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D&D Sunday Morning Quiz: Powers, Paths, and Destinies

Written by Expy - Published on February 14, 2009

DNDSMQ February 15, 2009 : D&D Sunday Morning Quiz – Powers, Paths, and Destinies!

Janna is cooking up a mega quiz that should be up in a few weeks. In the meantime I’ll whip up mini-quizzes to keep the Sunday morning tradition alive.
This week, I’m testing your overall knowledge of character classes in D&D and I think the questions are somewhat sneaky. Have fun!

The answers to this quiz can be found in the Player’s Handbook. Good luck!!

NOTE: Some email clients and RSS readers can’t submit your answers to our website. You can go to Dungeon Mastering to take the quiz.

Dazzling Acrobatics is a…

  • Rogue power
  • Cleric power
  • Warlock power
  • Cheerleader skill

Windmill of Doom is a…

  • Fighter power
  • Warlord power
  • Rogue power
  • Breakdance move

Confusion is…

  • a wizard power
  • a warlock power
  • a permanent state of mind
  • common at the gaming table

Hit and Run is a…

  • Rogue power
  • Wizard power
  • Ranger power
  • Warlord power

Thief of Five Fate is a…

  • Cleric power
  • Paladin power
  • Rogue power
  • Warlock power

Which one of these is NOT a Paladin paragon path?

  • Hospitaler
  • Justiciar
  • Champion of Order
  • Lovemonger

Which one of these is NOT a Wizard paragon path?

  • Battle Mage
  • Blood Mage
  • Spellstorm Mage
  • Artificer Mage

Which resume can get you the Deadly Trickster epic destiny?

  • Charisma 21, trained in Bluff
  • Dexterity 21, trained in Diplomacy
  • Intelligence 21, trained in Thievery
  • Wisdom 21, trained int Stealth

Which one of these is a Demigod Epic Destiny feature?

  • Divine Visions
  • Divine Spark
  • Divine Intervention
  • Conjure Chocolate

What’s the highest possible level for a class power?

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Written by Expy

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10 Responses to “D&D Sunday Morning Quiz: Powers, Paths, and Destinies”
  1. Sandrinnad says:

    Your score: 20%

    Your A.I. modifier -20


    Ouch! That must hurt. It’s ok — I’m sure your parents still love you…

    but funny! :D

  2. Lethos says:

    Your score: 80%

    Your A.I. modifier +7


    Considering I’ve barely glanced at the 4.0 handbook I’d say I did pretty well

  3. Kili says:

    Your score: 70%

    Your A.I. modifier +16


    You passed! It’s pretty good if you have low expectations!

  4. Direbear says:

    It’s 4th Ed – who cares?

  5. leonides says:

    63 not bad

  6. Wow I remember this old game from my youth. All I got now are a few TSR modules and dice, post its, dry erase magnetic board, flash cards, etc, etc. That’s about as much I can remember, (oh yea pizza and beer) I’ve played this game back in the old days when it first came out.

  7. chando says:

    “Your score: 101%
    Your A.I. modifier +5

    Wow! You know everything about D&D classes. You must be a hit with the opposite sex!”

    In fact, just yesterday I got a hot chick into me by explaining how Warlords are the most versatile class right now, with four class feature options and many more ways of make one build shine, including some that doesn’t need any Cha or Int at all!!!! boy, that was a pretty hot chick.

    *rolls 1 on bluff check*
    *wish for low passive insights*

  8. Yax says:

    @Chando: Don’t give up hope. If you get a girl be talking nerdy you’ve hit the jackpot.

  9. Nicholas says:

    @Yax: I can vouch for that. My girlfriend thinks my dorkiness is endearing. I don’t understand it but I’m not complaining.

  10. Giacomo says:

    I truly did get my wife to warm up to 4E by explaining the warlord class to her.

    I love my wife. :o)

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