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Mind-boggling heart-ripping stats

Written by Expy - Published on November 9, 2007

I was surprised by some of the stats the What’s Your Inner D&D character survey provided.  Here are a few interesting facts about your fellow readers:

  • 60% of Dungeon Mastering readers like big swords.
  • Black dragons (23%) are more popular than red dragons (14%).
  • Silver dragons (13%) are more popular than gold dragons (12%).
  • Dragon turtles (9%) are more popular than copper and bronze dragons combined (4% each)!
  • Sorcerers (38%) are deemed cooler than wizards (30%) but a lot of people think they’re the same (do the math).
  • Candy-stealing kids are twice as likely to get their heart ripped by Dungeon Mastering readers that blind men are.
  • 51% of the readers feel good after they rip someone’s heart out with their own hands.
  • Only 77% of people who take the survey complete it.  In other words 23% of my readers have ADD.

Any other stats you’d like to know?

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Written by Expy

Meet Expy The Red Dragon

Expy is the mascot for DungeonMastering.com and the real mastermind behind Expy Games. He likes to hoard treasure, terrorize neighbors, burn down villages, and tell white dragon jokes..

No matter how fearful the legends claim dragons are, they always end up being defeated in 5 rounds by adventuring parties they encounter. That’s what dragons are – experience points for the heroes in your Dungeons & Dragon party. And this mascot is no different, hence the name Expy.

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2 Responses to “Mind-boggling heart-ripping stats”
  1. Dave T. Game says:

    Gotta love Dragon Turtles. 3.0 gave them 20d6 steam breath, which worked both in and out of water.

  2. Pe0 says:

    God I hate candy-stealing kids

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