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Gambling In “Star Wars” Universe

Written by Expy - Published on July 24, 2017

One of the multiple side-products of the Star Wars universe is a very cool and immersive role-playing game called “Star Wards – Edge of the Empire”.

Edge of the Empire’s action happens during the Rebellion when the Empire suffered a major setback but is still strong and a threat for the entire galaxy. In this aftermath, rebels are chased everywhere and villains do everything in their power to take advantage of both sides and make a profit.

This game focuses mostly on the grim sides of the Star Wars Universe and everything is somehow in the gray areas of morality and ethics. You will find mercenaries, smugglers and bounty hunters together with doctors or scholars in the same adventure.

With such a wide range of shady characters, it was inevitable that gambling is going to be an important subject of the story. From betting on the pod races to actually gambling at Spyder, there are all sorts of references towards this subject. Needless to say that Spyder was no Karamba online casino of our days and that awful things were happening there.

Most of the gambling seems to revolve around one specific character:  Kaa’to Leeachos. He works for a rebel cell on Corellia but his ever-growing gambling debts made him in need of more credits. This need for credits put him in all sort of dangerous positions, from double-crossing the rebels to co-operating with CorSec.

There are 4 playable characters and each has its own strengths and weaknesses, that’s why you will really need a good dungeon master to perfectly match and combine the skills of the characters.

Jovel Nial

The eldest daughter of a politicos family, Jovel is a young Bothan that works for the Senate. She has to slice through government databases for all kind of useful information. She used her time as an aid for the Senate to develop her skill as a technician and that’s when she was discovered by Senator Trelev Aquem. Now Jovel works for him and the Pyke crime syndicate.

Jovel is the main person for dealing with security systems, repairs or databases. She possesses stun grenades that are ideal for dealing with a large group of enemies.


Matwe is from Coruscant and together with his brother, Rikard, tried to make a name for themselves in the underworld. Everything changed when Rikard failed to do a job for the Pyke syndicate and he has to work for them for the rest of his life. Matwe can’t abandon his brother so as well will work for the syndicate and keep them happy for his brother’s sake. If you play Matwe you’re the guy to know for some black market inside info.

Sinoca Meeku

Sin comes from a family of bounty hunters but preferred to go for the property market instead. After the first contact with the Pykes, Sin started to appreciate how fast things can go when working outside the legal system. Sin is a very good negotiator and also knows very well that there’s nothing like some credits to smooth a tense negotiation.


Being humiliated by a fellow bounty hunter, Tray’Essek has now devoted his life to restore his status and kill the one that betrayed him. He joins the Pykes for a change to track down and kill his biggest enemy. With sharp claws and imposing stature, Tray’Essek is an intimidating sight. Threats and use of force are your trademarks and you are very protective with your team mates.

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Written by Expy

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