larger groups though)

    rogues do bling, but can also get around the need to. spell chuckers on the other hand….yeah…


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