Tavern Tables
Written by: Hannah "Swordgleam" Lipsky
Published by: Chaotic Shiny Productions
Category: Fantasy
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Tavern Tables is a short ebook full of dice tables for rolling up taverns. A list of 100 adjectives and 100 nouns gives you names like "The Greedy Zombie Tavern" or "The Brassy Wench Inn," and further tables provide for food and drink price and quality, the bartender's disposition, and any interesting patrons that you might find. There are also tables for brawling and drunken shenanigans - does that PC who had a little too much wake up missing a few silver, with the mayor's daughter, chained to a wall in the dungeon of a fanatical cult, or all of the above? And if that's not enough, there's some example NPCs created with the tables in the book that you can drop right into your game. Want free copies of Terror Tables and Trader Tables, two short ebooks in the style of Tavern Tables? Sign up for the newsletter at Chaotic Shiny Productions, and check out some more great products while you're there: http://chaoticshinyproductions.com
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