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A Dungeon Master Slot Machine Game Would Be Awesome

Written by Expy - Published on June 28, 2016

There are hundreds of different slot games available to online casino fans these days. Modern online, and land-based, slot games are a lot different than the old, classic slot machines. There is a lot of competition between companies that develop and release slot games, especially after slot games went mobile, as a lot of players now play slot games on their mobile phones and tablets. Check out UKMobile.casino if you want to see which some of the best UK mobile casinos are. A lot, in fact, most of the slot games these days are themed. Slot games have all sorts of different themes, they might be based on popular films, books, myths, TV shows and even video games. A lot of very popular slots have been based on video games and there’s no reason to assume that there will be no such slot games in the future.


Slots Based on Video Games Are Popular

Video game-themed slots don’t have to be based on newly released slot games, as they are not versions of the video games. Slot games have a completely different structure and goal than video games and nobody expects them to be exact copies of the games they’re based on. So, why not a slot game based on an old time classic video game?! There’s certainly no reason why not, and we think it would be great if a slot game based on Dungeon Master is developed. Dungeon Master is an iconic game for Atari and it was released way back, in 1987. It was the bestselling game for this console, with more than 40,000 copies. Estimates show that more than half of the people who owned an Atari ST also owned this game.

Dungeon Master Was the most Popular Game of Its Time

The game had more than few sequels with the last one being released in 1998 for Saga Saturn and some of them, like the original, were available on multiple platforms, including PC. Technologically the game was so superior to its competition at the time, it is hard to believe that it was created almost 30 years ago. The graphic details were praised as being very realistic by almost all leasing gaming publications. The sound effects also received high praises. Many critics describe the game as the best “of all time”.


One testament to the game’s popularity is the number of rewards it gained and their importance. It was named the Adventure Game of the Year for 1988 at the UK Software Industry Awards, as well as the Best Selling Atari ST Title. It received a Special Award for Artistic Achievement, awarded by Computer Gaming World. Several Magazines named it Best Role-Playing Game, and few more named it the Best Game of the Year. The game kept winning rewards in the following two-three years after it was released.

We’re Hoping a Dungeon Master Slot Will Be Released

A slot version at my favourite online casino of Dungeon Master would be a great reminder of some of the game that set the path for the newer role-play games. With the advanced graphics options that are available to slot developers today, the game will look and sound great. Moreover, it will be a good way to get role-players and Dungeon Master aficionados into slot games. Hopefully, some online slot developer is reading this and will make our dream come true soon enough.

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Written by Expy

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