4e DM's Status Marker Tokens
Written by: Gordon McDonald
Published by: Gordon McDonald
Category: Fantasy
Price: $4.70
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Cool Cards Status Marker Tokens are a home print solution for tracking the multitude of status effects that can affect the heroes and enemies over the course of an encounter. Because multiple status effects can be in place at the same time, Cool Cards Status Marker Tokens are designed to stack up to four effects without obstructing any lower markers. They are designed for use with standing card figures or miniatures, but will work with most token sets.

This pack is specifically designed as a complete collection of standard status effects in multiples that will suit almost any encounter.

Cool Cards Status Marker Tokens can be printed on A4, Letter or Legal paper without any alterations.

  • Designed to work with D&D 4e core rule books
  • Easily printed at home
  • Easy to print on any paper type
  • Colour coded by type
  • Stack up to four effects per character
  • 336 status marker tokens in total
  • Markers for medium & large creatures

Full Contents List:

  • Health:
    • 10x Bloodied, 5x Dying, 5x Regeneration, 10x Temporary HP
  • Movement:
    • 5x Immobilized, 5x Prone, 5x Slowed
  • Offensive Penalty:
    • 5x Restrained, 4x Grabbed, 2x Grabbing, 10x Weakened, 5x Unique Marked Tokens
  • Defensive Penalty:
    • 5x Ran, 5x Squeezing, 5x Stunned
  • Defensive Bonus:
    • 10x Cover, 10x Superior Cover, 10x Concealment, 10x Total Concealment, 5x Total Defence, 5x Second Wind
  • Mental State:
    • 5x Dazed, 5x Unconscious, 5x Helpless, 10x Surprised,5x Blinded, 5x Deafened, 5x Unique Marking
  • Stealth:
    • 10x Invisible, 10x Sneaking
  • Ongoing Damage:
    • 10x Ongoing Fire Damage, 5x Ongoing Acid Damage, 5x Ongoing Acid Damage, 5x Ongoing Necrotic Damage, 5x Ongoing Lightning Damage, 10x Ongoing Thunder Damage, 5x Ongoing Force Damage, 5x Ongoing Radiant Damage, 5x Ongoing Psychic Damage, 5x Ongoing Poison Damage, 10x Ongoing Damage, 10x Poisoned
  • Attack Bonus:
    • 15x Attack Bonus
  • Conjurations:
    • 5x Unique Conjurations
  • Bonus Damage:
    • 10x Bonus Damage
  • Large Creature Tokens:
    • 1x Each standard type (26 total)
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