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Geeks Next Door – Getting to Know You

Written by Geeks Next Door - Published on June 5, 2009

Jessi, Mattt, Barry, and Maggie share their adventures with Dungeon Mastering readers. Follow them on Twitter: Barry, Maggie. You can read more GND @ GeeksNextComic.com

This is a guest post from Geeks Next Door. They agreed to write D&D-related strips for Dungeon Mastering and share their thoughts on their creative process, as well as their Dungeons and Dragons adventures. Enjoy!

Geeks Next Door on DM #5

Thoughts from the Geeks Next Door

The GND crew agreed to give their thoughts and comments on the strips they write for Dungeon Mastering. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment. I hope you enjoyed the webcomic.

JESSI – …we kind of sound like our characters are doing tapes for a dating service or something.  Erz also enjoys amber, cooking, and sending the undead to rest.  So, with that “dating tape” format in mind (and keeping it to two or three sentences), tell us a little about yourselves – in character, of course!  Thinking on it, it’s a great way to get the basic-of-basics about a character – it’s brief, straightforward, and gets everyone in a good mood.

MATT – I haven’t personally had any character creation sessions devolve into fistfights, but I’ve heard horror stories here and there.  So I’m just going to consider myself lucky, for now.  Along those lines, I find that sitting down and doing characer creation as a group helps games, if only because it lets you cover weak points and figure out where you’re strongest.  Or something like that.  And I would never tell a group that I was plotting their doom during character creation.  First, my groups already assume that I’m plotting such as a matter of course; and second, not telling them outright lulls them into a false sense of security.  It just makes it that much more satisfying when the hammer drops.  Ah, the joys of DM’ing….

MAGGIE – I do think it’s funny that Jessi drew the characters’ noses, and we don’t have them. I guess our characters have a sense of smell.  Why didn’t I just name my character Sally or Shanaynay or some other normal person’s name?  Also, I’m a real-life glamazon, so I know what I’m doing.  This makes me wonder what weird journey we’re going to be taking… …someplace with mushrooms and lollypops?  I’m nervous.

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Written by Geeks Next Door

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18 Responses to “Geeks Next Door – Getting to Know You”
  1. Ernest says:

    Former DM(1st ed) Getting back into playing with 4e.
    Rag N’arock is a fizzbang type who looks out for #1. (and #2, dammit why can’t forest animals evolve and build bathrooms! ugh, wadaya mean look for scat, stoopid ranger i’m not THAT hungry!)
    Yeah I’m a real riot. lol

  2. Matt says:

    And just so people know, yes, these characters are fully statted out (well, Keena (level 3 Fighter) and Llewellyn (level 3 Rogue) are; as Erzebet is Jessi’s character, she’s working on statting her up herself). If people are interested, I’ll try and post them in the near future.

  3. ColoQ says:

    Gertralynne Talldecker (Female, Halfling Warrior- D&D 4 tank spec).
    First off, lets get something straight, you call me Gertie, or nothin at all. I aint no prissy skuzz bucket all dainty-like. I’m one of them.. whats they say? Ahh.. Rocky? Naww…. err.. uhh earthy types. I gots me a head outta the clouds and I likes it that way. …

    What else I gotta say?.. ohh yeah:
    I like to do lots a stuff for fun. Sometimes I like watchin clouds in the afternoon, and walkin my Parrot. When I’m not bein all girly like that, I like to spend hours in the armory doin pickup boxin matches, or training for my professhin. Gots to keep the tallies from thinking they better just because they’re tall. Sometimes, when I been drinkin, I do a little boxin too (*Grins.. showing 1 or2 wooden teeth*).

    As for what I’m lookin for.. I’m lookin for another smallie like me who likes to break the mold. If your kinda in a thieves guild, I’m kinda not interested. I want someone who aint afraid to act wit honor when tha chips is down, and can take a hard chargin hard drinkin strong chick without feeling I kicked yeh in the bollocks. So uhh .. yeah!

  4. ColoQ says:

    In other comments on the comic: I love the “doom list”, with Red Dragons at the top. Also: I’m wondering who exactly the fist fight was between. Barry seems to be the only one any worse for wear.

    In my head I’m dealing with the mental logistics of Barry punching himself because he wants to make a rogue and himself is already making a Rogue. This implies split personalities or any number of other psychoses. Seek Help Barry.

  5. Yax says:

    @Matt: That’d be fun. I wonder what glamazon stats look like…

    @ColoQ: I don’t thinkg the Geeks Next Door crew ever had fistfights – see Matt’s blurb in the article.

  6. Sovelaar says:

    I’m Sovelaar, Eladrin Fighter level 2. My enemies dread the sight of my long spear, but I’m very skilled with my short spear too, ladies.

  7. Jessi says:

    @ Matt: I’m doing it, I’m doing it! (We also need to get you a spiffy Gravatar thinger.)

    @ ColoQ: Barry failed at trying to fistfight the DM screen, but because he’s a spaz, it became made of more fail than it was previously. Other things on the Doom List: Frost Giant, Tarrasque (though I think we’d end up as red smears), Cultists. Needs more zombies, in my opinion.

    I’m enjoying reading the in-character intros – keep ’em coming! :D

  8. Robin Walker says:

    I’m Lilanya, an Elvish Bard. {At least, I’m going to be, we (the group I’m playing with) haven’t had a chance to get together yet.} Anyways, I have a motherly instinct that leads me to try to cuddle undead children and an evil eye that makes trolls cower in fear! Bwahahahahahahah- Oh yes, and I tend to get carried away.

  9. Nicholas says:

    I’ve never had a character generation fist fight, but I did have one that made it clear the campaign was doomed. I was a player in a planned Burning Wheel campaign with no racial restrictions or plot focus (a very bad idea!). When we finished character generation, we had a greedy Dwarven warrior, an orc wearing pillaged Dwarven chainmail, an elf bladesinger and a dark elf pirate. The whole thing was destined to become a blood bath in session 1.

  10. Neko chan says:

    Ah! Jessi I love your character! XD Soo cute! ^_^ Maggie’s character is probably what I would pick myself, or something close to it! ^_^ Barry’s character is just weird, lols, but I do like the shinies too! XD

    Much love

  11. GroovyTaxi says:

    I really love those comics, keep ’em going! =D
    I just have so many legendary characters to present (not legendary because of their level, I’m talking about their achievements and personnality), since my players and I always start new games. I’m a DM anyway, so I guess I could just present myself as Zeus.

  12. jesuslegofreak says:

    this is stinking awsome,keep it up.maggie’s character is like spongebob,clueless and stupidly funny.Llew creeps me out like he’ed stab me in the back.lol

  13. jesuslegofreak says:

    just saw a funny touch,the dm’s reading doom list:red dragons & frost giants.lol

  14. Yax says:

    Took me a while to see the list too. It is teh awesome.

  15. Rahcaz says:

    (spoken at 500 words a minute)
    HI! I’s a pixie rogue, i has shinies and i likes the shinies, the shinies are the happiest! If you can see me’s you are probably usings da magics, boo on you! Oh and i don’t likes to get into the combat, the meaty peoples can do dat i just be at the treasure chest *hug chest*. Oh oh oh oh oh and i has to tell you the favorite things i did!
    (slows down)
    I blew up a realm it was so fun they had lots of floaty bits everywhere.

  16. Gavin says:

    Hello, folks! Halin Star-Child, or Rualath, for those of you who speak Elvish. Half-Elf, which accounts for my good looks and winning personality, and a Fighter, which means I’m always getting fitter (check out the guns).

    I’m into thwarting Deamon cults, dropping mountains on pesky Ninja and standing up for the rights of all non-evil sentients, even if they do happen to be green or Hyena-headed,

    I’m going to be King of the first Half-Elven nation, and my motley band of misfits are here to help make it happen! If we happen to do good and kill some nasties along the way, so much the better.

    The lady for me has to be another Half-Elf, that’s not bigotry, I’ve just got to think of Dynastic legitimacy here, and as ready to head out into the wild, woolly world and put right injustice as her aspiring King. Artistry and sensetivity are preferred but not required as training can be provided. Call me! *wink*


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