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The best day of the week to play Dungeons & Dragons

Written by Expy - Published on September 21, 2007

The best combination of boredom and free time

Dungeon Mastering dot com is celebrating its 2 months anniversary – I told you I was like a proud parent and would mention monthly anniversaries! – and I’m noticing trends in the traffic of the website. Every Wednesday I see a spike on my traffic graphs. Here’s my theory: People at work are getting worn down by the grueling week but there’s no pressure to wrap up any project neatly – that is usually done on Fridays. A typical Wednesday provides the best combination of boredom and low deadline pressure. That led me to ask myself…

2 questions:

  1. What is the best day of the week to play D&D? Wednesday? Players would have all the time in the world to procrastinate and think about the evening session. Or the classic Saturday or Sunday? What’s your opinion on this?
  2. What am I doing on Wednesdays to help you waste time at work? I have to come up with something like DNDMMSL (D&D Monday morning speedlinking). Any suggestions?

I know. That was more than 2 questions.

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Written by Expy

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11 Responses to “The best day of the week to play Dungeons & Dragons”
  1. Phil says:

    I play on Friday nights because everyone is available there. But ppl are real tired also.

    The best time is Sunday Afternoons. From 15h00 to 22h00. But we can pulll ir only twice a year.

    Having a Wednesday feature is a good idea. My readership also spiked yesterday…. Maybe it’s all the bloggers looking to find stuff to comment on? :)

    Happy 2 month thingnie…. Mine is in 4 days. Seems that we all started at about the same time….

  2. gnome says:

    Actually I play too rarely for it to matter, but it usually is on Fridays… Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are of course fotball (errr… soccer) nights.

    As for the traffic spike… surely it’ll get smoothed out soon enough.

  3. Yax says:

    I hate it when my hobbies (sports) get in the way of my other hobbies (RPG). I usually sacrifice sports for a roleplaying game because it happens less often.

    I do however like to sit down and watch a game of football – the american kind – and prep my next game in front of the TV.

  4. Robert says:

    We play on Tuesday or Wednesday nights, mostly for convienince. We can only do a few hours (roughly 7 – 10) because we all work. I would like to have an extended session on Thursdays instead. My ideal would be to meet up at around 5, have dinner together, then play from 7 sharp till midnight, or a bit later. Then you’ve only got Friday at work to struggle through.

  5. Yax says:

    Chilling with friends before a game might be beneficial to the flow of the game since all the random chatting has been dealt with and the focus won’t be taken off the game by real-life issues / anecdotes.

  6. Dranyam says:

    Sunday is the day that works formy group… Mostly due to work.

  7. Stûnibu says:

    well since im still just a skool boy :p my rents dont let me play on skool nights so usaly we play durring the day on a saturday, usaly from 9 or 10 till 4 :P

    though next year al collage they play ever wednesday lunch time there! that should be fun since im one of three ppl in my whole skool who play DnD.

    two months! that meen ive been posting on here for just over a month, wow it dont feel like that! how time flys when your having fun!

  8. Psygnnosed says:

    My group is composed by people in its early twenties and people in its late twenties (unfortunately I’m already in the second group…).

    Friday nights is out of the question. I’m dead tired from work week…
    During the week, works says “it is out of question, also”. Beside, we all live away from each other.

    Therefore, we play weekly Saturday or Sunday afternoons (beacause I prefer playing during the day).

    I miss the gold old days of college when I coulp play at monday afternoons… and tuesday… and wedn…


  9. Yax says:

    I miss the days when the week-end was one long succession of roleplaying games. We’d play Vampire, D&D, Amber, back-to-back.

    Fun times.

  10. Zane says:

    Well, I have two games going. First is a nice campaign with a couple of friends. We get together on Saturdays or Sundays. I prefer Saturdays, because since my commute on Monday morning is two hours, I have to get up really freaking early. My friends live an hour away, so I usually cut the sessions short on Sundays.

    My second game is a solo game with my wife. We play whenever we can squeeze the time in, including running an encounter or so before bed on a work night. We recently took a weekend in the mountains and, since there is nothing to do in the mountains after 9pm, played in the hotel room.

  11. Marcus says:

    Saturday morning, while our wives are out shopping. We start at 8.30am and end around 2pm.

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