What’s your inner D&D 4th edition character?

25 questions. 1 answer.

Ever feel like your destiny isn’t to work in a tiny cubicle? Maybe it’s because your inner self is a Lawful Good Demigod Pit Fighter! You only have to answer a few questions to know what your inner D&D character is!

1 – Fighters are:

  • Powerful.
  • Overrated.
  • Great lobbyists. Why else would all the spells be voted out of the core books?

2 – Wizards are:

  • Powerful.
  • Overrated.
  • Sexy. It’s the robe – it looks cozy.

3 – Rogues are:

  • Powerful.
  • Overrated.
  • Sexy. It’s the tight black leather – it looks kinky.

4 – My weapon of choice is:

  • Something huge, like a greataxe.
  • Something crude, like a club.
  • Something normal, like a longsword.
  • Something elegant, like a rapier.
  • Doesn’t matter. I just want to kill things and take their stuff.

5 – My role in a party is to:

  • Be a leader.
  • Be a controller.
  • Be a defender.
  • Be a striker.
  • Get the party started!

6 – Your boyfriend/girlfriend scolds you because you were out all night and didn’t say where you were. What do you do?

  • A Diplomacy check.
  • A Will save.
  • A Fortitude save.
  • I cast Forceful Retort.

7 – Tieflings are:

  • Evil.
  • Creepy.
  • Horny.
  • Usurpers of the gnomes’ place in the core books.

8 – Dragonborns are:

  • Good.
  • Ugly.
  • The proof that everyone wants to be a dragon.
  • Usurpers of the half-orcs’ place in the core books.

9 – Are you a DM or a player?

  • DM.
  • Player.
  • Both.
  • I don’t play D&D right now.

10 – Your favorite dragons are:

  • Red dragons.
  • Blue dragons.
  • Black dragons.
  • Green dragons.
  • White dragons.
  • Gold dragons.
  • Silver dragons.
  • Copper dragons.
  • Adamantine dragons.
  • Iron dragons.
  • Dragon Turtles.

11 – Are you a good liar?

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • I never lie.
  • Doesn’t matter what the answer is since you can’t trust a liar.

12 – Which one of these activities would you rather do on a sunny Saturday morning?

  • Study.
  • Pray.
  • Work out.
  • Sleep.

13 – I really, really like to pwn:

  • Goblins.
  • Kobolds.
  • Zombies.
  • Noobs.

14 – I believe in:

  • UFOs.
  • Magic.
  • Elves.
  • All of the above.

15 – How often do you find yourself covered in blood?

  • Less than once a week.
  • One to five times a week.
  • More than 5 times a week.
  • What?

16 – You write a book and perform a sacrificial ritual to increase your sales. What do you sacrifice?

  • A gnome.
  • Something else.

17 – You see an old lady struggling going up a flight of stairs. What do you do?

  • I help her up.
  • I ignore her.
  • I help her down.
  • I punch her in the face.

18 – You’re taking a test and you see the guy next to you cheating. What do you do?

  • I tell on him.
  • I blackmail him.
  • I ignore him.
  • I punch him in the face.

19 – You have an appointment with a good friend. He shows up 45 minutes late. What do you do?

  • I guilt trip him.
  • I ask if he’s alright.
  • I don’t even mention it.
  • I punch him in the face.

20 – You killed something. What do you do?

  • Take its stuff.
  • Punch it in the face.
  • What?

21 – When I’m drunk I always end up:

  • Talking loudly.
  • Telling everyone I love them.
  • Drunk dialing people.
  • Drunk dialing everyone to tell them I love them.
  • I don’t drink.

22 – You bump into your best friend on the street. He stares at you wide-eyed and keeps saying “I am not an alien.” What do you do?

  • Meh. My friends always do that.
  • I ask him if he’s alright.
  • I call the authorities.
  • I punch him in the face.

23 – How would you describe the last D&D character you played?

  • Unique.
  • Powerful.
  • Fun.
  • 1337.

24 – Which magic weapon enhancement is the coolest?

  • Flaming +6.
  • Holy Avenger +6.
  • Perfect Hunter’s +6.
  • Lifedrinker +6.

25 – When I punch someone in the face I feel:

  • Good.
  • Bad.
  • What?

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193 thoughts on “What’s your inner D&D 4th edition character?

  1. Er, I think Yax’s quizzes don’t like me. Or maybe I’m missing the joke?

    The result was:
    Good Dwarf Warlord

    in spite of the fact that my results were:

    Inner Character Alignment Demographics
    37.5% – Unaligned
    Inner Character Race Demographics
    18.75% – Eladrin
    Inner Character Class Demographics
    22.92% – Wizard
    Inner Character Complete Demographics
    8.33% – Unaligned Half-Elf Fighter

    Good Dwarf Warlord showed up at the bottom of that last list, with 2.08%.

  2. Chaotic Evil Tiefling Rogue

    I noticed you missed the ONLY TRUE dragon choice…. Phaerie Dragon!

  3. Chaotic Evil Human Warlord.

    ive always wanted to play a CE char.

    although, i would really like to do the eladrin too….oooo so exciting.

  4. Very interesting…

    Your inner character:
    Chaotic Evil Eladrin Demigod Feytouched Warlock

    Don’t tell the wife :D

  5. Chaotic Evil Human Rogue

    My apologies to Expy, I didn’t choose red dragon on number 10. I chose a metallic dragon since they got left out of D&D.

  6. Chaotic Evil Tiefling wizard. What?

    And this is after I helped the old lady up the stairs lol.

  7. Unaligned Eladrin Warlord. That’s pretty snazzy. I suppose I’m an inspiring and dextrous warlord, then. With totally sweet eyes!

  8. Took it and got

    Evil Dragonborn Deadly Trickster Shadow Assassin Rogue

    I think I may have to abandon my defender paladin for the next campaign, heed these words of wisdom, and role this character ^^ Who needs a tank anyways =O

  9. Your inner character:
    Lawful Good Halfling Warlock

    Inner Character Complete Demographics
    0.63% – Lawful Good Halfling Warlock

    That is a unique char. But I’ll be damned. The only reaseon I ever played lawfull was to play a paladin. OK I play good characters. BUT HALFLING WARLOCK??? It’s the ultimate sacrifice to any cult… I suppose no one can live for ever. So I’m going to create my own cult and use myself as a sacrifice to summon the Great Cthulhu…

  10. Unaligned Elf Warlock.

    I think that fits because my last 3 characters in 3.5 have been messy mish-mashes of trying to decide between ranger, rogue and sorceror. I have yet to try 4e and I hate trying to figure out spell lists but the warlock seems to fit my style better.

  11. Well you won’t need to figure out spell lists if you switch to 4th edition. All the classes have about the same amount of powers.

  12. Yay. Even thoiugh I’m a christian and a good person I’m Chaotic Evil drow demigod angelic avenger cleric of lolth. Man I am a badass

  13. 3.5e Lawful Good Elven Cleric

    4e Chaotic Evil Eladrin Warlord

    It was the change… the scudding clouds revealed a full moon… 4e was released… I punched a few people in the face where previously i may have made nice… and it all made me googly eyed crazy!!!

    Im still in control though… oh yes the players are my shield and the DM is my sword

  14. I am soo common 2.2%!
    The most common!
    Damn it just give me 2 scimitars a pet cat and call me Drizzit
    But the googly eyed crazy Drizzit, not the diary writing wus.

  15. Unaligned Half-Elf Demigod Angelic Avenger Cleric of Erathis

    Lucas, here is my answer to your badass. :)

  16. Unaligned Human Cleric of Corellon

    I’m also v.boring obviously – either that or just completely flexible and multi-talented… mmmm.

  17. Unaligned Human Cleric of The Raven Queen. I said no…but deep down I know I really wanted it.

  18. Your inner character:
    Chaotic Evil Tiefling Warlock

    Hrmm i have never once received good or Neutral :) guess some things are just ment to be.

  19. Lawful Good Halfling Demigod Warpriest Cleric

    This wasn’t really a suprise for me. My last 3.5 edition character was a halfling paladin.

  20. Your inner character:
    Chaotic Evil Tiefling Wizard haha

    And I’ll punch you in the FACE!!

  21. Your Inner Character
    Unaligned Eladrin Demigod Swordmaster

    And just what does that mean…Give me a sword and I’ll show you

    Now when I did the 3.5 quiz twice I was a
    Chaotic Good Elf Monk Fighter
    Lawful Nuetral Halfling Monk
    and now a Demigod with a sword …world domnation is next

  22. Ummm…I am a little worried. Apparently my inner character is a Chaotic Evil Tiefling Demigod Feytouched Warlock. I think i need to see a therapist…*punched in the face* nevermind hehehehehe.

  23. Nice! My inner Character:
    Unaligned Human Deadly Trickster Daggermaster Rogue

    I think I might have to make one

  24. unaligned human demigod hospitaler paladin of the raven queen

    um, first question “hospitaler”?

    second question “raven queen”?

    third question “PALADIN”!?!?!?!?!?

    Lolz, sounds interesting……….

  25. I took this test 3 times…(each tme slightly different info, egg.: i digg lifedrinker swords but given choice in real life would chose frost so i marked flaming)
    1.Chaotic Evil Eladrin Wizard
    2. Good eladrin wizard
    Not close
    3.Good eladrin demigod bloodmage
    “i like, i like!”

    Really, i am a Unaligned Drow Demigod Wizard Mage of Arcane Order Archmage

  26. Chaotic Evil Human Warlord.

    Wish I were surprised… ¬_¬
    In a longer psychological test (a real one) I tested as “Dictator- ENTJ. 60% Extraversion, 67% Intuition, 67% Thinking, 67% Judging”

  27. I don’t find myself covered in blood any amount of times a week. I find myself covered in blood once a month for a week.

  28. Unaligned Human Paladin of Ioun… Huh… can paladins be unaligned? Dammit. I’m good! Don’t argue or I’ll punch you in the face! Kidding, kidding… about being good… no! the punching part… oh, whatever…

  29. WTF…Your inner character:
    Unaligned Halfling Cleric of Sehanine
    I’ll show you halfling cleric after i kick your ass and loot your dead body then hide in the shadows that your dead bloated body casts on the blood splattered wall!

  30. wtf totaly inaccurate. how can someone be more unaligned and good than anything else and turn out an evil halfling rouge?

  31. LMAO
    Your inner character:
    Evil Dwarf Knight Commander Warlord

    Heh, Just me…
    0.05% – Knight Commander Warlord

    Just cause I punched that old lady in the face…

  32. Your inner character:
    Unaligned Halfling Warlock

    Eh, I can see it. My approach to magic is sort of like a little kid with their first chemistry set. *grin*

  33. Haha I got almost the exact class I play. Lawful Good and Paladin were spot-on, I’m a tiefling, not a human though.

  34. Chaotic Evil Dragonborn Demigod Doomslayer Warlock…sounds about right. Where are my clerics! I NEED WORSHIPERS!

  35. hmm. Lawful Good Dragonborn Paladin.

    im 6’5″ that works
    Boy Scout and Eagle scout – that works
    I hate lying – Works too

    i think we have a winna

  36. How does this work?

    Your inner character:
    Good Halfling Wizard

    Inner Character Alignment Demographics
    37.42% – Unaligned
    21.43% – Good

    Inner Character Race Demographics
    19.88% – Human
    19.1% – Halfling

    Inner Character Class Demographics
    19.36% – Cleric
    17.42% – Rogue
    10.2% – Paladin
    10.06% – Warlock
    9.46% – Fighter
    9.34% – Wizard

    So, shouldn’t I be an Unaligned Human Cleric?

  37. How I ended up any sort of cleric, a Lawful Good Halfling Cleric at that, is completely beyond me.

  38. Good Dragonborn Cleric of Pelor and here I thought a different god but Dragonborn Cleric isnt so bad

  39. Your inner character:
    Good Elf Rogue

    Why am I ALWAYS a rogue?! Starting to doubt whether i know myself as well as i think I do hehe.

    Next character will be rogue then, should be fun :D

  40. Your inner character:
    Good Dragonborn Warlord

    Survey Statistics
    The survey was completed 6353 times.

    Inner Character Alignment Demographics
    38.58% – Unaligned
    21.45% – Good
    16.86% – Evil
    11.74% – Lawful Good
    11.36% – Chaotic Evil

    Inner Character Race Demographics
    19.72% – Human
    19.24% – Halfling
    13.79% – Eladrin
    10.64% – Elf
    10.36% – Dwarf
    10.06% – Half-Elf
    8.36% – Tiefling
    7.32% – Dragonborn
    0.52% – Drow

    Inner Character Class Demographics
    19.58% – Cleric
    17.49% – Rogue
    10.04% – Paladin
    9.87% – Warlock
    9.38% – Wizard
    9.37% – Fighter
    7.54% – Ranger
    7% – Warlord

    Hmm, the one class and one race I dislike the most….Interesting

  41. Good Eladrin paladin of Avandra.
    Close; good alignment, Avandra is his respected deity (not worshipped, it’s a matter of principle).
    I AM NOT A PALADIN. I AM A WIZARD, whose gloves are intertwined with strands of metal sodium so his fire spells burn purple.

  42. Good elf wizard, so high wisdom, intelligence, and dexterity. Sounds a lot like the real-life me (perceptive, sneaky, insightful, and anything but tough), but the good alignment came as a surprise. I was so sure I was going to be unaligned.
    Neat quiz.

  43. lol answer to #1 punch them in the face
    #2 punch them in the face
    #3 punch them in the face
    #4 punch them in the face

  44. Unaligned Halfing Daggermaster Rogue…

    The funny thing is, I actually mad one of those just last weekend!!!

  45. Unaligned Dwarf Ranger

    Survey Statistics
    The survey was completed 6915 times.

    Inner Character Alignment Demographics
    39.18% – Unaligned
    21.72% – Good
    17.18% – Evil
    11.27% – Lawful Good
    10.66% – Chaotic Evil

    Inner Character Race Demographics
    19.65% – Human
    19.06% – Halfling
    13.77% – Eladrin
    10.67% – Elf
    10.35% – Dwarf
    9.98% – Half-Elf
    8.4% – Tiefling
    7.62% – Dragonborn
    0.49% – Drow

    Inner Character Class Demographics
    19.55% – Cleric
    17.57% – Rogue
    10.08% – Paladin
    9.86% – Warlock
    9.43% – Wizard
    9.37% – Fighter
    7.52% – Ranger
    6.87% – Warlord

    Hey thats pretty close i play an unaligned elf ranger but i wonder if playing as a dwarf would be fun? hmmm….

  46. I prefer good gnome bards,what was with all the “punch it in the face”.

  47. 1st I was unaligned halfling cleric. I got to thinking what in the world those questions actually meant and redid them. Now I’m a good elf ranger which is actually what I rolled up in my bro’s game! I’m right where I want to be!
    P.S. I’m 95% sure I didn’t redo this based on what I think an elf would say- I’m just like that when I actually think about it. XD

  48. unaligned. What prayers should I use? but i do like the death-but-not-undead idea.

  49. Lawful Good Eladrin Paladin

    Inner Character Alignment Demographics
    39.61% – Unaligned
    21.95% – Good
    17.91% – Evil
    10.59% – Lawful Good
    9.94% – Chaotic Evil

    Inner Character Race Demographics
    19.46% – Human
    19.24% – Halfling
    13.92% – Eladrin
    10.62% – Elf
    10.37% – Dwarf
    9.86% – Half-Elf
    8.53% – Tiefling
    7.56% – Dragonborn
    0.44% – Drow

    Inner Character Class Demographics
    19.69% – Cleric
    17.88% – Rogue
    9.87% – Paladin


  50. Unaligned Dwarf Paladin of Corellon
    never played a Dwarf or a Paly… hmmm maybe i could pull it off

  51. it lists me as a lawful good human paladin. i seem to get that and similar things a lot. last time i was a lawful good half-elf bard. ^^

  52. Evil tiefling Warlock

    Bonus question 26
    “If I had a dollar for every time I …(-BLANK-)…I would have a lot a dollars.”
    A. …Shit on the carpet…
    B. …Fell up stairs…
    C. …Fucked my dog…
    D. …Punched myself in the face…

  53. Not too bad. It say’s my inner character is a Good Dwarf Cleric of Avandra. Currently playing a Good HUMAN Cleric from Adlerleron.

  54. Rock on!!!!

    Chaotic Evil Halfling Rogue!!!

    I will call myself Yippy Theivington Gnome Bleeder…. becasue gnomes smell like cabbage.


  55. OMG the UI sucked because if the stats were correct, i would be an evil halfling rogue or cleric, not a freaking wizard!

  56. Wow! I retried the thing and i got eladrin instead of halfling. (Just add newer classes to the mix plz, so I won’t keep getting the wiz!)

  57. Ok my inner char is a sentinel so I will settle for a Evil Human Psion/Rogue mind-ninja elite!

  58. So I’m an unaligned halfling wizard? Actually, I’m more of an elven shadow caster with a shadow template… but my next charrie is a gnomish bardish rogueish druidish….thing.

    Yey fochlucan lyrist!!!

  59. I conduct surveys for a living and I would say this one is missing a lot:
    #5 no scout/point option.
    #10 someone noted there are some missing.
    #12 all stationary, what about explore.
    #13 is there such a big difference between kobolds and goblins?
    #14 UFO has both conotation and denotation
    #15 is this question supposed to detect serial killers?
    #16 pathetic question, it’s not even funny.
    #20 where you on crack; where is the option to bury him/it?
    #21 there it is: you’re suggesting people who don’t drink are no fun.
    #22 so you’re either weak, tough, or in the crazy club.

    So you obviously think Good aligned characters are boring, very biased survey.
    It’s fools like you that make me want to stick to my 3.5 edition books.

  60. My result was Evil Half-Elf Spellstorm Mage. That’s pretty cool, considering that I started a mage today, and was wondering how it should develop! Maybe I’ll go for Spellstorm Mage!^^

    By the way, I don’t think the percentages you see are based on your individual test, but rather on all of the tests taken. There are simply too many, and detailed, percentages shown. So no-one has gotten “something else on percentages”. If someone already said this, I beg forgiveness. If not, HAH! =P

    Anyway, what’s an Eladrin???

  62. Unaligned Human Paladin of The Raven Queen

    I will help the old lady up the stairs, but when we get to the top, I shove her down! Another soul for the Raven Queen.

  63. Good Half-Elf Cat Burglar Rogue here.

    Huh, sounds a lot like how I play, and how I DM. Now I need to find out what in 4e is a cat burgular. Do I get to steal cats?

  64. Ha! I’m a Unaligned Human Cleric of Sehanine. That’s funny. I have never played one of those before. I usually play the weirdest thing I can find. I think I’ll try it in my next campaign.

  65. My newest char is an Unaligned “freelance” Deva Avenger. He is “freelance” due to the fact that he may be the single divine char I created or created in general that DOES NOT follow a god. He is in Ebberron and draws his power from the Morning arcana, which he was exposed to full-on. He, however, follows the Isolating Avenger build closely.

  66. Unaligned Half-Elf Ranger

    Yeah that’s about right.

    Also *FIXED*
    Dragonborn are… the easy way out for people who want a draconic character but are too lazy to make a proper half-dragon template character.

  67. Take 2:

    Good Eladrin Cleric of Pelor.

    Right. Okay. I’m gonna stop now before I break a rib from laughing so hard.

  68. Good Dragonborn Cleric of Pelor

    Having an existential crisis… Can’t stand playing Clerics! Like the Dragonborn and Pelor, though. What was with all the questions about punching others in the face? Someone has some issues!

  69. Evil eladrin rogue.
    Maybe its because I “helped” the old lady down the stairs and killed the gnome.
    Or maybe all the face punching.

  70. Spot on Chaotic Good dragonborn ranger. dude I currently play that charachter!

  71. Freaky! my current character is an unaligned shifter cleric of melora and it suggested an unaligned elven cleric of melora. No shifters in the results so pretty much spot on. You guys are good!

  72. Yax says:
    June 29, 2008 at 1:34 pm


    The demographics is for everyone who took the survey.


    Brian makes a good point though, I though the same error happened.
    I don’t think it is clear enough that those are statistics for all results.
    When my personal information is collected at the end of a survey they call it the demographic questions, so I can have an individual place in the demographics.
    “All Results Statistics” would be clearer.

    In any case, I don’t trust the results, I didn’t answer anything the way a dwarf would. Nor was I neutral, I was helpful and a snitch. The dragon question has mostly Evil dragons. What?


    I say it needs a balancing rewrite.

  73. Unaligned Eladrin Cleric of Corellon

    Hm, I guess on the inside I really am a healer. Meh, oh well, still going to kill stuff and have fun doing it :3

  74. Unaligned Elf Knight Commander Warlord – This just seems odd to me. What ever happened to just normal CG Elf Ranger or something……doing things like this online remind me why i absolutely refuse to play 4e

  75. An Evil Half-Elf Warlord? That’s kind of funny, actually. I usually play a morally gray (evil is such a harsh term) Half-Elf Bard. So…not too far off. Half Elf Leader who isn’t perfect… X-D (Scuse me, I have a player to go torture…)

  76. Lawful Good Human Paladin

    Mohahaha, take that suckers!

    No wait, that’s out of character…

  77. Apperently I’m also a Lawful Good Gnome Barbarian.


  78. I got Good Eladrin Ranger. But when I play i’m the

    44.74% – Unaligned
    20.33% – Halfling
    18.08% – Rogue

  79. Your inner character:
    Unaligned Half-Elf Fighter

    I read al the posts and Im the only Unaligned Half-Elf Fighter.

    That cant be good. i mean, how can i really be the only Unaligned Half-Elf Fighter. Id prefer to see many like me “Unaligned Half-Elf Fighters”

    I always enjoyed the idea of half elves, and warriors, wel, they move a party generallly, but unaligned? how can someone be unaligned, is that neutral, or netutral good or sth like that?


    I enjoyed all your posts, some made me laugh a lot.


  80. Unaligned halfing cleric….. wut? The unaligned, yes… Halfling…short but I can deal, cleric??? God damnit, it’s all the nights I took care of drunk friends isn’t it? I can mend my ways, honest!

  81. I am a chaotic evil drow eternal seeker life stealer warlock. I play v3.5 so I haven’t got the foggiest idea what half that means, but the chart shows that is the rarest possible thing you can be.

    Whatever happened to “Chaotic good human ranger”?

  82. Jorge,
    There is no difference. They just changed the name when the made a new edition. They also got rid of lawful evil, chaotic good, chaotic neutral, lawful neutral, and neutral evil and neutral good got replaced by evil and good.

  83. Draco golden scales is lying. In 4th there is no chaotic good, and in the other editions there are no dragonborne

  84. Unaligned halfling cleric of yondalla the most common thing possible, and I said my character felt unique

  85. Chaotic evil human paladin. I thought paladins have to be lawful good…
    Did they change it for fourth edition? I totally agree with ad&ddm and platypus dude that the previous editions were way better. Incidentally, 5th edition is coming soon, and they are going to “unite rules and systems from the very beginning, AD&D, v3, v3.5, and the latest, fourth edition.” it will epically suck.

  86. Close …kinda i guess… I am usually the Neutral Halfling Treasure Seeker of the party! And yes I said treasure seeker and so will you if you don’t want your achilles tendon slit when you aren’t looking! *Bats eyes* I wouldn’t really do that …… Or would I? Hehehe.

  87. I Have tried 3 and 3.5 and 4th… I did not like….any of them, That’s why I still DM my 1st & 2nd Edition rules hodgepodge.

  88. My inner character:

    Evil Halfling Life-Stealer Warlock… Well, not as bad, as I had expected. I remember those evil halflings from Book of Vile Darkness. Gollum with invocations, blast shapes, and a shaved head. Kinky.

  89. “Unaligned Human Warpriest Cleric of Sehanine”
    Huh, I usually think of myself as Chaotic Good Mul Paladin of Avandra… Interesting…

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