The Bloodsoaked Lands
Written by: The Worldsmith A.S.Rodgers
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Category: Fantasy
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Do you want to play in a new fantasy setting or are you looking to reinvigorate your passion for the genre? The Bloodsoaked Lands is the opening product to a game world and adventure setting that provides inspiration and ideas, a world that grows with you and your campaign. For those who purchase and subscribe to The Worldsmith’s RPG Forge they will experience a world that is brought to life not only through your actions but through regular world event updates, podcasts, audio adventure introductions and tailored video imagery with in-depth cultures and countries. Set amongst a magic rich fantasy environment it gives you the opportunity to influence and shape how the world develops.

The Blood Soaked Lands booklet is designed to provide Game Master’s (GM’s) with a new and exciting game world to place their adventures in. This booklet details two provinces which are located within the southern part of a much larger Empire known as Doth-Eria which in turn resides upon the continent known as Synathia.

Within these pages GM’s will be able to find a brief overview of the Doth-Erian setting and more detailed descriptions of two southern provinces, The Barrowlands and Morash. Included are GM and player maps, major towns descriptions, organisations of note, adventure hooks and plot opportunities for you to set your adventures and campaigns within.

The information given here is written in an open format and applicable to any game system. GM’s will be able to use it to implant into their current campaigns with ease or be able to start afresh with adventures and campaigns set on Synathia.

The booklet is interactive with links to blog posts, glossary terminology, short stories and character profiles that help to enhance the understanding of the setting and player experience.

Benefits and Features
• Enhance the player experience through the many regional, local and organizational adventure hooks that are littered throughout the booklet
• Develop player opportunities and engagement by utilising the player focused organizational opportunities
• Engage with a gritty game world through reading the in-depth descriptions of the lands, towns, organisations and people that are provided and backed by a glossary of terms, maps, blog posts and adventure introductions
• Easily implement game world ideas and concepts through the use of this open format booklet which allows you to utilize any game system or place areas of this booklet in your existing worlds
• Discover new cultures, as a GM provide your players with new people, traditions and history. As players relish and revel in the diversity of cultures found in these pages as you interact in an area where two distinctly different cultures collide
• Influence the world around you with the periodic subscriber competitions that will allow you to detail characters/organizations/adventuring parties that will become part of the game world. In this way you can permanently leave your mark and legacy
• Become part of a community by posting comments on the blog, in doing so you contribute to building upon the community and help form the direction and focus of future products
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