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D&D Sunday Morning Quiz: Devils & Demons

Written by Janna - Published on November 30, 2008

Janna discovered D&D at the age of 16, and she's been rolling the dice for 16 years. (You do the math.) She is fond of intelligent villains, drow society, and campaigns that explore the Dark Side.

DNDSMQ November 30, 2008 : D&D Sunday Morning Quiz – Devils and Demons

All answers from the D&D 4th edition Monster Manual

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I’m a huge elemental demon. I shout out blasphemous words and pinch your head with my giant pincer claws. When I get bloody, I teleport and hurl a bolt at you. Who am I?

  • Evistro
  • Glabrezu
  • Goristro
  • Hezrou

I look like a vulture from hell. I catch my enemies in fly-by attacks. My screeching voice will leave you stunned. Who am I?

  • Balor
  • Marilith
  • Vrock
  • Fran Drescher

I’ve got six arms and six hacking scimitars. I’ve half woman and half giant snake. Demon-worshipping yuan-tis think I’m hawt. Who am I?

  • Mezzodemon
  • Destrachan
  • Barlgura
  • Marilith

Weaker demons obey me out of fear. I have a flame whip and a lightning sword. When I miss my target, I follow up with a demonically accurate attack. Who am I?

  • Goristro
  • Balor
  • Immolith
  • Hezrou

According to legend, the Abyss was born when a nameless god planted ____________ in the Elemental Chaos.

  • Those wicked Harry Potter books
  • An Iron Maiden CD
  • The Basic Dungeons & Dragons boxed set
  • A tiny shard of utter evil

Devils are the vassals of the evil ____________.

  • Asmodeus
  • Bane
  • Tiamat
  • Vecna

I’m a sadistic torturer who likes to dance. My friends call me Kyton. I usually work as a jailer or torturer. Who am I?

  • Bone Devil
  • Chain Devil
  • Bearded Devil
  • Pit Fiend

I’m darn sexy. I tempt mortals into performing evil deeds. I can charm you with a kiss or dominate you with a glance. Who am I?

  • Alu-Fiend
  • Imp
  • Lust Devil
  • Succubus

I look like a mantis. Some folks call me Gelugon. I’m not a very good commander, but I can freeze you with a word. Who am I?

  • War Devil
  • Ice Devil
  • Spined Devil
  • Bone Devil

Fill in the blank: ____________ live in the Nine Hells. ____________ live in the Abyss. (comma-separated, not case-sensitive)

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Written by Janna

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Janna discovered D&D at the age of 16, and she's been rolling the dice for 16 years. (You do the math.) She is fond of intelligent villains, drow society, and campaigns that explore the Dark Side.



12 Responses to “D&D Sunday Morning Quiz: Devils & Demons”
  1. MageMirin says:

    Is the intro about warlords for a different quiz? I’m confused!!!! And am I the only one frustrated that they provide a premade mythos for a fantasy world that supposedly has no relationship with the real earth but they shamelessly rip names and concepts from actual mythos? (9 hells and the abyss? seriously, can’t they come up with their own ideas? At least they’re not using biblical demon names like the 1st ed monster manual)
    Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy the old Deities and Demigods/Legends and Lore source books, but those mythoses… mythi… hmm.. (what is the plural for mythos?) should be used only when the campaign is in one of the associated worlds. e.g. Zeus should only wander in and accost the characters if they are adventuring in ancient Greece.
    Just my two copper pieces…

  2. Yax says:

    Sorry, I messed up the intro – the warlord thing. It’s been removed now.

  3. PurpleLemur says:

    I personally kind of like the fact that D&D has stuck with certain monsters and places from Earth’s mythology. I mean, if they took out everything ever mentioned somewhere else, they’d have to remove centaurs, satyrs, minotaurs (and all the other greek monsters/creatures), koa-tua, djinn, dragons (DRAGONS! They’d have to change their freakin’ name!), and a ton of other stuff. I really don’t think it is a lack of imagination on their part, especially considering that the creators and designers have always put their own flavor on all of the elements they have pulled out of our mythology. Rather, it is a way to tie the imaginary realms of D&D to our own world a bit. It helps lend some credibility to the game, making it easier to “believe” in our fantasy worlds and have more fun with the stories we create.

    Would you have Tolkein start over and remove elves and dwarves and angels and demons from his stories, just because they had already been used in other stories? For that matter, would you have D&D remove elves and dwarves and halflings, just because Tolkein used them?

  4. Kent says:

    Your score: 85%

    Your A.I. modifier +7

    YOUR FINAL SCORE:92 devils%

    Pretty good. You know almost everything about devils and demons. Now feel free to work on your social skills too – they come in hand sometimes.

    Maybe I should work on my social skills…but I cant imagine what else I could do with my time that would be considered working on my social skills other than playing D&D

  5. dwayneh says:

    I don’t know whether to be happy or a little afraid of my score…Great quiz, though! Keep ’em coming…

  6. Toord says:


    I myself have mixed feelings about this issue. If you peruse through the Monter Manuals you can readily see the similarities between “real” mythology and D&D lore. I never thought of it as lack of imagination, rather, I think they are the creative seeds for all the rest of monsters in those manuals. On the other hand, I think they’ve *over used* that initial creative kernel based on “real” mythology to the point when some monsters are simply ridiculous and tweaks from other utterly ridiculous mobs. I sometimes would like WotC to go through the Monster Manual and remove all the monsters that are considered preposterous or tweaked copies of other mobs. It would thin out the MM considerably and it would give the mobs some respect!

    Same goes for aberrations … seriously … the beholder Uber coolness to the core. Mindflayers awesome uberness … the rest … meh … pretty unimaginative stuff.

    See? mixed feelings. :D

  7. Jeff Greiner says:

    Not too shabby. Apparently I know my utter incarnations of evil pretty well (it’s a favorite of mine since 2e). I got every single question!

  8. Delf says:

    Acutally, MageMirin, there are lots of diabolic names in the 4th ed MM taken from the bible e.g. Baalzebul and Mephistopheles. I’ve also seen the name of the 6th hell, Malbolge, used elsewhere as a name for the devil.

  9. Steven says:

    My first perfect score. I guess it is because that I want to a Catholic school and a minister is in my group.

  10. paddy says:

    Normally I score around 75% on these things and I would’ve bet anything that this quiz should’ve been my lowest score ever…go figure!

  11. Janna says:

    To all the high scorers: See?! D&D leads to infernal knowledge!! If you start projectile-vomiting or spontaneously speaking Latin, stash your books and call a priest! (Not that I speak from personal experience or anything…. O.o

  12. Your score: 105%

    Your A.I. modifier +1

    YOUR FINAL SCORE:106 Devils%

    You know everything about devils and demons. Be glad you live in the 21st century – they used to burn people at the stake for less than that.

    I didn’t realize until just now that I have probably spent to much time reading 3.5e Monster Manual and PFRPG Bestiary.

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