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Dungeon Notes by Jeff Perryman

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Dungeon Notes are drawn, doodled, and written by Jeff Perryman. The notes were created over the last few years and Jeff was gracious enough to share them with all of us.

Leave a comment below to comment on this note, and feel free to visit Jeff’s page if you want to email him directly or commission artwork.

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Written by Jeff Perryman

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4 Responses to “Dungeon Notes #27”
  1. Noob says:

    And for the rest of his days the halfling made pick pocket rolls with a -50 modifier.:) These dungeoun notes are great.

  2. DandDGuy says:

    “Not very bright is he??”

  3. High Dex, low Int…Poor Boric.

  4. DandDGuy says:

    Hay Expy are you up for some barbecue half-ling; it looks like you are going to have to pick it off the walls though.

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