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What is your inner character?

Written by Expy - Published on October 1, 2007

Mind-blowing survey

Ever wondered what your inner D&D character is? Well, don’t look any further. I spent an afternoon devising this revolutionary, mind-blowing survey that will tell you the answer!

Take the survey!

Warning: Life is more complicated than D&D so don’t come whining if your alter ego is a lawful barbarian or chaotic monk. It means that you are messed up. My survey is fine.

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Written by Expy

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183 Responses to “What is your inner character?”
  1. Yax says:

    I’m a neutral good halfling rogue!

  2. Hutch says:

    Lawful good Dwarf Barbarian. AWESOME! Thanks, Yax. If I ever get to actually play this game instead of DM it, I will be sure to play a Dwarf Barbarian. Maybe not a lawful good one, but who knows.

  3. Ambassador says:

    OK, I came out as a chaotic evil halfling ranger! I’m Belkar Bitterleaf from Order of the Stick I guess. That’s cool, I’m “Death’s Little Helper”!

    Great survey!

  4. Yax says:

    You’re welcome. If you want to convince a DM to allow lawful barbarians you might want to check out Stupid Ranger’s Chaotic Retard article. I enjoyed it.

  5. Scott says:

    A Lawful Good Elf Sorcerer!

    As if the test giver couldn’t see my Staff of Glory and ears…

    This was pretty neat!

  6. Stûnibu says:

    Lawful Good Halfling Monk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wat a load of #$*%%#$#% with all respect YAx thats never goign 2 happen!!!!! lol, oh well i might try again!

  7. Stûnibu says:

    Lawful Good Halfling Barbarian!
    y lawfull good?? and y halflings!!!!
    love barbarians and monks though :)

  8. jill seal says:

    I’m a Lawful Good Elf Ranger so I guess that means it’s OK when I fudge combat.

  9. Stûnibu says:

    A lot of lawfull good happening! “Ambassador ” u must b one evil guy :P

  10. Michael says:

    I’m a Lawful Good Elf Paladin! Paladins rule! Bring me the holy avenger and I shall vanquish Evil!!! What makes me an elf though?

  11. Phil says:

    Lawful Good Halfing Rogue!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Egads lot’s of Lawful Dogooders here huh?

  12. Vanir says:

    Neutral Good Half-Elf Bard for the win!!!!!

    Which is kinda scary because that’s almost what character I’m playing in our current campaign right now…….

  13. the destroyer says:

    wow you are dead on, man cool survey,lawful evil dwarf rouge,ps sorry about ripping your heart out:)

  14. Yax says:

    Lots of lawful good people! Weird.

  15. Yax says:

    I just took the survey again and I was a chaotic evil elf monk. It could be a tough day at work.

  16. yeah says:

    Neutral Evil Elf Fighter

  17. Dave T. Game says:

    Lawful Good Halfling Rogue. I guess being 6’3″ and clumsy isn’t a deterrent.

  18. gnome says:

    I’m messed up….

  19. Pal Mercy says:

    You know your life sucks when your inner character is a Lawful Evil Gnome Monk!

    I’m going to take that survey again because I can’t be a gnome.

  20. Pal Mercy says:

    Chaotic Good Dwarf Barbarian! That’s better.

  21. Slade Rogan says:

    Not bad. I’m always CG, i like to play as an elf and i like to play rogues, wizards and arcane archers.

  22. draconius says:

    ok. first time i took it i was a lawful evil dwarf monk (when i just couldn’t resist ripping hearts out, for laughs), and now i’m a, lemme get this right…

    Chaotic Good Half-Centaur Dwarf (Quarter-Horse) Bard! …

    how can you be a half centaur? i’m assuming it was the father that was the centaur, and crimeny, that woman must have a really deep uterus, especially for the normally narrow hips a dwarf’s got. dear lord… why am i a dwarf, yax? what did i answer so dreadfully wrong? and why am i not a paladin? tell me! i must know!!!

  23. Pé0 says:

    Woohoo!!!! Chaotic Good Halfling Ranger / Wizard. What a weird multiclass.

  24. Yax says:

    Mr. Draconius:

    I am sorry to inform that this survey is a reflection of your psyche. It’s not my fault you’re a quarter-horse dwarf. The survey decided. And you were a dwarf both times you took the survey!

    How do you feel deep inside? Like a dwarf? No? Maybe I need to tweak the survey a little more!

    It does seem to be slightly slanted toward halflings and dwarves.

  25. draconius says:

    i think if anything my inner character is certainly not a base race. centaur, perhaps. a few ex-girlfriends suggest angel. all the rest suggest incubus. i’m pretty sure my type would be outsider, but i’m not sure about much of the rest… i’d like to think newly lawful good incubus paladin. mainly because, well, that’s gonna be some sick bonuses to my saves, and with all the outraged exgirlfriends behind me with pitchforks, i think i’ll be needing that divine grace at a +11! eek!

  26. sylvain says:

    hahaha, this is the sort of survey where you don’t really care for the result, it’s funny either way.

    *Neutral Evil Elf Cleric*

  27. Stûnibu says:

    Yax, i think we can say that this has been a hit!!
    i got home from skool to c 17 new posts here!!!! i think that might be a record!

    just thought i might take it again…again

    *Chaotic Good Halfling Cleric* i cant get away from that inner halfling! i sure not an outer halfling though! :P
    Chaotic good my fav alignment though nd Cleric is one of my fav class’ so that one was alrite!

  28. Yax says:

    Yeah. It is a record and I expect a lot more people to find their inner halflings in the near future!

  29. Ballard says:

    Lawful Neutral Gnome Paladin? I’m messed up.

  30. Doug Hagler says:

    Followed a link from Stupid Ranger – thanks for the quiz

  31. Doug Hagler says:

    Oh, heh, right, and:

    After analyzing your answers with state-of-the-art medieval fantastic psychology profiling tools, Dungeon Mastering is confident that your inner D&D character is a Chaotic Good Elf Ranger!

    That works for me

  32. Taylor says:

    What? Gnome? I hate gnomes.


  33. Yax says:

    Apparently you have some unresolved inner conflicts..

  34. Pé0 says:

    Are you a short person in real life???

  35. Hoss99 says:

    ok i took it twice to double check and ended up with the same thing, just like the test showed i’m a evil DM i’m a Chaotic Evil Halfling Rogue

  36. Tor says:

    I ended up a Chaotic Good Half-Elf Ranger. I guess that’s about right :P

  37. Joshua Jabin says:

    I’m a Chaotic Good Halfling Rogue. Fun.

  38. JOHNNAY says:

    So here I am minding my own business and I take this survey to see what’s it’s all about. I kinda expected to get something chaotic and roguish. But I got:

    True Neutral Half-Centaur Halfling (Quarter-Horse) Bard / Arcane Trickster / Red Dragon Disciple!

    WTF? I’m ukcfed up!

    Anybody else got something that weird?

  39. Jen says:

    I’m apparently a True Neutral Half-orc Sorcerer. *tries to imagine*

  40. Yax says:

    There are worse things than being a True Neutral Half-orc Sorcerer. You could be a Chaotic Evil Gnome Bard.

  41. Mark says:

    A Lawful Good Half-Elf Cleric?

    The only thing I like is that I’m a BASTARD!!!

  42. Bobster says:

    After analyzing your answers with state-of-the-art medieval fantastic psychology profiling tools, Dungeon Mastering is confident that your inner D&D character is a Chaotic Evil Elf Wizard!

    Yeah baby!

  43. Gepetto says:

    I’m a Chaotic Good Half-Orc Sorcerer? There’s a class I’ve never played before…

  44. Mimi says:

    Chaotic Evil Half-Elf Sorcerer / Cleric.


  45. Yax says:

    Lots of sorcerers recently. Hopefully the survey isn’t biased. I’ll have to double-check.

  46. Pxl_Buzzard says:

    True Neutral Half-Orc Druid. Confused? So am I.

  47. zhao-zhuxi says:

    Chaotic Evil Elf Bard…
    Could it be worse?! :]

  48. Guido says:

    Chaotic Good Half-Elf Bard / Cleric, apparently.

    I wanted to be able to cast fireballs :(

  49. xp rules says:

    I’m a Lawful Evil Halfling Monk / Wizard! Thats what I get for ripping hearts out with my hands.

  50. The Dark Passenger says:

    I’m a Lawful Good Half-Centaur Halfling (Quarter-Horse) Ranger. I don’t think I’ve ever run a cross one of these before. I am an anomaly in D&D and in life. I might have to try it on for size.

    Oh, Hi everyone. I’m new here. Found the long way around, exploring for ways to expand my DMing skills. Instant Campaign Builder sold me on the value of this place.

    Thank You Yax.

  51. Yax says:

    You are welcome. And I am sorry you have an inner half-centaur, half-halfing inner character. It must hurt.

  52. Psygnnosed says:

    After analyzing your answers with state-of-the-art medieval fantastic psychology profiling tools, Dungeon Mastering is confident that your inner D&D character is a Lawful Evil Elf Paladin!


    “Lawful” ? My room’s messy and I don’t know the DMG page with the XP and… wait… what exactly is XP for?
    “Paladin”?… I said I hated paladins… “EVIL” ??? I even helped the blind woman crossing the street!!!
    Yax… you did this on purpose…

  53. Yax says:

    My guess is the survey didn’t resolve your inner conflicts… I’m sorry.

  54. Torco says:

    I’m a lawfull good half orc barbarian… what’s a lawfull good barbarian? That’s kind of weird, isn’t it ?? well, what tha heck

  55. Yax says:

    It is very weird. You might need help!

  56. Psygnnosed says:

    I bet you’re having a blast teasing with everybody’s “inner conflicts”… ;)

  57. Boss says:

    *Maniacal Laugh*


    Of course, that could just be a reflection on the fact that I am the DM for my gaming group… heh.

  58. Yax says:


    I am having an awesome time! :P

  59. Badger the Gnome says:

    Chaotic Good Gnome Rogue!

    Odd, all my favourite characters over the last 18 years have been CG Gnome Rogues… must work!

    Mind you I am actually 4 foot nothing, short tempered and somewhat opinionated so it could describe me in real life too…

  60. Udon't Kneedtoknow says:

    “Dungeon Mastering is confident that your inner D&D character is a Chaotic Good Halfling Fighter!”

    That’s just not right. I’m 6’2″ for f***s sake!

  61. Kadon Nacel says:

    i always knew i was an oxymoron….but even that seems to be a lil much

  62. Jeremiah says:

    I love sorcerers but NO… I have to be a neutral evel elf!
    I don’t mind though, As long as I can rip your heart out!!!


  63. MR-Gee says:

    Chaotic Evil Dwarf Ranger! from me…

  64. The Inexorable says:

    Chaotic Good Half-Elf Paladin…umm no, since when is it possible for a pally to be chaotic?

  65. Marlec says:

    Yeah ! I’m a Chaotic Evil Halfling Wizard !

  66. Yax says:

    @The Inexorable:
    It is impossible to play a Chaotic Good Paladin. You must be really messed up on the inside. :P

  67. WolfBane says:

    Chaotic Neutral Half-Orc Druid.

    That’s awesome!

  68. Olaf The Black says:

    Well, all except for the “evil” part, I totally agree with my inner class as a Neutral-Evil Half-Elf Bard/Barbarian!!!!

  69. Asmogard says:

    Apparently, I’m a Chaotic Good Half-Orc Ranger.


  70. Rega says:

    I am a Lawful Neutral Half-Orc Barbarian. How am I a barbarian and Lawful Neutral? I am so confused.

  71. Sage says:

    neutral good half-elf ranger ftw!!

  72. ZaneBellamy says:

    I’m a Lawful Evil Gnome Monk.

    Which is weird… I picked up the D&D handbook at Barnes & Noble and decided to pick out a character. Gnome Monk sounded good to me.


  73. Steve says:

    A Chaotic Good Half-fiend Half-orc Paladin.
    Holy crap. I think I’ve had enough of life.

  74. Yax says:

    That might be the weirdest inner character. You might want to seek professional help.

  75. Hoss99 says:

    first time it took it i was a Chaotic Evil Halfling Rogue this time i am a Chaotic Evil Halfiing Wizard. guess not much changes over time :)

  76. luni says:

    chaotic evil elf druid
    but i thought, druids have to be neutral

  77. Jason says:

    Chaotic Evil Halfling Rogue, lol we lil peeps do it from behind!

  78. Owen Wiltshire says:

    Neutral evil elf rogue/mage. Sneakup and stab or fireball and run!

    Owen Wiltshire
    Toronto (and movin back to london) – comp sci hurt brain

  79. Turlock says:

    Lawful Good Elf Ranger. Pretty accurate except for the Lawful part. I’ve always thought of myself as more of a Neutral Good type.

  80. Alphadean says:

    I am a Chaotic Good Elf Monk Fighter…I can see it. Yeah I can I really see it. I guess since I’m the DM I can make a special sect of CG Elvan Monk Fightes …I’ll creat them there own monastary.

  81. Hyrulius says:

    I got Lawful Good Gnome Druid. Lawful Good, I would say that’s accurate. And yeah, I’d say I have a rather Gnome-like attitude. But me as Druid class? Odd. I’ll have to make one and try it out.

  82. The Gremlin says:

    Great. I’m a Lawful Good Dwarf. At least I’m a druid.

  83. Lawful Evil Elf Druid? :) Hahahahaha…..

  84. Aaron O says:

    Lawful Good Halfling Paladin / Wizard

    somebody waaaay back mentioned getting LG Gnome Monk and was disgusted….I ACTUALLY have one of those in the campaign I’m running right now

  85. Aurus says:

    Anyone who created this MUST be a genius

  86. Drizzit Red says:

    I’m a Chaotic Evil Elf Rogue! Which fits, because my favorite character is a NE Drow Rogue/Assassin.

  87. Ryan Reid says:

    Chaotic Evil Half-Orc Fighter…

    Darn, I was hoping for a barbarian..

  88. Ali-bhoy says:


    What gives?

    The first time i’m a Half-elven Lawfull Good Paladin – fair enough.. i suppose

    Then i do it again and i’m a Lawful Good Gnome Ranger

    I don’t really mind but if one is lawful good surely you would tell the candy stealing child not to or call the police…. i did neither

    And i never helped the blind man on either try…..

  89. Akryl says:

    “Neutral Evil Dwarf Cleric”
    Damn. First time ever heard of dwarf cleric.

  90. The Cat says:

    “Chaotic Neutral Gnome Ranger”

  91. Stûnibu says:

    thats rite Stûnibu is bk nd wat a beta way 2 return than by saying
    im a Lawful Evil Dwarf Monk!!!!

  92. Lobo says:

    Chaotic Neutral Halfling Rogue… Ya, I’m a little crazy…

  93. Alphadean says:

    I’m Lawful nuetral Halfling Monk Scary

  94. Imp says:

    wOW, a chaotic evil half orc rogue/cleric!

    I’m quite amazed by that, yet it seems acurate for some reason.

    Characters at dungeonimp.com too.

  95. Bird says:

    My inner character is a Chaotic Evil Half Orc Monk. I can’t say i’m disapointed with the survey. i think thats gonna be my next character lol

  96. Silver says:

    Lawful Good Dwarf Monk

    #1: 3rd edition still is nothing more than a money maker for the WoC, a spoling of all the great foundations of what D&D started as. They should have just named it something else b/c it isn’t D&D.

    #2: Dwarves can’t be monks b/c no monks in 2nd edition

    #3: I think monks are sissy, where’s my hunk of sharp metal?

    #4: I would never play a Lawful good anything as that’s very boring.

    In conclusion this survey sucks eggs

  97. Yax says:

    Egg sucking? I might need clarification.

    On second thought, forget it – I don’t want to know more about egg sucking.

  98. Windwaker says:

    Lawful Good Gnome Ranger/Wizard.

    Odd. I should try this. I didn’t think gnomes had the attention span to learn spellcasting.

  99. Erin says:

    I’m a neutral evil elf rogue. Yeah… that’s me. :-) Awesome!

  100. Yax says:

    That’s probably the pbest result I’ve seen so far! Lawful Good Gnome Ranger/Wizard? That’s weird.

  101. Turlock says:

    This time I turned out to be a Lawful Good Elf Ranger.

    Whenever I take these surveys I always end up as an elf, a ranger, and good. The only thing that ever changes seems to be whether I’m Chaotic Good, Neutral Good, or Lawful Good.

    My favorite character (one I’ve been playing for 34 years) is a Neutral Good Human Fighter/Ranger so I guess this hits pretty close to home except for the Human part.

    I’ll always pick a Ranger or a Fighter to play, if I have a choice. When I pick a Fighter I always choose to be Human. When I pick a Ranger I always choose to be Elven.

    Whenever my wife takes these kinds of surveys, she always winds up as a Chaotic Good Rogue with her race going anywhere between Elven, Half-Elven, or Human. However, we believe this is only because they don’t have sprites or pixies as a racial option. =)

  102. izzy says:

    I’m a true neutral Elf Cleric. How boring. Geez.

  103. Yohkai says:

    I took this again because I forgot what I was. I got Lawful Neutral Halfling Sorcerer. I’m good with the Alignment and Class…but not Halfling! ><

    Maybe that’s why I hate them so much…my inner self is a halfling. :P

  104. Dang that thing sure is acurate, I actualy am a chaotic evil sorrceror/thief in real life!

  105. Dranyam says:

    I can not believe this one…

    Neutral Good Half-Orc Druid!

  106. RJ Umberger says:

    Lawful Evil Half-Dragon Half-Elf Rogue? Really? I feel more neutral…

  107. Mysti says:

    Yo! I’m a neutral evil half elf cleric. Try saying that three times fast!!

  108. Butch says:

    I’m a coatic good halfling rogue. Excellent bring on forth edition in South Africa

  109. fofoolin says:


    chaotic evil half orc fighter

  110. Klaive says:

    Right on the money, CE Halfling Rouge. My inner character is alive.

    WA hahahahahaaaaah!!!!

  111. im a CE Halfling Rouge

    i need tips bcuz i am sorta new to D&D

    also because at te sessions i go to we r trying to take over ALL of the plains

  112. Jae says:


    Lawful Good Halfling Monk/Barbarian

    Lawful Good: Huh.

    Halfing: I can see that.

    Monk/Barbarian: Holy hell! I never considered before. I must try it now. Or tomorrow.

  113. Loki says:

    Hi, I’m a halfling druid, i agree with this as although I’m not short it does suit me. Unfortunately I am also chaotic good as well which is a prohibited alignment for a druid so basically I’m stuffed. I would say this thing is very slightly faulty as any D&D player would now know from my ‘Inner Class’.

  114. LEONIDOS says:


  115. Dooda says:

    I am a chaotic neutral halfling bard. That’s funny becuse I am playing a chaotic neutral halfling bard!!! Go yax… lol

  116. Patrice says:

    True neutral half-elf sorcerer. Sounds fine to me. Like this test. I love being true neutral, it has a mysterious feeling in it.

    I’m happy with my inner self.

  117. Thoraxe_the_impaler(OMG) says:

    Well, I took the test three times hoping for something cool, but the first time I got Lawful Good (strange, there’s always that one person in town that I want to beat up randomly XD) Half-Elf Paladin, and the second and third times I got Neutral Evil Gnome (lol, I’m almost 6 feet tall) Bard / Monk (I’d rather use a kick ass weapon).

    o.O I was hoping for somewhat of a Half-Orc fighter or a super awesome Half-Dragon Human fighter. XD looks like my personality suits neither.

  118. NaomiKnight says:

    I’m a Lawful Good Elf Ranger! I am sooo lawful good. Now I’m gonna go re-take it and see what you get if you rip everybody’s heart out >:)

    Edit: Ha! I just went back and re-took it and picked all the most ridiculous, heart-ripping out answers. Chaotic Evil Halfling Monk. Ha!

  119. SFC Omicron says:

    Apparently, feeling good after ripping someone’s heart out with my bare hands makes me a Lawful Good Halfling Ranger or Sorceror. Of course, the other choices affected my character, but still…

    …Ripping someone’s heart out with my bare hands and feeling good about it still makes me Lawful Good? I can just imagine a Halfling Ranger doing that…

  120. Bridget says:

    I am a Chaotic Good Half-Orc Monk!

  121. Janet says:

    Neutral Good Elf Paladin.

    Hmm, and I just created a Half Elf Warlock. I would have liked him to be neutral evil, but the book says not to choose evil alignments if you want anyone to play with. Currently wavering between unaligned and lawful good.

  122. Spekter says:

    Rad ….
    Chaotic Evil Half-Elf Ranger!

    Seriously, I’m playing an elven ranger rogue qiz … ALWAYS have teh elven ranger rogue nonsense going down. Did Imention he’s Chaotic neutral … spooky .. I make that toon on every D&D game I’ve played hahaha.

  123. Billy says:

    I am a CG Half-Elf Ranger…… Thats Awesome:)

  124. Siris says:

    Dude, true neutral elf rogue/barbarian! I sneak up and then sneak attack your skull in with my greatsword while raging!


  125. Morandir says:

    I’m a Neutral Evil Half-Celestial Halfling Rouge

  126. George says:

    I’m a chaotic evil half orc ranger. what the heck!!!

  127. Dire Hamster says:

    It says I’m a CG Half-Elf Barbarian! Well…at least they got the C(very, very chaotic)G Barbarian part right. But Half-Elf? C’mon! At least it didn’t tell me I’m an elf though. Bunch of candy-asses, those elves…

  128. Wyatt says:

    True Neutral Halfling Rouge…… interesting…….

  129. Cypherious says:

    Lawful Good Half-Elf Monk… sounds about right

  130. Kurtis says:

    Chatoic Good Half-Orc Barbarbian? oh man, I’d be laughed out of the tribe….LOL.

  131. Shago says:

    Lawful Evil Halfling Cleric.

    Not exactly the way I see myself, but it’s exactly the last character I played.
    The results are funny, but it’s funnier to fill the form, very nice.

  132. Azar says:

    Yes im a Nutrual Good Half-Elf Paladin,I love Bieng paladins!

  133. Moonatic says:

    Chaotic Evil Half-Dragon Half-Elf Fighter! so confused…. lol

  134. Child Progeny says:

    Chaotic Evil Halfling Rogue.
    I’m really short, and I’ll FUCK YOU UP.

  135. Jesseswift says:

    Lawful Neutral Half-Orc Rogue/Paladin!

    So I fight for justice but then steal all your stuff…

  136. Kurtis says:

    I’m a Lawful Good Half-Orc Monk.

  137. GM says:

    I’m a Lawful Good Half-Elf Fighter.

  138. Sava says:

    lawful good halfling rogue?!
    hahaha a good one
    those are my inner personality conflicts because in general, i think and desire chaotic thoughts and wishes, but I always act lawful.. almost xD

  139. mr. man says:

    im a Lawful good half-orc fighter/monk…

    thats awesome!

  140. RDM says:

    Chaotic Evil Elf Sorcerer!!! NICE!!!!

  141. Halcyon Ink says:

    Neutral Evil Elf Rogue. :3 Perfect. Actually one of my preferred skill sets…

    Thinking of switching to Dragonborn, though. ;3 I know, Dragonborn Rogue. There’s an odd duck in every cave.

  142. Donk says:

    Chaotic Evil Elf Barbarian / Wizard is what I got. Not too bad. I would like to create a chaotic evil character for my DnD guild, but all of those wusses want nothing to do with a character like that. Not yet anyway…MWA HA HA HA!!!!

  143. Marion says:

    Lawful Good Half-Orc Monk……interesting. We have used this as a fun addition to our regular game. Very cool.

  144. Su says:

    Lawful Good Elf Fighter- woo-hoo!

    I feel so (unaccustomedly) pure.

  145. Kasey Fern says:

    I got lawful neutral elf monk, which sounds about right : ) I think there should be a choice of a smaller, quicker weapon such as a dagger or crossbow though. I prefer smaller, lighter weapons and I’d rather not rip anyone’s heart out with my hands, gross! Also I think the wicked witch of the west is scary, not cool. Seriously, she used to give me nightmares, lol!

  146. Merc says:

    WTF? Chaotic Evil Half elf sorcerer. This doesn’t seem to fit me at all. The sorc part does, but I am more of a true neutral.

  147. Jul says:

    lawful good elf wizard

  148. kittydice says:

    True Neutral Elf Druid.
    Right; no problem with the allignment and I can deffinetly roll with being a druid. But an ELF? They’re so over-rated and overly clichéd, it’s annoying. In other tests I’ve taken I tend to stay human, and neautral, and a druid…
    I’m just annoyed with the over-adoration of elves I’ve been exposed to; they can’t ALL be vain little clones of Legolas, right? ;)

  149. Russ says:

    Chaotic Good Halfling Bard!
    i think i can live with that, my only concern is that all hafling characters i’ve encountered are annoying twerps, perhaps time for some self reflection

  150. Mira says:

    I got a Lawful Good Gnome Druid. How random. How impossible. Huh.

  151. colten g says:

    i am a
    and the scary thing is that i am playing level11 palidin level 4 bard level5 kensai
    plus he’s half elf and lawful good
    can you be and more of a stalker

  152. Arianna D says:

    I’m a Neutral Good Half-Centaur Elf (Quarter-Horse) Ranger!

    I love it! I’m half-elven in real life(I am, too!), when I was a kid, I wanted to be a horse, and my second favorite thing to do (after gaming) is camping. Amazing how this thing works :)

  153. VikingSamurai says:

    “After analyzing your answers with state-of-the-art medieval fantastic psychology profiling tools, Dungeon Mastering is confident that your inner D&D character is….. a Chaotic Evil Halfling Monk!”

    ripping people’s hearts out feels good

  154. Frostmge says:

    Let’s hear it for Chaotic Good Half-Orc Rangers!! Woooo Hoooo!!! lol

  155. Ray says:

    A Half-Fiend Elf Ranger?!?!

    Isn’t that a Tiefling?

    Considering that I am the only person (who has taken the age survey) that is over 51 that also reads this website, I am quite pleased.

  156. Steve V says:

    After analyzing your answers with state-of-the-art medieval fantastic psychology profiling tools, Dungeon Mastering is confident that your inner D&D character is a Lawful Good Half-Orc Paladin!

  157. Nighthawke says:

    “After analyzing your answers with state-of-the-art medieval fantastic psychology profiling tools, Dungeon Mastering is confident that your inner D&D character is a Chaotic Evil Halfling Monk!” <<<that right there is the shiz. i play alot of halflings, so yeah, it fits. btw, if you tick me off, i’ll rip out your heart with my bare hands like i did that blind guy. teehee.

  158. KintarosTiger says:

    Apparently, I am a… Lawful Good Elf Ranger!

    w00t! I like Good characters, and elves, and… well, rangers are okay. I prefer druids to rangers though.

  159. DrewbeeG says:

    I got a Chaotic Evil Dwarf Barbarian, Lol.

    I could see it now, a evil dwarf running around with a oversized axe shouting “I’ll rip out your heart!…Hic!”

    then fall D:

  160. Brent says:

    Lawful Evil Half-Orc Sorcerer!

    lawful evil is definitely the coolest role to play, but I probably gained the half-orc thing by choosing “rip his heart out with my own hands” too much. Sorcerer is pretty accurate.

  161. Sh1r0k4m1 says:

    Chaotic Evil Halfling Rogue.
    Heh, when my friends DM, they won’t let me be any sort of rouge type character, … I usually end up being a kleptomaniac

  162. Auranghzeb says:

    I turned out to be a Neutral Evil Halfling Rogue, but i feel more like a chaotic neutral Gnome Illusionist. I really do.

  163. vansty says:


  164. ValarKyrent says:

    Ture neutral halfling rogue. True neutral? hmmmm… I guess my extremes just balance each other perfectly.

  165. theotherguy says:

    neutral good elf fighter. in the 4E i was a unaligned halfling cleric of Raven Queen. What are my priorities?

  166. colten G says:

    lawful neutral centaur monk

    I have taken it three times and i always end up lawful neutral and a centaur

    I get the lawful neural but where do you get the half horse from seriously

    also a centaur monk sounds like a kick as character
    I thing I’ll give it a try

  167. Greg Barron says:

    Lawful-Good Half-elf Monk??? Reality, Lvl 4 Barbarian, Lvl 4 Fighter, Lvl 4 Ranger Chaotic-Neutral Male Darfellen.

  168. Neutral Evil Halfling Sorcerer!

    I like to rip hearts out with my own hands, especially blind people and children. Blind Children, I threw a blind child down a slide once…

  169. Zixy says:

    chaotic evil halfling ranger
    try saying that 5 times fast

  170. Joe says:

    that made me so happy

  171. umm..... yes? says:

    this vagina sucks big harry dick with some taco bell extra hot sauce with some horsey sauce
    and my brother likes men

  172. oh yeah says:

    Chaotic Good half orc Druid O.o …win.

  173. TEQ says:

    Lawful Good Half-Orc Sorceror/Fighter. Pretty satisfied with that, could be a cool character.

  174. lamb says:

    Dungeon Mastering is confident that your inner D&D character is a Lawful Evil Half-Fiend Elf Rogue!

  175. miztres says:

    Augh! Couldn’t I be the Neutral Good Halfling Thief?

    I’m so messed up!

    Lawful Good Half-Fiend Half-Elf Bard!

  176. SqueeEGA says:

    Lawful Evil Elf Paladin…huh? I didnt think that was possible. At least my charisma is through the roof. I guess I could be down with this. I did ignore the blind dude, and rip my late friends heart out.

  177. Tagyourit says:

    Nuetral Good Elf Ranger. Huh… I can see alignment being determined by this, and class maybe, but how do you determine race??

    And how are all you people getting Half-/CENTAUR!? o.O Cause that sounds…pretty cool, actually. And quite nommy… Half-Centaur Lizardfolk… *squeels like a little girl*

  178. KotserB says:

    I didn’t get any result. I only got the same page again.


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