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Water cooler katana slash

Written by Expy - Published on July 29, 2007

Here’s a follow-up article on the 70s & 80s anti-D&D propaganda.

While researching old Dungeons & Dragons stuff I found this article. It’s a blast from the past for sure. It’s interesting to see how the game was received when it was first published.

Somehow Dungeons & Dragons has turned from a harmless game – compared to acting out novels in the linked article above – into a scapegoat for every crazy dude chopping off co-workers with a katana. I personally think it is highly unlikely that it was caused by D&D – so few of us actually play in an oriental settings. And maybe that guys was a little coocoo to start with.

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Written by Expy

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4 Responses to “Water cooler katana slash”
  1. Phil Smith says:

    When I go nuts, I shall try to brain people with a stepladder before eventually being apprehended in a reptile house while attempting to force my way into the python’s enclosure.

    Let’s see ’em try to pin that one on D&D…

  2. Crock says:

    I think this cat’s psychotic break was fueled not by D&D, but by Pulp Fiction. Nothing (besides a little GTA:VC) makes katana wielding look so enticing.

    “Zed, this is Maynard. Spiderweb’s done caught a fly.”

  3. Soveliss Nailo says:

    HAHAHAHAHA Phil Smith thats the way to go man :) but i would rather be arrested for pushing a button that launches a nuclear bomb to ASIA


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