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Geeks Next Door – It’s not that kind of game night…

Written by Geeks Next Door - Published on April 4, 2009

Jessi, Mattt, Barry, and Maggie share their adventures with Dungeon Mastering readers. Follow them on Twitter: Barry, Maggie. You can read more GND @ GeeksNextComic.com

This is a guest post from Geeks Next Door. They agreed to write D&D-related strips for Dungeon Mastering and share their thoughts on their creative process, as well as their Dungeons and Dragons adventures. Enjoy!

Geeks Next Door on DM #1

Thoughts from the Geeks Next Door

The GND crew agreed to give their thoughts and comments on the strips they write for Dungeon Mastering. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.  I hope you enjoyed the webcomic.

JESS – Hello, readers! With every comic that we’re doing for Dungeon Mastering, we’ll be doing a little bit of commentary. I’m Jessi, the artist of Geeks Next Door.  I’m not a very experienced gamer, but I love to play when I get the chance.  However, I can still remember my first gaming experience, so I think I can understand how Maggie felt when we first introduced her to the concept of Dungeons and Dragons.  For me, it was a world of geekery that I knew next to nothing about.  Very alien.  Then, once we started playing, I started to understand how fun gaming could be.  Hopefully, the comics on DM will reflect that.

MATT – I’m Matt.  I don’t do much. …well, I write and edit…  …and I kind of helped introduce Jessi to gaming.  In a way, I’m responsible for this whole thing.  …unless you don’t like it, in which case, it’s all Jessi’s fault.  Hopefully, this will be true to life.  I have introduced a lot of people to gaming, and most of them didn’t run away screaming, so I guess I’m doing something right.  I’d say more, but I’ll wait until we actually get into the game in the comic.

MAGGIE – I’m Maggie. I’m the pretty one. I thought that D&D was that really bad movie with one of the Wayan brothers in it.  Also, those dice scare me.  They chase me in my dreams.  It’s like that scene in Indiana Jones.  …the first one, not the bad one.  Hopefully, I’ll come out of this with loyal minions who will watch me on Broadway.  Until then, we’ll see how this D&D thing pans out.

What do you think?

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Written by Geeks Next Door

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18 Responses to “Geeks Next Door – It’s not that kind of game night…”
  1. Trung says:

    I’ve been checking out the comic since the site has advertised you guys were going to do a strip for them. I really enjoy it, keep up the great work and I’ll be sure to give you guys plugs to my friends whenever I can.

  2. Jackson says:

    Looks like the series is off to a good start. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes. :)

  3. Susan says:

    I met you at Zenikakon last October. I have been reading your webcomic for awhile now. My boyfriend is excited because he loved the Frat Zombies story (but he is a DM too, so he’s more into this set up you have going on). Can’t wait to see more! (I hope Matt is not like my bf that had us playing until 4 am last Saturday)

  4. Steve V says:

    Another web comic to add to my list. This looks awesome and now i need to go read the back issues.

  5. Love you guys!


  6. Yax says:

    Thanks for all the kind words. Personally, I love GND because it rings true, it feels like their adventures could happen to me (except for the zombie stuff!)

  7. Neko chan says:

    Awesome!!!!!!!!! XD I love your original comic, so this should be awesome!!! ^_^ I also like that I can post comments here! I wish I could do that on your website! But ah well ^_^ I can’t wait to see more from both! Jessie you’re my hero! ^_^ ((but I also love Matt for his practical awesomeness, and maggie for her cute denying that she’s a geek, and Barry for his nonexistance…sad…cause he’s cool ^_^))

  8. Jessi B says:

    We’re really pleased to hear such a great response! Thank you all for taking the time to read it.

    Yax, you’d be surprised where those zombies will pop up… …mwa ha ha ha ha!

  9. GroovyTaxi says:

    I read all your past comics when this new one was announced, and I loved it! Can’t wait to see what’s gonna follow! =D

  10. rainbowtaxi says:

    It’s okay Maggie, when my friends had a game night, the same thing happened to me. D: <

  11. ninjaguineapig says:

    I love you guys!
    Does Barry really not exist, or does he have a human model?
    Those zombies really scared me… I had nightmares after reading that!(no, I didn’t but it might of happened)

  12. Elly says:

    How often will the comic be updated, and when?

  13. Chaosmancer says:

    I keep trying to access the second comic, but it says that it no longer exists. Could someone tell me what is going on and if it will be fixed.

  14. Jessi B says:

    It should be up at some point tomorrow. Thank you for your patience! :D


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