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Types of Poker Games

Written by Expy - Published on July 7, 2017

Poker is unarguably the most popular casino game.  It is one of the games that are played all over the world, though in different forms, with different rules and under different names. This is a game where players receive some number of cards to use and make the best hands. It is enjoyed both online and offline, and it has different variations and types.  Below is a review of some of the most popular poker games.

Texas Hold’em Poker

This is actually the poker game that enjoys more fame and popularity than all the others.  This is why it is chosen for the World Poker Series. This is to tell you how popular and revered it is. Its popularity stretches beyond the United States, even though it is their brand.  It involves two ‘hole’ or ‘pocket cards’ dealt to players for the game-play. With these, they have to wait for the revelation of the 5 community cards. It involves four rounds of betting. The first one comes after the dealing of the ‘hole,’ while the second follows after three ‘community’ has been shown, and this is termed ‘flop’ by some. The other will come just immediately after the fourth ‘community,’ which is known as ‘turn’ has been dealt. The last will come when the fifth of the ‘community cards,’ named ‘river’, has been dealt. With five cards, according to Casino-X review online, players are supposed to make their best hands.

Omaha Hold’em Poker

This is actually a variation of the hold’em poker. But because the Texas type has taken the show, people rather prefer to call it Omaha only.  This allows between 2 and 10 players to be on the table at the same time.  This also has four betting rounds like the former. However, there is a difference. The four ‘hole cards’ are dealt to each player at once, after which; the first ‘community card’ is shown to all. So, from two ‘holes’ and three ‘communities,’ players are allowed to make their best hands with 5-cards. Betsson online casino tips could teach you some more about this game.

Stud Poker

This is also called the 7 card stud. It is the poker type where the players are dealt between 5 and 7 cards. When this happens, they are left to make use of their original cards and come out with the best hands.




Draw Poker Games

Here, the players are given 5 cards maximum. But they are given the option of either keeping them or trading them in search of the best hands. The number of cards that each player can trade in this is 3.

High / Low Chicago Poker

In this stud game, the players search for the lowest hand or the highest hand.  In the high version, half the plot is won by the player that has the highest spade face down. In the low version, the lowest spade face down wielding player wins half of the pot. The player with the best hand wins the other hand in each of the games.

Follow the Queen

In this 7 card stud, after the flipping of the queen, the wild card becomes the next revealed card. There will be no wild card hands if there is no flipping of queens here.



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