Kingdom Builder Generator Pack
Written by: Hannah "Swordgleam" Lipsky
Published by: Chaotic Shiny Productions
Category: Fantasy
Price: $3.95
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The party heads in an unexpected direction and you don't know what's out there? Writing a piece of fiction that requires a lot of diverse countries and stumped on inspiration? The Kingdom Builder is here for you.

The Kingdom Builder contains Motto, Flag, Region and Currency generators from Chaotic Shiny, as well as several brand-new generators and a graphical map generator.

You can generate complete kingdoms all at once, including the ruler, motto, flag, currency, and a description of the capitol city. Or you can create each aspect separately, generating dozens of mottos or flags or cities at once and picking the ones that fit your kingdom.

The Kingdom Builder was written in .NET, which means that it will run on Windows XP or newer, plus any Mac or Linux machine that has an emulator for running .NET. (Some features, such as printing, might not work on emulators.)

Here is What Reviewers Are Saying:

"A great tool for GMs" - Stargazer's World

"A product like this is long awaited" - Spirits of Eden

"A very nifty tool for any Dungeon Master's computer" - NEUROGLYPH Games

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