Zombie Murder Mystery
Written by: Nicholas DiPetrillo
Published by: Expy Games
Category: Horror
Price: $19.00
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Zombie Murder Mystery – trust no one!

Have the time of your life while PCs struggle to hold on to theirs! Zombie Murder Mystery is a party game of who-done-it with a zombie infestation twist. One player is the evil necromancer. Will you find him before he finds you? You’d better work fast, the clock is ticking down to the necromancer’s ultimate victory. Or maybe it is your ultimate victory?

Busy schedule? You can still have a regular game night

Zombie Murder Mystery is meant to be played as a one-shot session – no long term commitment to a weekly campaign. Just show up and have fun!campaign.

Learn this roleplaying game in just a few minutes and start having fun with your friends with no preparation!

You can learn ZMM an prepare your first game in 30 minutes or less. Each game session will let you tell a story from beginning to end, including character creation, even if you only have 2 or 3 hours to play.

Overview of Zombie Murder Mystery with Yax

Zombie Murder Mystery includes:

  • 69 pages e-book, landscaped for easy online reading
  • Black and white, printer-friendly version of the ebook
  • Online software for game masters – prepare a game in minutes
  • Lifetime updates. If we update the book, you get a free updated ebook
  • 90 days money-back guarantee, no questions asked
  • A complete, concise, fun ruleset you can learn in 30 minutes
  • A scenario you can learn in 15 minutes – use it to run your first ZMM game
  • Video overview of the game by Nick DiPetrillo
  • “Heir To The Throne” scenario video overview by Nick DiPetrillo
  • Customer support (helpdesk, email, or toll-free phone number!)

Zombie Murder Mystery is for you if you want:

  • A game that’s light on rules and heavy on fun – learn the game in minutes.
  • A change of pace from your regular campaign – ZMM is a one-shot session game.
  • Prepare in less than 30 minutes.
  • Get great customer support and lifetime updates – we offer video overviews by the game designer, forums, helpdesk, toll-free number.

Praise for Zombie Murder Mystery

ZMM does an excellent job of building the mood. In the included scenario, there are tips on how to build up the tension, including a “ticking clock” – something that will happen, and fast, if the characters don’t act. Also, the way they suggest the murderer is picked is genius – although I’m not going to repeat it here, to avoid spoiling any future players. The mood is really where ZMM excels – I can see players getting very paranoid about anything they say to the others.

All Geek Out » Complete Review

“This is one of the most entertaining games I’ve played in a long time. [...] I highly recommend this for anyone! There’s intrigue, and the thrill of trying to figure out who is the zombie master (or trying to keep everyone else from figuring out it’s you!), and above all, there’s the camaraderie of sitting around the table and playing a game with your friends. It’s a great game!”

Tasha D., StupidRanger.com

“This game is a lot of fun. It has a unique character creation system that is half the fun of the game. I’ve played it three times and each time was as enjoyable, if not more so then the last. Every game is different, even when it is the same situation. It’s a great party game, the more people, the merrier!”
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“This is a terrific game. Very fun to play with simple rules, so that anyone can grab it and play, even if they are not a regular gamer. I would highly recommend this game to anyone looking for something to hold them over between campaigns or to someone who has never role played before. Great game.”
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Bonus: Free ZMM Scenario

Get the ZMM scenario Sailing Stormy Waters for free! That’s a $9 value. You will have 2 unique scenarios to throw at your players

Excerpt from Zombie Murder Mystery

Just What is Zombie Murder Mystery?

“Zombie murder mystery game”. That phrase might have confused you. It sounds like a
collection of things you enjoy, but you’re not quite sure how it all fits together.

The first word is zombie. That one is a bit of a lie actually. Scenarios often use zombies but
they don’t have to. Ghosts, elementals, brain washed humans and even evil plant creatures
can substitute. The important thing is that there is an ever present threat. Generally a horde of
them. The zombies (or their equivalent) in large numbers, serve as a barrier in large numbers
to keep the players from escaping. In small numbers they are a prod, reminding the players of
the danger and the need to act.

Next we have murder. That’s a big one. Not only are the dead rising, but the living are dying.
That means someone or something is killing them. Murders scare the players, provide them
with clues and will be their likely recourse once they figure out the next word: mystery.

Mystery. All of the classic tropes of mystery should be in your game. The group splitting up to
explore separate rooms, the snitch who dies before he can talk, clues that don’t make sense
until the last minute, and red herrings. There can be smaller mysteries throughout the game,
but the big one is always the same. Who is behind the zombie summoning ritual and the
murders? The answer is also always the same, one of the players. It is up to them figure out
which one it is, while trying to keep suspicion off of themselves.

The last word is the most important. Zombie Murder Mystery is a game. Like any game the
goal is to have fun. It is possible that one or more players will win. However the goal is to bring
the story to its conclusion. The bad guy might win. The good guys might figure out who the
killer is, or there can be a resolution somewhere between the two. The fun comes from sitting
around the table talking to each other. The players should be scrambling around, looking for
clues, watching each other closely and coming up with reasons why they could not possibly be
the guilty one, even if they are. The game master drops clues, holds private conferences,
reacts to the players, shocks them, and intrigue them. The rules are just a vessel. Our goal is
for you to be able to pick up Zombie Murder Mystery, learn it in just a few minutes and start
having fun.

And remember, trust no one!

What You Need To Play

  • A copy of these rules, which the Game Master should be familiar with. No other player needs to be.
  • Character sheets printed from our website, or scrap paper to write statistics on.
  • Powers printed from our website, or written on index cards.
  • Pencils (and scissors if you print cards from our website)
  • A Game Master and at least three other players, five or more works better.
  • A quiet place to play and an area to take players aside for private talks.

Game preparation is quick and effortless. Go to our online game prep website, enter the number of players you are playing with, and
print character sheets, powers, magic items, and everything else you need to play.


If you do not have a printer, you can still play Zombie Murder Mystery but you will need an
extra 30-60 minutes to prepare for the game


The Auction (Character Creation)

Characters in Zombie Murder Mystery are made with a point buy system, but a non-traditional
one. Players each get 100 points and bid against each other in a ruthless auction to get what
they want. It is a three staged auction, each one working a little differently but pulling from the
same pool of points.

Character creation is an important part of the game (and it’s a lot of fun). If you have questions
about running the auction, visit our ZMM support website and read the auction live play
transcript – it’s an example of how we run the auctions in our games.

Enjoy the game!

And remember: trust no one.

Praise for Expy Games

“I have purchased other items from Dungeon Mastering and I’ve contacted Yax (@dmyax) before. I’ve found Yax to be a great guy and very easy to deal with. Recently I purchased the Dungeon Mastering Tools and realized after that there was a deal that I had missed. I contacted him and I was reimbursed the money I would have saved.”


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