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D&D Sunday Morning Quiz – Classes & Power Rangers

Written by Expy - Published on July 20, 2008

DNDSMQ 18-06-2018 : D&D Sunday Morning Quiz – Classes

This week the Sunday morning quiz tests your knowledge of the 4th edition classes and their powers. It’s a short quiz as I’m still reeling from my old computer dying on me. I lost some of my quiz code. Oh well. Anyhow, enjoy the quiz – this is a good opportunity to score high, for once!

NOTE: Some email clients and RSS readers can’t submit your answers to our website. You can go to Dungeon Mastering to take the quiz.

Which one of these is not a Fighter exploit?

  • Tide or Iron
  • Rain of Steel
  • Glove of Silver
  • Hack n Slash

Which one of these is not a Warlord paragon path?

  • Battle Captain
  • Combat Veteran
  • Knight Commander
  • Pwn Manager

What is the Cleric’s role in the party?

  • Defender
  • Leader
  • Controller
  • Fanatic

Which one of these is a Paladin prayer?

  • Corona of Blinding Brilliance
  • Keystone of Light
  • Miller Time
  • Nip in the Bud

Which one of these is not a Rogue paragon path?

  • Daggermaster
  • Master Infiltrator
  • Shadow Assassin
  • Getter of Total Party Wipe-Outs

Which one of these is a Ranger power?

  • Mongoose’s Fury
  • Cheetah’s Rake
  • Bear’s Hug
  • Platipus’ Poison

Which one of these is a Power Ranger (Migthy Morphin – seasons 1 and 2)?

  • Black
  • Brown
  • White
  • Orange

Which one of these is not a Warlock paragon path?

  • Agonist
  • Doomsayer
  • Feytouched
  • Life-Stealer

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Written by Expy

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15 Responses to “D&D Sunday Morning Quiz – Classes & Power Rangers”
  1. rekres says:

    Question one is bogus… there is no ‘Tide *OR* Iron’… there is a ‘Tide *OF* Iron’

  2. Labareda says:

    100% and i havn’t read the books yet as they take a long while to get here. My future self must have come back and helped me out!!! Thankyou future self you must be like epic level.

  3. I feel all icky inside because I actually new the answer to the Power Ranger question. Overall not too bad since I don’t have any of the 4e books though. :-)

  4. Yax says:

    @Rekres: Question 1 is a typo. I’m sure people will figure it out.

  5. Labareda says:

    Regarding Typos: I never read the letters in a word anyway.

  6. Yax says:

    You must have a blast reading blank sheets!

  7. Alphadean says:

    Haven’t really studied these books yet, but my score shows just how simplifed the game is

  8. LEONIDOS says:


  9. Labareda says:

    I loves those blank sheets, thats what i turn to for a quick read :-)

  10. Nathaniel Daffinee says:

    DNDSMQ 21-07-2008 : D&D Sunday Morning Quiz – Classes

    Your score: 88%

    Impressive! You know almost everything about D&D classes. Now go out and hang out with real, actual human beings.

    Heh heh, what did I miss? I have read the books a couple of times now, so I understand a good score, but I am curious.

  11. koranes says:

    Damn, only 25 % … I should really read the rules first … ;-)

    (2nd Edition AD&D 4 ever)

  12. reachx says:

    wow. i guess all that obsessing over the right excel char sheet is paying off! :-) makes up for some of those 40%’s i’ve gotten…

  13. Mike The Merciless says:

    100%. I guessed at the Power Ranger question.

  14. Darkskeleton says:

    Your score: 100%

    Holy Warlock! You know everything about D&D classes! You must be the coolest person you know!


    Yay, I win the gamez! ^^ I knew spending 5 hours a day shifting from page to page on the PHB until I memorized everything (well… not everything) would pay off.

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