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More Star Crossed Dragons

Written by Scott - Published on December 9, 2009

Dragons Get Lonely Too

Dragons are alive for many millennia, during this time it is possible for dragons to have some unlikely relationships. The Pink, Cyan and Rose Gold dragons are not the only crossbred dragons that have been recorded throughout the ages. Here are a couple more entries from the annals of Star Crossed Dragons, the Rampaging Lavender dragon and the Mysterious Platinum dragon.

The Rampaging Lavender

Pride is a common trait amongst all dragons, however, Blue and Red dragons have a tendency to allow their pride to rule their lives. Anyone who is foolish enough to insult either of these two chromatic dragons often meets their end soon after. Both of these mighty dragons desire to prove their strength against any foe, viewing physical power as a crucial part of their existence. Whilst Blue dragons are the most territorial dragons, they can often coexist as a separate neighbour to civilisations and other dragons. When borders are shared between Blue and Red dragons, a tentative relationship can form and on rare occasions, a friendly feud can start. Each dragon proves their strength to bolster their pride and better the other dragon. If this contest defies all odds and remains peaceful, the final result is often the destructive and chaotic Lavender dragon.

Viciously spiked and twisted scales cover the massive frame of the Lavender dragon, as waves of violet and purple ripple over the dragon. Constant sparks of red lightning arc between each of the cruel spikes that cover the dragon’s body. Blood-red eyes peer menacingly out of their deep sockets, and broken and warped fangs protrude from the beast’s mouth, often piercing through the dragon’s own cheeks. A thick ridge of spikes runs along the spine and heavy wings of the Lavender that then completely covers the thick tail. Lavender dragons constantly and violently smash their tail, which regularly leaves a permanently unhealed wound at the end of their tail where the thick bone is visible. They shape this exposed bone into a malicious blade that usually resembles an axe head or sickle.

The Lavender has inherited an unusual physiological affliction from its Red parent, a fire sac that is connected to the dragon’s heart. From the first beat of the dragon’s heart, fire blasts directly into the bloodstream and whilst this is not fatal to the Lavender, the affect it has on the creature’s brain is drastic. With a constantly boiling brain, rational thought is replaced with rage and confusion with only the oldest of the Lavenders becoming capable of rational thought. As the dragon soars through the air, the heat of the beast and wickedly angled spikes create large amounts of friction. This friction fuels the red lightning that arcs across the dragon’s body and when charged enough, a large bolt of lightning can be shot from the dragon’s maw. The Lavender’s enormous size pays tribute to its immense strength. It has been reported that Lavenders have physically restrained several gigantic creatures like titans and other dragons with ease, the hooked spikes that cover the beasts body will pierce and gouge these opponents constantly.

Life with a permanent fever means that Lavender dragons tend not to follow the same characteristics of other dragons. They hold no desire for riches and power, nor do they take joy in holding vast territories or powerful artefacts. A permanent desire to prove themselves in battle as the strongest is one of the few aspects that remain from the Lavender’s parents and the only aspiration the dragon has. Nomadic in nature the dragon travels endlessly in search of victims and worthy opponents for it to defeat. Luckily the dragon prefers to traverse through desolate landscapes such as deserts and rocky mountain ranges, although they have no qualms with travelling into more populated lands if their unpredictable minds desire. When a Lavender defeats a monster or hero it deems powerful, it will often claim a trophy to remind itself of the victory. Whilst they have no hoards like their kin, the tokens of victory a Lavender collects this way and carries hooked to it’s jagged spikes are often extremely powerful magical artefacts and relics.

The Mysterious Platinum

Metallic dragons tend to be peaceful in nature and offspring from two unique metallic parents is not as uncommon as the chromatic combinations or the rarer, chromatic and metallic cross combinations. Silver and Gold dragons both enjoy the company of civilised races such as humans, elves and dwarves. Gold dragons seek to bring justice to the world and hunt evil tenaciously, whereas Silvers tend to spend their time creating friends and gathering as much knowledge as they can. On the odd occasions that these two dragons cross paths during their travels, quick friendships are made and occasionally the friendship can lead to the hatching of the mysterious Platinum dragon.

Shimmering metallic scales cover the lithe frame of the Platinum dragon flawlessly, even when the dragon moves, not a single imperfection can be seen between the seamless scales. Rows of razor sharp teeth are concealed within the broad serpentine head. While shimmering golden eyes gaze upon the world with immense knowledge and wisdom. The curved and sleek form of the dragon becomes completely flat when it takes flight. Its coiled wings extend along the entirety of the dragons back and tail in a diamond shape.

The Platinum produces and stores large amounts of nitrogen and hydrogen within sacs that line the inside of the dragon’s neck. Platinums use these gases for multiple purposes, primarily the two gasses help keep the dragon aloft indefinitely where it uses it’s crystallized eyes to see facial features from the upper atmosphere. The gases can be expelled to rapidly increase the dragon’s flight speed, it is possible for a Platinum to traverse continents in a single day using the gasses within its body. The perfectly linked scales are almost impenetrable and highly resistant to magic. Not only is the Platinum nearly impossible to damage, it can use its reflective scales to bend light around itself and become invisible and the gasses within the dragon keep its core temperature low enough to also make it difficult to see with dark vision. Cunningly brilliant even compared to the smartest of their kin, Platinum dragons have a natural mastery over alchemy and possess several psionic abilities. Combat is an utter last resort for these dragons as they can’t see any sense in violent conflict and will flee using their extreme flying speed. If they are pursued they rely on their near impervious defences, invisibility and psychic ability to keep them from harm. Only when the dragon is in peril will it utilize the natural breath weapon it possesses. Combining the two gasses and igniting them, a metallic flame erupts from the Platinum dragons jaws. This flame remains at sub-zero temperatures yet still burns. Victims burn and freeze at the same time.

Natural masters of alchemy, the average lifespan of a Platinum dragon tends to exceed twenty thousand years. With such long life expectancy, the Platinum tends to live completely removed from other sentient beings. Separation from civilisation coupled with their lineage, which fuels a drive for knowledge. The Platinum dragon has taken a role of observer and historian. With such lust for pure knowledge and a powerful aversion to violence, the Platinum remains in the skies, very rarely interfering. On the scarce occasions that the dragon will interfere in the lives of ‘mortals’, it is usually to protect a pure soul from the prosecution of others. This attitude is reminiscent of their gold heritage but they refuse to meddle in the struggles of good and evil. Large polar glaciers are fashioned over eons into palatial castles where extensive hoards of scientific and alchemical items are gathered for the dragons continual experiments and discoveries. Other powerful items are acquired over time, either for study or to remove catastrophic items before they can end the world. Due to the volatile nature of many items within the Platinum dragons lair, the entrance is psychically hidden and several mazes and traps that destroy sanity are laid in protection of the hoard.


Now that you’re familiar with two more of the fabled Star Crossed Dragons, here is a little dessert for you. A Vampiric Gelatinous Cube is an interesting and extraordinary creature, but more infrequent still is the Were-Gelatinous Cube. A cube that has been cursed with lycanthropancy is extremely rare and quite powerful during in its transformed state. Like all other lycanthropes, a gelatinous cube is only affected by the curse during the full moon whilst the rest of the time it remains like any other cube. During the completion of the lunar cycle, the Were-Gelatinous Cube becomes a very unique creature.

Greasy and loose hanging fur covers the abnormally large wolf. Empty eye sockets slowly ooze slime while a toothless jaw constantly drools in large globs. As the fiend stumbles on its quivering legs, it distorts and sways with little support, as if not a single bone was in the creatures body.

Were-Gelatinous Cubes have several unique abilities whilst in their transformed state. Primarily their slow lumbering appearance can be misleading. Whenever the creature senses prey nearby, it will lunge and smother the prey with lightning speed. The fur that covers the cube merely conceals the gelatinous body beneath and unwary opponents can easily become absorbed. Whilst the cube cannot bite to spread the lycan curse, any creature that becomes completely submerged is infected with the curse and expelled soon after in their new bestial form. A gurgling noise that is only recognisable as a howl from the creatures motions is said to be so vile and sickening that many fall ill from hearing the abnormal sound.

Do you enjoy unusual monsters? What is your favourite moment involving an atypical creature? What dragon combinations would you like to see next?

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Written by Scott

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  1. wlkeR Says:

    Were-Gelatinous Cube… I think I’m in love :D

  2. Yax Says:

    @wlkeR: I know. Maybe we should start a fansite or publish a book on were-gelatinous cubes.

  3. scott Says:

    Thanks guys,

    I thought it was about time the vampiric cube had some comapny.

  4. person Says:

    isn’t Bahamut the only platinum dragon?

  5. scott Says:


    I believe that while Bahamut claims the title of ‘the Platinum Dragon’ he is not part of the metallic Platinum cross-breed. As the god of ‘good’ dragons, he has aspects of all the metallic or ‘good’ dragons within him. If i remember correctly ‘complete divine’ states that Bahamut’s colour isn’t stable and constantly shifts, depending on his mood.

    At the end of the day it’s all upto your interpretation of Bahamut’s title as ‘the Platunum Dragon’. White Gold dragon could be used to name the dragon descriped above if you wanted to.


  6. person Says:

    yeah, but check the latest 4e draconomicon, you know, the one with stats for bahamut, and the picture of him COMPLETELY ONE COLOR!

  7. WillF Says:

    awesome creatures, love the were-cube. Used one on my players last night. Long story but it was in a werewolf den in its wolf form. The fighter charged straight into and through it, he is now excited to be a werewolf. Should be intersting

    @Yax and welkr,

    I’d sign up for the fansite today, would love to a book full of mixed up creatures, dragon-cube would be awesome!

    the platinum dragons could be Bahamut’s archons or replace the 7 gold wyrms if you didn’t want to break cannon, just a thought.

    Awesome ideas scott, keep it up

  8. Scott Says:


    Thanks for the kind words, glad to know the Were-Cube woeked out for you.

    Good idea with the Dragon-Cube, that would be interesting to say the least. As a side thought has anyone ever used a Were-Dragon of any sort? they could be interesting.

  9. Elderon Says:

    Anyone know what’s happened to Expy Redd. I’ve sent him several E-Mails and he hasn’t posted any articles in a long time and I’m worried.

  10. Scott Says:

    After his take over bid during Halloween he decided to lessen his immense work load and take some time off.

    Last i heard he was hoarding gold and burning villages somewhere up north, as Expy tends to do.

    He should be back some time soon.

  11. Elderon The Dragon Says:

    A few years ago I met this really nice woman her name was Scarlet. We got to know each other very well and one night it got very intimate. I had never gotten around to telling her I was a dragon and nine months later I had a son, and you can guess that my secret definaltly was out then because my son had scales, and my blue reptilian eyes, and a nice set of sharp teeth. We named him Issaic Analas. Time went by I took care of him taught him the ways of the dragon. By his 18th birthday he already had a nice pair of wings and I started teaching him how to fly. On his 20th instead of blowing uot his candles on his caske he burnt it to a crisp which gave his mom quite a scare (I thought it was hilarious). He left the cave to start adventuring when he was 25 and that was 15 years ago. I just hope he comes home soon.

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