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D&D Sunday Morning Quiz: GELATINOUS CUBES!

Written by Expy - Published on April 12, 2009

DNDSMQ April 12, 2009 : D&D Sunday Morning Quiz – GELATINOUS CUBES!

If you love gelatinous cubes as much as I do you will be able to answer these 5 questions. Warning: I got a lot of emails about the last quiz being too easy so this one will be tough. If you get 3 out of 5 I’ll be impressed.

The answers to this quiz can be found in the Monster Manual. Good luck!!

NOTE: Some email clients and RSS readers can’t submit your answers to our website. You can go to Dungeon Mastering to take the quiz.

How big is a typical gelatinous cube?

  • Medium
  • Large
  • Huge
  • XXXL

What is a gelatinous cube’s only known skill?

  • Dungeoneering
  • Intimidate
  • Stealth
  • Drool

Which one of these keywords does NOT apply to a gelatinous cube?

  • Blind.
  • Beast.
  • Brute.
  • Magical.

What do you have to do to avoid walking into a gelatinous cube?

  • Make a Perception check DC 15
  • Make a Perception check DC 20
  • Make a Perception check DC 25
  • Send the gnome ahead to explore the dungeon.

How many creature can a gelatinous cube attack in a single turn?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

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Written by Expy

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Expy is the mascot for DungeonMastering.com and the real mastermind behind Expy Games. He likes to hoard treasure, terrorize neighbors, burn down villages, and tell white dragon jokes..

No matter how fearful the legends claim dragons are, they always end up being defeated in 5 rounds by adventuring parties they encounter. That’s what dragons are – experience points for the heroes in your Dungeons & Dragon party. And this mascot is no different, hence the name Expy.

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17 Responses to “D&D Sunday Morning Quiz: GELATINOUS CUBES!”
  1. Rats. 56% with the ‘A.I.’ modifier. Serves me right for not playing 4e!

  2. Coolcyclone says:

    Your score: 84%

    Your A.I. modifier +8


    You know almost everything about gelatinous cubes. You must have some smooth with the ladies (or men). Any gelatinous-cube pickup line?

    WOOHOO!! I shall take a shot at the pickup line:
    Hey baby, I wish you were a gelatinous cube, so you could engulf my medium creatures… all nite long

  3. Kanesmind says:

    59% and the sad part is, I have used two of them in the past few months too. Oh well

  4. dar says:

    Wow! I got a 60% and 70% with the AI thingy. I don’t feel so bad now. :)

  5. KnowItAllDM says:

    Your score: 104%

    Your A.I. modifier +8


    Ok… You know everything about gelatinous cubes. Is that good or bad?

    Again, I prove my namesake is correct.

  6. Toord says:

    Gelatinous cubes are awesome. Unless you’re not the sinister DM :D … in which case they pretty much are “teh suck”

  7. ninjaguineapig says:

    How does the A.I modifier work? it always gets me…

  8. Yax says:

    The A.I. does an advanced psychological study of your personality from the answers you gave and how much time you took and if you like red dragons.

    And then it assigns a completely random modifier!

  9. Shent says:

    I enjoy putting gelatinous cubes in 20 foot pit traps. They tend to make parties sweat when served right.

  10. Tim Saint says:

    Gelatinous cubes = Cool. There’s a custom gelatinous cube mini out there, that I want to use for my campaign- given that the campaign is ‘undead’ heavy, I was thinking of some kind of opaque-necrotic cube from which gooey-undead zombies slurped and squirmed out of…

    I truly think that Gelatinous Cubes are the coolest thing in the Monster Manual.

  11. Taellosse says:

    @Tim Saint: That…is an awesome idea! I shall have to use that someday.

  12. Tim Saint says:

    Thanks Taellosse ! I spend far too much time thinking about Gelatinous Cubes. I wish I had a pet Gelatinous Cube, actually. Just a small one to help with composting and what not…

  13. Wolf-Shifter Druid says:

    Your score: 104%

    Your A.I. modifier +9


    Ok… You know everything about gelatinous cubes. Is that good or bad?

    I LOVE putting a ‘cube where my PCs least expect it, ah the chaos

  14. Georgiana says:

    i did the best thing with cubes….one of the players burst out of a cube and straight into another. teehee

  15. Nicholas says:

    @Georgiana: That story is less funny when it is your character being devoured by a row of cubes.

  16. Silverfox says:

    Your score: 104%

    Your A.I. modifier -5


    Ok… You know everything about gelatinous cubes. Is that good or bad?

    Um…. I pretty much guessed my whole way through this…

  17. Rakko Wakke says:

    If you like gelatinous cubes then try making a wall of them, They may see one, but what about the other two? LOL funny as hell.

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