Into the Future: Derelict Starships
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Published by: Tabletop Adventures
Category: Sci-Fi
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In the vastness of space, the ship’s intrepid crew discovers a starship, floating wounded in the void. The boarding party opens the hatch in anticipation: what is down the corridor? Tabletop Adventures provides scores of descriptions of the sights and dangers of a derelict starship, stat-free and suitable for use with nearly any futuristic game, regardless of system. Whether a ship is damaged, abandoned, or filled with the victims of a space-borne plague, these pieces will help bring the dead ship to life.

Drop in one of 100 short descriptions that can fit in anywhere (also provided in index card format for ease of use by Game Masters), or choose among dozens of special locations within the ship: hatches and corridors, life pods and crew quarters, hydroponics, medical bay, cargo hold, weapons turret and more. Excellent original art by Jeff Uryasz depicts several scenes. Bring even more realism to your vision of the future with help from an article on what happens to a dead body in a vacuum.

Into the Future: Derelict Starships has all the details needed to make your futuristic adventures just that – adventurous. To make life easier, they are indexed so a GM can easily find a description to fit a particular need. We have also included a text-only version which can be used to cut and paste directly into your GM notes or sized into a large print version for those who prefer larger type.

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Authors: Daniel M. Brakhage, K. H. Keeler, Marcella Ganow, Nathan Rockwood, Jim Keck, Mark Potter, Darren Pearce, Jens Rushing, Vicki Potter, Tim Ganow, Matthew Paisie, Jim Yee, D. J. Burnett, Steve Honeywell, Kelly Roberts, John Walsh, Martin Ralya, Martin Greening
48 pages plus index cards; 65 pages total. 12.6 MB ZIP file.

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