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Roleplaying Tips – Johnn Four Interview

Interview with Johnn Four – lie detector style!

I recently peperred Johnn Four from with questions. To make life hard on Johnn I conducted the interview “lie detector style” so you’ll find irrelevent and irreverent questions scattered through the conversation. Enjoy!

Who are you?
I’m a 36 year old terrestrial with an untreated pun affliction, now apparently with too many D&D 3.5 books.

When did you launch
1999. I figured the world was going to explode due to the Y2K threat, so it was time to get my GMing ideas out there.

Which 2 RPGs have you played the most?
D&D and Work(tm). I currently have a D&D campaign that runs every other Thursday night. Work occurs each weekday, and I play a Level 2 Web Monkey. Check out our upcoming Xbox 360 awesome sci-fi RPG: Mass Effect.

I’ve also played a lot of Rolemaster, and moderate amounts of Ars Magica and GURPS.

What is the name of your dog?
Sit, Come Here, and often, Hey, Drop That!

Define Dungeons & Dragons in 14 words or less.
A game where friends play heroes who combat villains to earn great rewards.

Red dragons or Gold Dragons?
Both. With the PCs caught in the middle.

Do you ever have nightmare about calcuting T.H.A.C.0?
That’s a game mechanic that has never added up.

Kobolds or Goblins?
Goblins. With ketchup. Lots and lots of ketchup.

What city are you in right now?

What campaign setting are you using for your current D&D / RPG game?
Greyhawk. I’m running the classic Temple of Elemental Evil module with a few more villains added in for good measure.

From a scale of 1 to 10 – 1 meaning “awesome” and 10 meaning “addictive” – how do you describe
I eat it every day with toast.

Do you really spell your name with 2 n’s?
You mean Joh2n’s? That would be 5illy.

What is the last character you’ve played?
I played a spiked-chain wielding, demon bloodline fighter/rogue from southern Forgotten Realms, on the run because of a basic misunderstanding with a local thieves’ guild. Who knew thieves would object to stealing from them? That’s just downright hypocritical, if you ask me.

Where were you on April 9th 2004 at 10pm?
At home, with the rellies visiting from BC, watching Rescue Me.

Do you ever obsessively roll dice for no reason?
1 No
2 Maybe
3 Yes
4-6 Roll again

Dungeon crawl or city adventure?
City crawl with a dungeon adventure thrown in.

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  1. Phil says:

    That’s a very entertaining read Yax. Cool questions and Jon2n’s answers are delicious!

    Damn his campaign of Work(TM) sounds more exciting than man… I need to take notes.

  2. Robert says:

    Hey, nice work, two of my regular and cherished reads together at last.

    I am glad you asked about the two ‘n’s. It does make searching for the right newsletter in my email that much easier, though I’ve got my suspicions that that is not the reason he has 2 ‘n’s.

  3. Yax says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ll try to do more interviews in the future and hopefully make them good reads too.

  4. Scott says:

    I really enjoyed this! I’ve read Johnn for years… who knew he could be this funny?

  5. Ian Winterbottom says:

    Johnn is the Greatest, one of the Good Guys, definitely wears a white hat. There is actually a logical reason for the second “N”, it is his privilege to inform you. I have been corresponding for some time, and written the odd article. Subbed since way back, it is the single biggest influence and one of my best “outlets” or inputs – however have now discovered Dungeon Mastering, so ?! I knew he was funny too, (mnyaah, mnyahh!) he makes me smile anyway! And one of the most innovative, imaginative blokes I know, my misfortune is to be born on the wrong damn Continent! Who invented geography, anyway? With all the OTHER guys who add to rpgtips, a GM who misses out on it (and of course my articles!!) is missing something! (Word of mouth, J!)
    Ian Winterbottom

  6. Yax says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I’m sure John will appreciate the compliments too.

  7. Ian Winterbottom says:

    Same goes for you, Yax, it is good to read stuff from fellow enthusiasts who enjoy things like this as much as I do; when you are on your own like me you get to wondering if there ARE any other Gamers out there; mags like this one remind me not only that there are but that some, like yourself among others, are imaginative and intelligent too. Power to your elbow!
    Ian W

  1. [... Interview with Johnn Four - lie detector style! I recently peperred Johnn Four from with questions. To make life hard on Johnn I conducted the interview "lie detector style" ...]

  2. [... Interview with Johnn Four - lie detector style! I recently peperred Johnn Four from with questions. To make life hard on Johnn I conducted the interview "lie detector style" ...]

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